Smelloscope sniffs out pot smokers

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This is redic.

Investigators Use 'Nasal Ranger' Smelloscope To Help Crackdown On Pot Smokers
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    Nice job if you can land it.

    I bet Mr Sillar is never on a downer.
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      Nice job if you can land it.

      I bet Mr Sillar is never on a downer.
      I'll bet. I think the picture is hilarious.
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    Smelloscope. Or as people in Colorado call it, "Friend Finder".
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    You would have to be ummm what is the nasal equivalent of tone deaf if you couldn't smell it on the natch!?

    It's ridiculous - the really good weed stinks to high heaven without even burning!

    It really wreaks -why it is sometimes called 'skunk' - it's a smell like the deep forest x infinity - wooo. Of course I love tea tree/eucalyptus/pine and it's like all that together at once!

    I have been in rooms where somebody just had been standing there with it in their pocket - and even though they were gone it still was unmistakable - the very air was way-skunky!
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      Have to wonder if the OP read the article - this isn't something new and isn't aimed at pot smokers, either.

      Seems to me it's on par with regulating the exhaust fans of restaurants or other businesses where odors can be a problem for neighbors. Pretty funny looking contraption, though.

      Siller told 7News that he's mostly called out to smell marijuana odor complaints from businesses that grow marijuana, not from marijuana smokers enjoying some legal weed in the privacy of their own homes.
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    What would be the consequences if this thing was pointed in the wrong direction? Silent but Deadly may actually become an accurate description.
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