Hello I am a complete newborn ! need help :)

by Raidop
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Hello ive had enough of it... this 8h everyday work. im from Estonia... very ****ed up country.. if i couldt manage to get somehow 1500$ per month by doing it online, i would be satisfied.. because i am doing hard work with my hands these days, and i get very low paycheck.

Ive been looking for these marketing things about a week... and the more i check em, the more i think its all fraud ... all these pro moneymakers, who advertise themselves... all they have same talk.. get rich and bla bla..

but all id like to ask is.. is is possible to make 1500$ a month, without much work ? because all the big boys in the videos are saying, that is easy to make 10k per day and shit... this is unbelievable .. just bought myself to the eleavers.. (25$ buy-in) .. i have 3,490 impr. and 5 clicks .. and none sells .. i think the page is full of crap...

so since i see this is the place to ask, i will ask for it ? can any1 tell me which program ? tutorial.. or what the hell can i trust to get it go upway.. since this day, i think everything is not going well, and the other internet marketers are just taking my money away.. which i am trying to get so hard !!!
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    You just need a plan in the same way that you would if you were starting an offline business. Don't buy into the get rich schemes and business in a box models.
    Pick a niche that interests you and learn about it, study it and create a plan to move forward. If you don't do this then the danger is that you may flit from one idea to another and that leads to no where.

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      i have 39 views in eleavers, but noone buys can you, or any1 just bring me some examples or such thing, since im complete newborn in e-marketing and building websites and such things. im a man who works with his body. not with mind but still, i wanna change it.. because i want free time, free schedule n shit.
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        Sorry to hear about your situation, but unfortunately apart from selling stuff on Ebay or finding popular or hard to find stuff on Amazon then reselling it on Ebay, that are the only fast ways l know to make something now!

        $1500 a month, phew, finding a great product then going down the solo ad path might be one? I will be going down that path soon!

        Or the other path that l am on now, which is high end graphic flyers. Others are making $10,000 or more a moth with that, so it is possible, and l know of one person who is making $75,000 a year with it at present!

        But don't get to excited about that path, their standards are very high, and high rejections or quite a lot of failures are the norm!

        I will be sending in three today, and expect to get one or maybe two in, but at worst l will get about $20 a month at worst or as much as $100 a month at best!

        And the top authors on Graphicriver can do one flyer a day, so, yes, $1,500 or more is possible online, but of course it isn't easy!

        As others have said, it is like a real business, but since it is electronically based, when you crack it, then the money can flow!

        If you are interested in the solo ad route, l will keep you posted, but putting up a post in the IM section with a link back to this one, is probably a good idea.


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    well im looking for any help, links and that kind of stuff, where i can learn this.
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      Originally Posted by Raidop View Post

      well im looking for any help, links and that kind of stuff, where i can learn this.
      Not sure, since you are a newbie, that my graphics path is right for you, but let me know and l will drop some links!

      I have been looking into this product...


      Which l am personally not going to buy, since, the only thing l want to know about is where to get a decent solo ad list, etc.

      And results are sketchy to say the least, but there is some good advise here, especially someone giving a green light to the book mentioned.

      I will order the book soon, and give it a try, so it might be a place to start?

      I have a WP product, but Adword advertising kw costs are so high it isn't viable, so solo ad's might work well, if l can find a list that actually makes money!!! :rolleyes:

      Time will tell!


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