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Hi, I have a question for the group. My family has a farm and we raise sheep. I am trying to use my website to market our freezer lamb and sell sheep related products e.g sheepskin covers, mitts plus BQ items and cookbooks from amazonetc. from amazon. I know I need to work on SEO, but traffic is almost non-existent. I am using WIX because the site building was so easy. How can I make this work or is this just a bad niche? :confused:
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    How many people are actually searching for this via search engines?
    I would suggest that the main problem you are having is the general
    lack of awareness of how wonderfully delicious lamb is!

    If more people were aware that it is on par with bacon-- and in some
    cases, even better than bacon! (heresy, I know)-- then the meat would
    sell quite well. (Or cookbooks. Even after reading your post, I'm
    not sure of exactly what you're trying to promote.)

    As for sheepskin, hmm, I'm from the South so my first reaction is
    that I don't need it because it doesn't really get cold here. So maybe
    you need to do like Baking Soda did, and start educating people on
    it's other uses?

    If you can make a good margin from selling your products, then
    it is a good niche. You're just going to have to be more aggressive
    about finding prospective customers-- Hoping they search for
    something they aren't even aware of-- and then hoping they click
    on your site-- and then hoping it convinces them to buy from you,
    well... That's a lot of "hope" to try and build a business on,
    isn't it?

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      It's nearly Christmas, so baa humbug.
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    Put a name capture box on your website offering them something cool, then try a test PPC campaign.

    That way you can email your subscribers and tell them to come back while you are sorting out your SEO.
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    As for the sheep and sheepskins, I would get involved in local foods in your area. A lot of people look for grass fed or organic local foods as opposed to supermarket foods. Check on Google if there are any sites that list local foods for your area.
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      Originally Posted by sbucciarel View Post

      As for the sheep and sheepskins, I would get involved in local foods in your area. A lot of people look for grass fed or organic local foods as opposed to supermarket foods. Check on Google if there are any sites that list local foods for your area.
      A little follow up on that.
      Local Harvest / Farmers Markets / Family Farms / CSA / Organic Food

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    Do some offline to push to your website:
    Farmer's markets

    Sell lamb to restaurants

    Rent a kiosk in a mall for the Christmas shoppers for the sheepskin goodies
    (I've heard of these instant stores making 50K or 100K for a Christmas season)
    If a good mall is too far away, then you could hire someone to man the kiosk

    Find a related retailer to share space with for the sheepskin, or let him sell your items
    for some kind of split

    You could post in the offline section of the Warrior Forum for more response

    It might be worth converting the Wix site to WP for better SEO,
    but that's really a question fort the offline section or the SEO section


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    Quick question: When you count the sheep in your flock to send to market, do you fall asleep?
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    I agree with Sue and Thom. Something like your farm would be more of a local thing. How many orders can you handle? Keep it local - go for the local markets. They are getting very popular with people who are becoming scared about the GMO infusion. List your site with google places, local service directories. You will find that people are actually looking for you. Also, getting booths at local fairs will allow the local public to view your products, place orders, and find out where you are.

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      Sue,Thom and Sal are all on point.

      I'll throw another suggestion into the mix.
      Food Truck?
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