Don't know if this is allowed.......but THANKS Steve Weber!

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I just wanted to publicly acknowledge Steve Weber - a Warrior here.

I often look at the signatures of veteran Warriors and I just happened to click on one of Steve's. Very impressed with the great content he provides....excellent for newbies.

I appreciate the tutorials and the endless info you provide...."Thank You"

I'm sure every newbie here could acknowledge someone here as well, as I've gotten so much great tips from many others but I just felt it was time to acknowledge the forum for the expertise that lies within - - I've been reading an awful lot of posts with an underlying accusatory tone that the gurus take advantage of the newbies.

I disagree. The way to improve, grow and succeed is by being here and taking action.

Thanks to all the Warriors who give of their expertise selflessly!

#allowedbut #steve #weber

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