Warrior Forum Traffic, has it died ???

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Say I was recently noticing some of the same posts staying up on the main thread here for MUCH longer after one replied then usual. I have been a way about a year and even thought it slowed down from others posting topics.

Was it just the time of day today Saturday 8am to 11am PST or have things slowed down around here?

Thanks for the input.


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    Well, they say that when you talk to yourself you get a sensible answer...

    It's quiet. But then, I have only been back on here for a couple of weeks. There are also lots of silly and pointless posts too, that could be one reason why the traffic has cooled down.
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      Originally Posted by Katie Rich View Post

      Well, they say that when you talk to yourself you get a sensible answer...
      That was a classic
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    INDEED! Yes, there are all kinds of posts but that has always been the case I think on most forums at times. Let's see what happens this evening and Sunday for traffic. I remember Sunday evening used to be HUGE here!
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    I would say that it has been a little empty in the rooms.

    I don't know why.
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    I don't know the traffic stats, but we've had 26,337 new threads and 300,910 new posts in the past 5 months.

    51,019 new members registered in the same time frame.
    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    Hm. I would figure that traffic would slow down anytime warm weather comes after a long winter to locations that lots of members live. I sure know I won't be hanging out online posting tomorrow. It's going to be dry and 63 degrees, so I won't be home til after dark.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    Has WF traffic picked up in the last few months? Seems to be more people on here lately.
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    Have a look around there are a few threads on the topic...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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    sinking like a stone Lance. Nice to see you and hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Membership has increased by around 100,000 of the most worthless members possible. One liners, spammers, link droppers, self appointed experts in nothing at all. The conversations have degraded to ... well, see for yourself.
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      Originally Posted by sbucciarel View Post

      sinking like a stone...
      I would say it's more like a boat anchor! Stones tend to sway side to side
      on their way down and that doesn't seem to be the case here sadly...

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