Cute = Passed Out Puppies

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Click Here for Video: so sweeeeeeet!
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    Those are great pics! If not for the nose sticking out on this one a person could easily look at the photo and think it's a picture of two towels.


    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    You know this video made me feel good (other than for obvious reasons) - because I have this passed out pup picture in my forum picture album - he is as cute as cute can be but sometimes I wonder if he is alive and I am like OMG do I have a sick picture?

    ... but no, he is just 'feeling no pain' (and still breathing).

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    Originally Posted by Patrician View Post

    Awww! I love puppies!

    The little one in your post here looks like he's wearing light brown pants and right above those, it looks like the bottom band of the hoodie sweatshirt it looks like he's wearing. Soooo Cute!

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