Why You Want To Start Online Business?

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People have different dreams and many have different approach to make money online. Some want freedom so they want to start an online biz.
What is your main concern of starting your own Biz Online?
Would love to hear from you.

Let me tell you what mine was.
I love to meditate and wanted enough time. I just want to know what makes me breath daily before I leave this body. This was my main concern and now I have enough time and on my spiritual journey.
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    Freedom & Time !
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      I think freedom of doing what you want is what drives most business owners.
      It is that feeling of being independent that I like the most. You can do that without owning a business, of course!
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    Comes down to having more free time and being my own boss.

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    Mine is to have the freedom to be able to do what I want to do in life without anyone looking over my shoulder. I think alot of people that get into business all want that for themselves.
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    Originally Posted by hbhanot View Post

    I just want to know what makes me breath daily before I leave this body. This was my main concern and now I have enough time and on my spiritual journey.
    You experiencing OBE? Maybe it is not a good thing. Anyways my motive on starting an online business is to be free to do what I wanted always: Playing Music (I play guitar), inventions of new technology, travel sometimes etc...
    I hope I will be there soon.
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    With an online business I don't have to travel to workplace everyday, so i save time. I can work during times that I feel comfortable. Most importantly, I'm building my own business rather than doing it for someone else.
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    I really want control. I don't like being at risk of idiotic people attempting to run a business that will only fail. At first I had plans to do IMing while being under 18, then wanted to become a programmer for some company when out of Highschool/18 years of age.

    I then realized what a huge waste of time programming was since I couldn't even keep focus to it. It wasn't fun. Like I said, I hate having an idiot run a business for me to risk losing my job. I can count on myself more than I can others.

    Also financial freedom. **** working for $10 an hour to never get the luxurious/cars life I want. Don't want to have to be the type of person that has to worry "do I have enough money?". I'd like to know that "Yah I always have enough".

    Internet Marketing is more enjoyable. Even though I may not be fully excelling at it, but I am in the making
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    The big enough 'Why' are my kids. I'm doing it to enhance their lives and not make them go through the slings and arrows I faced by. I've failed a 100 times, been suffering from info overload and nothing seems to be working. But the big enough 'Why' is making me determined so I will succeed one day. That is my last wish until I kick the bucket.
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    It's low cost, freedom and low risk.

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    I also love to meditate and that meant it was hard to have a stressed job. I also just need to be creative and I dont think I would be able to work 9-5 for some one any more.

    So when I got fired I was actually happy. That was the chance to start creating my own life.
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    I just wanna take the risk of a crazy idea. Because there are a lot of crazy ideas that made most entrepreneurs successful. I just want to know where my crazy idea will take me.
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    I want an online business to help me make passive income that I can use to improve the school system in my area, and also allow me to travel more.
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