What does (viewing #) mean beside forum title?

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Forum Name (# viewing)

Is it the number of people online right now in this forum? because if it is, I would not believe it since new posts get only a few views...
  • The number of people in the entire forum at one time is usually around 50,000 or 60,000 ish, give or take a few thousand. Out of all those there are probably only around 700 to 800 viewing this "off topic forum" right now, and out of those, maybe only a few will click on your topic, and even fewer will respond. So basically, if no one else responds to your post like I did, then you can say that out of 60,000+ people, you only got one reply. So yeah, believe it!
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      The number of visitors shown in those quotes is the total number of computers that have requested pages in the past X period of time. I'm not sure what the X is. Somewhere between 1 and 4 hours, I believe.

      It's a rolling total.

      As I write this, the forum-wide totals are 3273 members who have logged in and 45543 are either guests or members who haven't logged in. Of those, only the logged-in members can post.

      Knowing that, the math gets easier.
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    Originally Posted by john5171 View Post

    Forum Name (# viewing)

    Is it the number of people online right now in this forum? because if it is, I don't understand it since new posts get only a few views...
    That looks nicer to me.

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    One other small point... not everyone who uses the forum reads the list of threads. They come here for a specific reason, use the search function, and view the threads in the search results. They may be 50 pages deep in one of the forums, the number of viewers doesn't mean viewers only on the front page.

    OK, I said one small point, but here's a bonus point...

    So many of the thread titles have nothing going for them to draw in readers -- it's no wonder they don't get many comments or views. People tend to type any old thing that comes to mind for a thread title, but if you want viewers it helps to think like a copywriter and create an enticing thread title.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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