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by BobK
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I don't want several members getting into debates on answering my questions and solving my issues on how to set up my site with Google+ Authorship. I'd appreciate one member with a good understanding of the correct way to set it all up. I don't know if it can be done via a thread because I have so many questions or it would probably be easier to do it via Skype.

It's not as if I'm looking for an easy tutorial from someone, I've been struggling with Google's instructions for months and I'm about to give up and remove the code from my site even though it may be working. I did get verfied and notice my pic next to a search result once but I think I'm trying to set it up under the wrong Google+ account.

I'll just ask a few important questions hoping to get an answer.

1) I have 2 Google+ accounts; one is under my name, the second is a business account under my site name... They both have same head shot and use same email address.
Lets call my personal account;
My business:

Which one should I be using on my web site?

2) In Google webmaster tools under labs it displays my personal Google+ account Url
But you can't enter a website address in personal profile, you can only enter it in a business account profile [which I've done]
So I changed all my website Author Urls to my Google+ business account

But it wouldn't verify this way?

3) I may be overthinking this entire authorship for nothing, I'm guessing it should only be set up on blog pages and other content pages. Not product pages - by set up I mean with a link back to Google+ (but which one) and author name..

But should I still include my Google+ Author Url on every page?

Please be well versed in Google+ Authorship to lend a hand, I'd appreciate it,
Skype: bitcompro
#authorship #googl+

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