Hi Warrior Forum, need your help choosing between two domain names

by rtx
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I was looking to rebrand, my lead gen business. I am running it for sometime using the first domain. However it doesn't have any brand recognition. Most of my business that I get is due to my personal brand.


Which one do you like better. I wanted to get some feedback from the community. I am ready to promote my services through one of these.
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    I think the first is a much stronger name, easier to pronounce, remember, and more suggestive of meaning than the second.
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    I like Saleszip best, too. Not that I'm a marketing expert - but if I had to choose, that would be it. Incitely sounds a little bit illicit. Usually you hear incite used in the context of crimes or riots or some such.

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    I agree, Saleszip is what I would choose as well. I think it is actually quite brandable, even if it's not actually branding your real name.. I don't see a difficult choice between the two.

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    You should run a test, and see which one converts potential traffic into actual traffic to your site better.

    It's easy to see....split test the same ad, the only change being the domain name. It might surprise you the difference a domain name can make.
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    I'm not in love with either of them, but Incitely is more in tune with modern branding trends.

    It boils down to use. SalesZip I think would be great for something like checkout software. I'm not so sure about B2B marketing services. It just sounds kind of cheap for that use. I'm not sure what to say about Incitely. It sounds like the name of an app rather than a service, but others may have a different opinion of that. It may be fine.

    A lot of successful marketing firms have bizarre names to reinforce an "outside of the box" image. So don't be afraid to go with something like Incite 7, Incite Blue, Incite Pixel, etc....
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    SalesZip sounds good.The other one in my opinion is not that appealing.
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      Thanks everyone. Your comments are very helpful.
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    I would also like to recommend you to choose Saleszip, which sounds good.
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