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I was a video game addicted kid during late 90s! I can remember after our school time we friends used to go to video game shop and used to pass at least 2 hours playing games and shouting in the shop! Still I play games but on my laptop. Not frequently but occasionally. Usually I play games to get little bit relaxation. Now suffering from nostalgia! Want to play some of my childhood games. One game I can remember was my one of the favorite games. As much as I can remember there were 3 fighters. On beginning of the game they used to land from a chopper on a ship. Name of the characters were....

Zeal - the female fighter
Cavin - Most handsome male fighter
Gear - The monster muscled guy

Spelling can be wrong as I played the game long ago. But I think character names are correct. However can anyone help me telling name of the game? I am enthusiast to search the game through internet and download it on my laptop. :p

** Sorry for incomplete title. It should be "My missing Heroes. | Cavin Gear & Zeal | Probably these were their names! "

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