My Son, 3, Got Hold of My Cell Phone

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I was working on something, then reached over to grab my cell phone, only it wasn't there. I found my son in the living room playing a game on the cell phone. I never told him about any games. The fact is, I never even looked at the games on it. Well, he found it, and to my astonishment was mastering the game. I took the cell phone back and discovered that he'd changed the cell phone wall paper to a picture of a panda bear. I asked him, "What's this?" He replied, "I like panda bears." I don't even know how to change the wall paper on cell phone. The little guy was figuring all this out by himself in a span of minutes.
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    Children are very smart and can adapt on their environment especially if they handle new objects that is foreign to them. They are risk taker and not afraid to try things on their own which is very different to us. We are not curious on things around us like children does.
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    Just be glad he wasn't making prank calls to Australia.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    When I got the new Samsung phone I was completely lost. My grandson promptly took control and was showing me how to do everything! He was 3!

    Their little brains are truly amazing!

    My grandson started school this year and went to an open house in his class. The teacher asked if anyone had any questions about their new school. My grandson raised his hand and aked if they had wifi. And....let me tell you...he wasn't impressed when the teacher said they didn't have it.
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    You better keep The Little Genius Emperor under wraps! Yeah be glad he hasn't discovered those 866 numbers where you get charged horrific fees for the calls.

    My son was closer to 10 but he figured out how to rewire the utility box and had me paying the electrical and gas for his buddies who lived upstairs from us. Oh look, he is so smart, he knows how to do the circuit breaker. God help us.

    I created a real monster because I was 'hippy dippy' (no war toys, no guns, no plastic, all that) - so what do they play with?* I used to buy him cameras and radios from the second hand store and I thought it would be so bright to let him take them apart and put them back together.

    He learned the taking them apart things but somehow not the putting them back together - including doorknobs and locks - laugh but if it was an emergency and you needed to get OUT and you are holding the door knob in your hand (apart from the door), well then run out and buy some plastic toy soldiers quickly.
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    You got a genius right there.

    Way to go, dad!
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      Originally Posted by bradstern View Post

      You got a genius right there.

      Way to go, dad!
      Genius, I doubt it. Clever and fun, for sure. I'm finding other kids his age to be similarly savvy. It's a big-time discovery phase in human life.

      Project HERE.

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