UK - did anyone watch "how to be a billionaire"?

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On tv last night.

About 4 billionaires How they did it and their phylosophy on life etc..

Here's my take on it.

1) They didn't seem to care about the money after a certain stage. Their future actions seemed more about leaving a legacy, solving a huge problem than about money. Easy after you have $1billion+ in the bank though.

2) Workaholics. Some a bit unhealthily so. in fact their life focus still is business. They all mentioned there I no way around hard work. The Russian guy needs to go and see a phsychologist and get some company. I felt a bit sorry for him.

3) The bigger the problem you solve...the more money you can make.

4) None of them considered retiring and getting out. Sitting a beach, with bikini clad women all day didn't seem to appeal to them.

5) There were a little bit "out there" but like one said "it helps to be a bit mad"

6 What was the 3 traits one said you need? Ignorance, devotion and some luck.
Anyone else see it? Interesting to say the least.
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    Is there a link to this? I don't live in the UK

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