Would You Let A Robot Wash Your Hair?

by Horny Devil Banned
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Soon, you can talk to a whizzing, whirring friend if you need companionship . . .

'A robot is my friend': Can machines care for elderly?
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    If they name it Norbie, I'm moving to another planet. And definitely not Aurora...
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    i WAS going to say "NO WAY? I guess humans today, on average, are no better, so I might consider it. Then again, I wash my hair kind of automatically, so this would mean I would have to have a serious mobility problem.

    IMAGINE the problem with doing this RIGHT though! You would have to go through ALL the hair, to the scalp, and if there is any resistance, try to back out and fix the problem. That would mean they would have to have a GREAT tactile sense, and the programming to act on it. Washing hair, from a step by step point of view, is FAR more complicated than most think. And it gets HARDER with longer hair. WHY? Because people can feel mistakes in all ways, have a fear of pain, and do a lot of the actions without thinking about it.

    THAT is way making a robot that walked on two legs took so long, etc... Walking uses muscles some people NEVER think about. Also if a person slips up, they automatically compensate in a way that may not even be noticed by THEM! Most of the walking robot problems were solved by changing center of gravity, speed, and the feet. HECK, the last robot I saw that "ran on two feet" was held up by a tether! YEAH, GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT! For the NEXT trick, lets have a person ace their classes by using programs on a computer made to correctly answer the tests!

    Of course, maybe eventually a hair washing device will be like a cap and work with normal water agitation and chemicals, or something similar. Then again, you couldn't call that a robot, and it wouldn't have 24 fingers.

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    sure, if they could, talk meaningfully about rugby and horse racing
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      24 fingers massaging my scalp....or my feet....oh yeah - bring it on.

      There is really no benefit to having that except that it engages people, it facilitates conversation. If you're one on one with that robot, it's no more beneficial than having a Game Boy
      I don't think I agree with that. Anyone who has visited a relative in an old folks home knows most of the residents there are anxious to talk to anyone who will listen.

      The point is the person talks and someone (or some thing) listens patiently to them no matter how far back their stories go or how often they lose their train of thought.

      Keeping the elderly "engaged" in life is one of the hardest things to do - maybe a personal robot could do it better than busy nurses or time-limited family members. Interesting subject.
      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

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      My body thinks my mind is an idiot.
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    I have been lobbying for a Jetson-type shower for years. Bring it!

    sidebar: Robot handies,Mr.Schenk? That was disturbing.
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    My imagination will be on overdrive for the rest of the day..... thank you

    Because it's not always what you say, as to how you're saying it

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    Originally Posted by Horny Devil View Post

    Soon, you can talk to a whizzing, whirring friend if you need companionship . . .

    'A robot is my friend': Can machines care for elderly?
    Companionship plus:

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