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Three women rescued after 'decades of slavery' in south London home | World news | theguardian.com

How this could happen today in a supposedly civilised place like London is beyond my comprehension.

A sad story that I hope has a happy ending, ie the women involved can rebuild and function normally.
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    In the US 2 women were recently freed that had been held captive for a decade by a madman, too -- in the middle of a city. Yeah - hard to figure how this can happen, but I bet it happens a lot more frequently than any of us "normal" people could ever even imagine.

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    I'm quite sure it happens in a lot of countries, if not always as drastic as the ones mentioned here. There was a case in Vancouver once, and I actually shared it on a thread here some time back. De facto slaves regularly show up at the foreign embassies in Saudi Arabia, in hopes of getting help to return to their respective countries, eg a Filipino woman who was held captive as a domestic slave for years and got punished with cigarette burns to her body. They get enticed by false promises, the honey in the trap.

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    To be held captive for that long though... I think those women will remain psychologically unrepairable for the rest of their lives. I can even imagine them being so dependent on their adapted lives, that they'll probably fight to defend their captors from the arresting authorities.

    It's very sick, but only because we're fortunate enough to know better.
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