Giant Underwater Entrance Found in California

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A strange and massive underwater base was found off the coast in California. Looks like it could just be cliffs.... but also looks like it could be man made.

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    Looks like the Iron Man house... also supposed to be in the same location?
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      yeah ! true
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        "underwater bases" have been reported off Portugal, the Azores - and off the coast of Florida.

        OMG - we're surrounded....

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          Yep, probably explains where all the UFO's come from!

          The ones that come from the ocean, that is!:rolleyes:

          The military played war games in the 50's. and had some of these things rise from the ocean, some reportedly hit the ships!

          If the US hadn't made a deal with them to keep out of our affairs, this world would be a very different place!

          At least we would leave oil in the ground where it belongs!


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    Too geometric for nature as far as I can see. That's an artifact of some sort. There's another disc behind and above it just to the right. I might send the link to one of my pals who has an underwater treasure recovery company and see if he agrees, if anyone's interested.

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    Originally Posted by adamvanwildest View Post

    A strange and massive underwater base was found off the coast in California.
    That's no base.

    It's "The Bends" - the subaqueous nightclub launched back in 2002.

    It ceased trading the following year due to "Americans" insisting that they carry their harpoon guns in with them.
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