Radiation levels rising on Oregon Coast - what is the reading Oregon inland?

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My main question is if anyone can give me a Geiger counter reading for Sweet Home, Oregon and Bend, Oregon at this time.

Because of the Fukashima disaster, I have concerns about the rising radiation levels on the west coast U.S., particularly Oregon as I live here. It is supposed to continue rising this year. You can check Radiation Network to see what it is this hour.

So I have a question. I would consider moving from the coast if it rises to a higher level, if I can find a better place in Oregon that would not get as much radiation carried to it on the winds. May be doable, may not.

I am particularly looking at Sweet Home and towns close to Bend right now to find out their radiation levels and wether the valleys they are in have radiation blowing down from Washington state, which the lower state has had it's own radiation problems plus this now.

Thanks for your help.

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