Is there really a dark side to productivity or am I just being overly dramatic?

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A lot of times I'm hesitant to begin something because I know that once I start, I'll become heavily invested in it. Best example of this is with computers, whether I'm trying to build a new program or solve a problem, it's very hard for me to stop once I get going.

This may sound like a humble brag but it's not. I'll have work in the morning and I'll stay up all night working on a problem.

Ideally one would have balance but I find it very hard to do something for JUST one hour and then stop. I guess I just have a tough time switching gears, is anyone else like this?
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    Being productive is a good thing. Many people get stuck with information overload and many people don't take action at all. What matters is that you have something that you are willing to work on and invest your time on and passionate about. What matters is that you take action each and everyday and move forward toward your goals. What matters is that you keep the momentum going no matter how difficult it gets. If you continue to work each and everyday and you stay focused on your goals each and everyday, can't nothing stop you!
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    I tend to do that also. At this point, I've had to make drastic changes in the way I use a computer, because my wrists and arms are borderline ruined.

    I've set up a very ergonomic new work area, but I've still had to stop almost all computer use for the time being until my body has recovered. As someone who has spent ten or more hours per day on a computer for the past decade or so, this is a tough adjustment to make.

    One thing I'm starting to do is set a timer whenever I sit down at the computer. I set it to 45 minutes, and when the timer goes off, I stop in the middle of whatever I'm doing and stand up. I don't let myself return to the computer for at least 15 minutes. You may want to try this.

    But don't ever hesitate to jump into a project. Your motivation to jump in is the only thing separating you from the unwashed masses.
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    I find it very hard to do something for JUST one hour and then stop
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  • Another thing you can do is to schedule in healthy activities not related to internet marketing everyday to help keep you in shape. It's great to be productive but if you're not healthy enough to keep going, all that work will just go to waste.

    In my case, I usually jog during my morning break and I do yoga or I get a massage in the afternoons.
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    Take advantage of your productive spurts. Do your best to stay healthy by forcing yourself to eat and sleep enough. But these spurts of productivity are what get things done. And then when you take the time to relax, you can really relax, guilt free.
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    In regards to doing something for an hour, just tell yourself that if you are still interested after an hour, to keep going. Else, give yourself permission to switch to doing something else.
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