Do you have a secret way to lose weight?

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I am looking for ways to loose weight...

Yo yo diets not working.

Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

I will try anything.

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    Wow, if you find the secret, please pass it along to me...I also struggle with the yo yo diets, went from 234 to 165 because of stress, and an ulcer, but when repaired, Im bact up to 207...just cannot eat what I like and keep the weight off too.
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    I started taking a pill called Appuloss about 9 months ago I'd say. I took them for about 3 months and walked on the treadmill everyday as well as done crunches in my Ab Lounge. After 3 months I had lost 34 pounds. I stopped taking the pills that same month so I took them about 3 1/2 months and now I just watch what I eat and try to walk everyday. Before those pills I had tried all types of things. They are the best! (And no, I don't sell them nor am I affiliated in any way)
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      Pills can always have side effects. It is alweays good to limit ourselves to natural diet, so that we may be safe. Vitamin c helps in controlling fat as well as developing natural immunity. Try lemon water without mixing it with anything. drink lots of water to balance the acid effect of lemon.
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    errrr, how about eating less hamburger and exercise more? There is no shortcut if you want to loose weight
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      Originally Posted by yukinara View Post

      errrr, how about eating less hamburger and exercise more? There is no shortcut if you want to loose weight

      nice one!

      If the people will finally understand this...the diet companies will stop to make money on the back of naive people.



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      I agree, i do not believe in diets, because the body needs exercise not hunger
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      Growing up as a fatty guy.
      Realizing I was just swallowing up my insecurity and shyness each time I did overeat.
      Stopping it, having healthier meals, exercising to increase metabolics, meditation...
      Sweating each bl**dy day,
      and feeling better now!
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    Dont stop eating, that's for sure! It will decrease your metabolism and your fat wont loose its stored fat. What you can do immediately is to divide your meals into smaller ones. Frequent small feedings are best and this increases your metabolism. It worked wonders for me.
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      Originally Posted by JduncanMD View Post

      Dont stop eating, that's for sure! It will decrease your metabolism and your fat wont loose its stored fat. What you can do immediately is to divide your meals into smaller ones. Frequent small feedings are best and this increases your metabolism. It worked wonders for me.
      As a soon to be ex-personal trainer from the old school with over 25 years under my belt and former fitness class instructor:

      This is a partial truth. In women due to baby production their bodies will go into what is called a famine state and they will hold onto fat.

      It is not prevalent in men though. When we starve or eat at very low levels our bodies which are designed to work actually burn fat and muscle to fuel activities.

      This all depends on where your ancestors came from also. If you are from a colder climate type then I've noticed the body tends to hang onto fat over people whose dominate ancestors came from a hotter environment.

      If you travel in my country to places like Alaska where the climate is much colder you will notice that weight problems are very strong up there. I'm not saying that everybody is overweight as I did notice some very in shape folks up there but I also noticed an over abundance (no pun intended) of heavier women.

      I personally like curvy women so I was in a heaven of sorts.

      Since I've been into IM and with contracting a terminal lung disease that effects people of African decent (Sarcoidosis) I had gained over 100lbs from my 225 34 inch waiste to 325 and a 46 inch waist.

      I tried that HCG diet after 2 doses of prednisone to heal my lungs and I lost over 40lbs.

      I've been losing about 1lb a day by just following the diet program itself without using the liquid.

      I am what is called a slow metabolizer or oxidator. That means stuff stays in my liver for ever and after I had finished 40 days of that liquid I could and still can smell it in my urine months and months later.

      What I am doing is just the diet portion and I purchased a life cycle which I ride in the mornings for 20 minutes. I will later on jump on it for short 15 minute sessions through out the day. In fact I will be jumping on this in a few minutes.

      My breakfast consists of

      NOTHING! Coffee

      Lunch : a hamburger patty
      Dinner: Either chicken breast or fish with 1 vegi!
      Desert : Apple or an Orange

      If I deviate from that I don't lose.

      If I eat bad I gain water weight. Speaking of which I drink at least 2 bottles of water a day to help flush my liver out which is now in a dangerous fatty state and I am doing a liver cleanse.

      I used to teach Aerobics for even longer than I've been a personal trainer and I am thinking of (I stopped 7 years ago when my little brother died of cancer and I lost all passion for the things that I love) teaching some kind of online class for folks following the HCG diet that still want to work out of which I did due while I was on that diet.

      I did Super High Intensity Training HIIT on one or two body parts for my workouts. I've been training for over 25 years and stopping for me is out of the question. I need some form of weight training or exercise.

      If I had of kept on dancing and teaching I never would of gained so much weight anyways. Losing my little brother was a shock and very deeply disturbing so I stopped everything that I enjoyed back then. My stupidity and loss.

      I think I will put together a 10 minute kick boxing workout and record it tomorrow and upload it for you guys whom are struggling with your weight.

      You can do the workout 3 x's a week and it will help get you on the path.

      For now here is a ab workout program :

      And for you ladies here is my bun workout program:

      My voice on the recordings. My girlfriend and a client in the videos.

      I'm sorry but there is no magic weight loss. It always comes down to for us natural dieters calories in versus calories out.

      If you burn off more calories than you take in then you will lose weight.

      To lose 1 lb of fat takes a lot of burning of calories also.

      When I started teaching Aerobics way back in the late 80's I was told that one class was worth about 12 corn chips!

      12 Corn Chips.

      So this should give you an idea of how focused and dedicated that you must be.

      If you deviate then you don't lose and you just wasted your day and time.

      A lesson that I've learned myself.

      In the past I never had to diet. I was burning way more than I needed through constant aerobic activity of one sort or another (cough cough..I had a lot of girlfriends).

      Losing weight is simple and easy. You just have to want it bad enough to put up with feeling hungry until you adapt to the hunger and your mind focuses on something else.

      That is the ultimate secret to anything. You have to want it badly enough.

      When you do you will lose it.

      The worlds best dating coach

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    I don't know if it's a secret or not but i can tell you some quick ways of losing weight and i tried it myself for 2 months and lose approx 10 pounds easily. Also quick weight loss is not good for health so go for little bit gradual process.
    1) Do a 30-45 minutes walk before dinner
    2) Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a servant (that's the best way to lose weight)
    3) Try to eight little amount of meal but 4,5 times a day specially from morning to evening 3,4 times and just one time at night.
    4) Drink green tea 2 times a day (evening and night) and if not then just one time after dinner.
    5) Do some healthy exercises and cycling for a good figure after losing weight.
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    Yes - I have a sort-of 'secret'. I bought a PLR book on weight-loss a while back. It was called the 80-20 diet. It was a great idea, but the book was badly written imho. So I completely rewrote it including my own thinking on using the Pareto Principle for weight loss. And you can get a free copy here ...

    The 80-20 Diet


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      Originally Posted by Will Edwards View Post

      Yes - I have a sort-of 'secret'. I bought a PLR book on weight-loss a while back. It was called the 80-20 diet. It was a great idea, but the books was badly written imho. So I completely rewrote it including my own thinking on using the Pareto Principle for weight loss. And you can get a free copy here ...

      The 80-20 Diet


      Hey There, I went to your site to view the weight loss book and while I was there it gave me another book, Inspirations! Is that one your book too??
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        Yes - I have about 50 or so free books there

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        Originally Posted by MrsAuspicious View Post

        Hey There, I went to your site to view the weight loss book and while I was there it gave me another book, Inspirations! Is that one your book too??
        Yes - there all mine (lol)!
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      Here's what a MD recommends from the land down under:

      Self Help, 101

      (Your mileage may vary.)

      Good luck.
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      Originally Posted by success4all View Post

      If you want to try something different and non-traditional, follow my sig.
      Hey There, I went to your site to view the weight loss book and while I was there it gave me another book, Inspirations! Is that one your book too??
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    Even i have read that 'dieting' or 'eating nothing' do not work.this new age theory of eating small meals several times has become very popular and lots of celebrities like film starts often use it.and yes the old adage "eat breakfast like king,lunch like prince and dinner like pauper" seem to be true.
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    Id avoid pills personally.

    I am currently losing weight - still not near my goal but getting there - and it comes down to simply this - burn more calories than you eat. That's the big "secret"

    What works best for me is:

    Eating clean - no processed foods basically - shop around he outside of the grocery store

    Exercise - cardio COMBINED with a resistance training (weight lifting) program.
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      It is absolutely impossible to "loose" weight unless you cut it off with a surgeon's knife.

      Now if you want to "lose" weight, then that is a different matter. There are many ways and the best is to eat sensibly, cut down on junk food and get some exercise.

      Anybody can "lose" weight if they really want to.


      I hate it when people say loose and it should be lose.
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        Don't hate them as they are actually trying to "lose" and not "loose" lol
        Also i agree that the best way to lose weight is to control your diet and avoid junk meals and do some healthy exercises and i hope you will get benefit of the ways to lose weight i mentioned in my last post.
        Originally Posted by TelegramSam View Post

        It is absolutely impossible to "loose" weight unless you cut it off with a surgeon's knife.

        Now if you want to "lose" weight, then that is a different matter. There are many ways and the best is to eat sensibly, cut down on junk food and get some exercise.

        Anybody can "lose" weight if they really want to.


        I hate it when people say loose and it should be lose.
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        Originally Posted by TelegramSam View Post

        It is absolutely impossible to "loose" weight unless you cut it off with a surgeon's knife.

        Now if you want to "lose" weight, then that is a different matter. There are many ways and the best is to eat sensibly, cut down on junk food and get some exercise.

        Anybody can "lose" weight if they really want to.


        I hate it when people say loose and it should be lose.
        Hey, hang loose!

        Maya's Own
        Living green made simple and easy @ Green Living Temple
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        Originally Posted by TelegramSam View Post

        It is absolutely impossible to "loose" weight unless you cut it off with a surgeon's knife.

        Now if you want to "lose" weight, then that is a different matter. There are many ways and the best is to eat sensibly, cut down on junk food and get some exercise.

        Anybody can "lose" weight if they really want to.


        I hate it when people say loose and it should be lose.
        Me too! THANK YOU
        Combine a powerful herb with your morning coffee?
        A delicious way to get healthy
        and make money - what could be better than that?
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          I've used the Warrior Diet where basically you just eat fruit or juice during the day with one huge meal at night.

          Also Tim Ferriss's slow carb diet works good too. Basically eat the same meal 4 times a day consisting of a protien, vegatable, and beans, with one cheat day a week.
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  • Not a secret, but - a good percentage of the world's population (particularly Caucasians) are "carb-intolerant". I gain weight easy when I eat bread, potatoes, etc, and drop it easy when I stick to meat, fish, chicken, fats and non-carby vegetables/fruits.

    Unfortunately, it costs a bucketload more. Depends on how important your waistline is to you. The best book on the subject is The Metabolic Diet by Dr. Mauro diPasquale. I think it sells on Amazon.
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      If I be a vegetarian now, will it be helpful? I'm still affraid to take any diet pills. maybe there's still any safer way to do.

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    Listen and listen very closely I will only say this once

    There is no secret to losing weight

    It's like marketing you've got to track your results do what's working and eliminate the things that ain't working. It takes action and the right mind set.

    Read the ebook Burn the fat feed the muscle that ebook has everything you need to know about fat loss. I read it I followed it. I sweat blood and tears and I ended up with 6% body fat. I was at 20% body fat before I followed the ebook. It took me about 3-4 months but you gotta follow the book to the letter T. Just google it and buy the ebook. No affiliate links here.. Just real information that works.
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    I have given up using normal dieting methods. I am taking Reductil now.

    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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  • i lost 70 lbs but it is still a SECRET even to me, how i did it! but i look and feel better than ever.
    it may have been the herbal liposuction product i got from
    it might have been my spiritual practices.
    maybe it was getting legally disconnected from my ex-wife! ha!
    but it is definitely possible to lose weight.
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  • Honestly, I don't know if it is a secret. I hear 80% of fitness/ losing weight is nutrition (food intake). Keep in mind, working out plays a huge factor.

    I have a body sculptor (yes, this is what we call him! ) and he keeps me focused daily. Here is my two cents:

    1. Hire a trainer or join a gym

    2. Do Cardio exercises everyday & exercise routine

    3. Don't eat any sugars, bread, pasta heavily. Eat protein enriched foods.

    4. Develop a cheat day (1 day a week). Always work out on cheat day.

    I also have menus, dieting myths, etc. If you like, I could forward to you. Let me know.

    P.S. It takes time, be patient. :-)
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      Yeah. Control your eating. Change your habits.

      IF you want to lose weight take a hard look at how
      you are using food to get sense-gratification.

      I'm not saying it's easy to conquer. I'm not claiming
      I've conquered it myself completely - gluttony is
      so embedded in Western values it's something we
      don't notice much.

      When I stopped eating animal flesh that was a major step -
      it took a couple of years for the desires to subside entirely.

      As others mention, refined sugars starches, breads,
      pastas - these make you fat. Vegetables and whole
      grains form the basis of a healthful diet for just about
      everyone. Some folks seem to need dairy and/or eggs
      in their diets, others don't - and needs vary depending
      on what life-stage you are in.

      I'm not saying this to persuade anybody to be a vegetarian -
      like any decision not eating meat, or eating it, has consequences.
      The mature thing is to make choices, accept the consequences,
      and evaluate where your choices are taking you.

      I like this book: "Healing with Whole Foods" by Paul Pitchford
      - it's like a bible to me in the dietary area. The author
      is a Vegan but the book is not about any one diet being
      right for everybody, it's about finding the optimal diet
      for your personal well-being - if overweight is a condition
      afflicting you there are many ways to approach changing
      the condition in the book.
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    In order to lose weight you need to get rid of temptation. Clean your fridge and cupboards out and remove anything that will deter your weight loss.

    Replenish your fridge and cupboards with lots of healthy snacks that taste good. This will help you stay honest. Most diets fail because old habits are hard to break. If you are used to going to the fridge every time you are bored, sad, lonely or stressed out, you need to change.

    Yes, I know this is easier said then done. If you are eating out of boredom or lonliness, find something you enjoy to do. Why not take a class, take up dance, go hiking, take a walk in the park, go fishing, learn needlepoint, or anything else that you can enjoy and will keep you from eating out of boredom.

    Some great healthy snack ideas include 100 calorie packs (just don't eat the whole box), baby carrots, small rice cakes, sugarless gum, hard candies, 8 oz skim milk with ovalitine (instead of a chocolate shake), individual fruit cups like applesauce, peaches, mixed fruit to help your sweet tooth, a slice of whole grain bread (for carbo cravings), or put together your own 100 calorie packs of some of your favorite treats in ziplock bags and only eat one when you simply must give into your cravings.

    Many times you will find that just eating a small snack and drinking a glass of water will calm you down and make those nasty cravings for a 1000 calorie snack go away. Drink plenty of water. If you eat 5-6 small meals a day and drink 8-12 ounces of water with each meal, you will get the water you need to help flush out fat. Also, be sure to add extra fiber as it will also help flush out fat.

    Try to limit your beef and pork intake. Replace it with chicken, turkey and fish as much as you can stand. Look online to find great fish and poultry recipes and you will find it much easier to stick with.

    Also, you need to add some exercise to your day to increase your metabolism. Make it something you can live with and your chance for success will increase. If you know you won't go to the gym, don't spend a fortune signing up for a membership. Try taking a walk, dancing with your kids, a new sport, or something you know you can stick with because you enjoy it.

    Good Luck!


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    People will argue with this, but here it is anyway.

    - Eat fewer calories than you expend every day
    - Consume almost exclusively animal protein (i.e. meat and dairy)
    - Consume almost exclusively complex carbohydrates (i.e. vegetables)
    - Consume equal amounts of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats
    - Calorie content: protein, 4 calories * your body weight in pounds; fat, 300 calories; carbohydrates, EVERYTHING ELSE
    - Eat six to eight meals of roughly equal calorie and macronutrient content every day
    - Use olive oil and fish oil to top off your fat if necessary at the END of the day
    - Exercise every single day, no matter WHAT happens
    - The first twenty minutes of exercise doesn't count, so a forty-five minute workout is really just short of a half hour
    - Exercise immediately before a meal
    - Allow yourself up to five extra meals each week, with the same calories as your normal meals, but with whatever macronutrient content you like... this prevents you from going crazy because your favoritest thing EVAR isn't in the diet

    For what it's worth.
    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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      8 oz cup of strong coffee. 30 minutes later I'm (at least) a pound lighter.

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    TopGun - just finishing up a report/eguide about why you can't lose weight so I can't give it all away, but for your first quick tip --
    Are you drinking fluoridated water? Stop it. Now. It suppresses your thyroid.
    You might not be getting enough iodine either, for reasons of some of our food and
    because of things like fluoridated water so get some suppliments. THat isn't ALL
    there is to it -- but it should help get the pounds dissolving.

    Stay tuned and I'll be announcing my new release and it will cover all the reasons people have trouble losing - and the realities of what you have to do to be normal again.

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    There's this little smoothie shop in my city that serves these really great fruit smoothies. They make these "signature smoothies" with their 3 Power Fruits. I think the shop's only in Austin but here are their Power Fruits:


    I don't remember all the specifics right now, but I do know according to them, **** = antioxidants, goji = weight-loss (more than 100x the vitamin C content as oranges) and pomegranate = extends life, I think by improving blood-flow.

    Of course, they mix these fruits with others - strawberries, pineapples, etc

    Whenever you feel like having something sweet to drink, seek out one of those smoothie places - especially if they carry any of those three fruits. Froots is a great smoothie place, I think they're nationwide

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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    Try eat fruits that's not sweet like green apple and follow by a glass of water before meals.

    Repeat with the same fruits every day, that should make lose a bit of appetite before your meal. The hardest part is not eating but emotion of having the same green apple everytime.

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      Burn more calories than you consume.
      That's physics and it's all you need to know. Everything else is hype.

      Ways to burn more calories:
      * sports (obviously)

      Ways to consume less calorie:
      * not necessary (if you integrate sport into your daily life)

      With that approach, I lost 12 kg since the beginning of this year.

      What helped me:
      * Monitor my weight. I printed out a diagram and add my weight daily. The diagram is placed where I see it every morning.
      * Replace bad habits with good habits. Instead of eating a chocolate bar every morning, I got used to eating an apple instead.
      * Competition. I started a weightloss competition with my wife.


      signature is on holiday

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    You may foolow even the best diet books and consult the best doctors but you wouldn't notice the result. As for me, the best way to loose weight is to walk more, to forget about cars, buses and so on. Try to spend more time on the open air - oxygen destroys calories.Drink more water, tea or juices. And what about food? I think we should eat what we want - if we want something it means that we need it! But you should plan the schedule of eating.

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    PM if you are interested.

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      Originally Posted by Pisaka View Post

      You may foolow even the best diet books and consult the best doctors but you wouldn't notice the result. As for me, the best way to loose weight is to walk more, to forget about cars, buses and so on. Try to spend more time on the open air - oxygen destroys calories.Drink more water, tea or juices. And what about food? I think we should eat what we want - if we want something it means that we need it! But you should plan the schedule of eating.
      I agree with you except the bolded phrase above.

      Humans crave fatty foods because it's a case of survival. We need fat to keep us warm.

      However, we haven't evolved to our current day surroundings...such as transport, effortless tasks, automation, heat water and food on demand, clothes...

      Therefore, evolutionary speaking, we still crave fatty foods as a part of our survival but in reality we don't actually need them.

      I've managed to lose about 18lbs in 6 months without any stress or strain or misery. Here's how:

      1. Stopped drinking beer
      2. Stopped drinking regularly (once a week MAX)
      3. Stopped using cooking oil (non stick pans, boiling and oven baking instead)
      4. Sold my car, and walk EVERYWHERE now
      5. Eat when I want, not when someone tells me to
      6. Eat low calorie snacks, cut out soft drinks
      7. Cut out fruit juice (waaay too much sugar and not enough nutrients)
      8. Eat breakfast everyday
      9. Eat my evening meal EARLY (before 7pm latest)
      10. Substitute white carbs (potato, white bread, white rice etc) for salad, vegetables and noodles.

      The hardest part is building new recipes into your week and resisting treats when you don't REALLY need or want them.

      (Oh we're watching a movie, so we MUST have chocolate)
      (Oh it's Friday, let's have pizza!)

      Treat are great, but it's the regularity of treats that keep the fat around the waist.
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    Well, for summer I wanted to lose a few, so what I tried is Clinical Strength Green Tea pills in combination with drinking Apple Cider Vinegar--the vinegar you drink 3 times a day, use about a tablespoon in a 4oz glass of water.

    I tell ya, it works!! I've lost about 9 pds!!
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      I am not sure about clinical strength green tea pills but green tea is for sure good for health and burning fats and apple vinegar is also good for health and if you don't like drinking it with water then just use it with salad (specially cucumber) and i am sure you will love it and lose your weight as well.
      Originally Posted by KimPup View Post

      Well, for summer I wanted to lose a few, so what I tried is Clinical Strength Green Tea pills in combination with drinking Apple Cider Vinegar--the vinegar you drink 3 times a day, use about a tablespoon in a 4oz glass of water.

      I tell ya, it works!! I've lost about 9 pds!!
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    Uh...if you don't have the initiative to come back into your own thread.........maybe that is your diet problem, too?

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    There isn't any real secret to weight loss, it's more will-power than anything else. The bottom line is you need to consume less calories than you need to reduce weight. I believe to loose 1lb in 1 week you need a calorie reduction of 3,500. It's hard because most things that are nice to eat are also high calorie. You can reduce your calorie in take by effectively increasing your calorie burn rate, via exercise. So, eat the same, but do loads of exercise. Not always practical.

    Don't starve yourself as you will decrease your metabolism, eat regularly, at least 5 times per day, this makes your body increase its metabolism (and burn more calories).

    Best thing, find something else to occupy your mind instead of eating. Most people eat because they're fed-up or bored or just want an excuse to have a break.

    Cheers, L
    Lee Harding
    The Architect
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    • Profile picture of the author lharding
      ... and before I get flamed for talking crap, I've now reached 2 stone in weight loss, since March 09.

      Lee Harding
      The Architect
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  • Profile picture of the author Loren Woirhaye
    I started wwriting a few more thoughts, and got kind of carried-
    away. I'm quite interested in the idea of: "how do you (or I)
    create a balanced life?" How do we manage to excel and succeed
    in our careers, please our families, treat our bodies well,
    and enjoy ourselves too?

    I don't have any answers that will fit everybody - all I have
    is many years of experience working on being balanced myself.

    Arguably making short-term cutbacks in caloric intake (dieting)
    is a flawed method of weight-control. Some studies show dieting
    causes the body to react and pack on weight, but obviously if
    that were always true there wouldn't be so many folks out there
    who have succeeded in losing weight with dieting.

    The permanent adoption of more healthful eating habits is just
    about the only things all weight-loss stuff agrees on. Getting
    the weight off is one thing (and it's often hard work), but keeping
    it off is quite another - and that's a matter of finding a pattern
    of eating that works for you to maintain your weight. Committing
    to spending the rest of your life walking a mile or two a day,
    practicing yoga, aerobics, etc, is a nice idea, but in reality most
    of us get busy with stuff and one of the first disciplines we let go
    of is that of making time to exercise.

    Thus I argue that committing to a lifetime of intentional fitness
    (exercise) is not a reasonable solution for many people, especially
    us online marketers and writers who spend a lot of time on our
    asses not burning many calories.

    I used to be a carpenter and when I was working I could eat
    like a horse and I was very fit. Now I eat more sparingly,
    and I'm still trim but not as fit. I've slacked off the dedicated
    yoga practice I had in my 20s and early 30s because my career
    goals became more important to me than yoga. I'm just making
    a point that even though I know how to be very fit and have
    been in the past, my disciplines these days are primarily confined
    to professional development and writing; not playing guitar,
    mastering advanced yoga postures, or medidation - all things
    which interested me a lot when I was younger and to which I
    devoted a lot of time.

    What I HAVE retained from my early 20s is an interest in
    eating for my health, not the gratification of my senses. This
    too is not always easy, but I've made a few rules for myself
    that mostly work. Because I live with somebody now the food
    in the house is not in my complete control, but I am winning
    her over gradually.

    A damaging admission: if junk food is around (in the house)
    I will eat it.

    My solution: I don't buy it. I'll sometimes eat junk food
    if offered it, but in my own house the only reliable way I
    have found to prevent myself from eating food that tastes
    good but doesn't make me feel good is to not have it around
    too often.

    1. Things I don't buy but will eat when offered:
    -wheat pasta
    -ice cream

    2. Things I don't eat at all (because I don't like them, made
    a decision not to eat them, or because I know eating them
    will make me feel crappy)
    -meat (dead animals)

    The foods in the second group represent zero temptation for
    me. They hold no attraction.

    What is interesting is that having zero desire to eat meat
    is a habit, because before I decided to stop eating it I quite
    enoyed it and my extended family eats it in virtually every
    meal. I simply made a decision not to eat it anymore.
    Soda I just don't like anymore. When I was a kid I liked
    it fine.

    I'm not saying you have to stop eating meat to be healthy.

    I am saying that if you want to lose weight you need to
    get a new set of eating habits and engage in these new
    habits with sufficient commitment that you can stick with
    them for the long-term, because you prefer the way your
    new pattern helps you feel to the sense-gratification
    of your older eating pattern.
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  • Profile picture of the author John M Kane
    check on Alissa Cohen's site The Living & Raw Food Diet - Alissa Cohen

    No affl

    She's in Boston and is a well known Rawfoods chef with a super restaurant.
    She also teaches her skills in training classes.

    But, look a the before and after photos on her site.Some great results advocating Raw food.

    Look at some of her meals photos. NO one would say eating raw is tasteless.
    After being on a raw "lifestyle" as apposed to "dieting" you'll certainly be thinner.

    If you not exercising REGULARLY do so.
    Take the stairs instead of the elevator and escalator.
    Turn OFF the boob tube and go for a walk.

    Also research the benefits of healthy fats in your diet. including Flax seed oil
    Proven to help build muscle which helps burn fat.

    Reduce your stress as much as possible.
    Make sure you are breathing properly. You'd be surprised how you can bring up your metabolism if you just breathe well.

    Cut out/reduce the chemical crap that is sold in boxes with 6 paragraphs of ingredients!

    Can't pronounce it, don't eat it.

    Make lifestyle changes for the long term instead of "Dieting" for a period to just lose weight.

    Weight is usually gained slowly, like the frog in the pot of water story, and before we know it a sack of potatoes are stuck to our behinds or belly.

    Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author sherisaid
    Most people think they eat less than they really do. You can track your food intake for free at

    I don't use diet supplements or pills or miracle juice. I eat healthy foods that are high in fiber and low in saturated fats. I try to exercise 30 minutes every day, I drink lots of water, and I limit my carbs to whole grain and vegetable sources. I avoid things like rice, potatoes and bread. (I eat them, just not often). This is not a secret, it's just common sense good luck.
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  • Profile picture of the author chrisoldcorn
    No secret. I don't eat "refined" sugar products such as cookies etc. I eat natural food including meat but in small quantities. I walk for about 40 minutes each night. It sounds easy and it is. Just stick with it.

    Chris Oldcorn
    The Now

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  • Profile picture of the author brp002
    Slimfast does not work.... not eating just makes you sick.... Exercise has worked the best for me!

    If you want a link here please email me!

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    • Profile picture of the author Emily Meeks
      Originally Posted by brp002 View Post

      Slimfast does not work.... not eating just makes you sick.... Exercise has worked the best for me!
      My sister lost about 40 pounds on Slimfast... unfortunately it didn't last very long after she started eating unhealthy crap again. Whether the product actually worked or it was a placebo effect, I couldn't tell you >

      In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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  • Profile picture of the author JohnPal
    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    My only advice:

    Refrain from eating left and right and in the mornings drink Green Tea with Cinnamon and Ginger.

    You'll see the difference within one week, Guaranteed!

    Good Luck,

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  • Profile picture of the author HeySal
    There isn't any real secret to weight loss, it's more will-power than anything else.
    Actually, if it is taking a lot of will power there are other things going on. Your body will work to heal itself (ever cut your finger?) and overweight is not the normal condition of a body. Fat is not a PROBLEM - it is a SYMPTOM. Very few people become more that a few pounds overweight unless something else is going on - there are a few that just eat themselves into a stupor, but that's not the case as often as the thin would like to believe.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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  • Profile picture of the author Sandy Hands
    I concur with John, which is similar to work conducted by Dr Joel Furhnam and John Rose. Both have achieved amazing long term success by one very simple formula:

    Nutrient dense diet.

    Its not the calories but the type of calories.

    Eat a nutrient dense diet, meaning the nutrient to calorie ratio is higher meaning you will be giving all your body needs to maintain and repair itself.

    After a few weeks the sugar cravings reduce.

    If you do it the hard way and try and juice fast to kick off your campaign, then the results can be quite life altering as far as health and mindset go.

    I am not fanatical about raw or juice, but I do try and make better decisions, and don't punish yourself for making a bad decision, just make a better one next time. If I feel like a drink, I'll have a bottle of red wine instead of a case of beer.....

    Different bodies have different triggers. For me it was beer and bread. Reducing those two things alone helped get to a steady weight.

    Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author TheWicker
    Kick your ass and stop whining. That's the only way.
    Directory Submission Xtreme | Submit To 10.000 Directories - CRAZY DISCOUNTS!
    World's best directory submission. Yes, we understand the boldness of this statement, but try us and see why we have the nerves to write this outrageous claim.
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    • Profile picture of the author Luckies
      Eat just a few many times a day and run for 30 minutes every day. Avoid junk food. Eating a lot of fruit helps too.
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    • Profile picture of the author EmmaJames
      After reading The Ultimate New York Body Plan
      I learned that if you want to lose weight and lose
      weight fast you are going to have to do a lot
      of strength training.

      That means working out for 1 1/2 hours every
      day for 14 days straight, not just 30 min 3 days
      a week.

      You'll do 45 min of a tough cardio routine like
      jumping rope or running.

      Then you go right into 45 min of strength training.

      One day you work on upper body, the next the lower
      body, the next day just abs and you go back and forth.

      It's no joke. The secret was that you have to work
      out a lot longer than most workout routines require.
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    • Profile picture of the author Ciara Mac Mahon
      I think the reason an enormous amount of people find themselves overweight is simply the habits they have developed over the years with repect to food.

      Really examine what foods you choose to eat & why, perhaps this is just the food your family prepared when you were a child, perhaps you were comforted with treats when you fell over and grazed your knee so now you associate chocolate with feeling better?

      To lose weight permanantly, you need to address what's going on in your head! Change your habits, take a different path. It will be probably be challenging but it's certainly not impossible.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kelpsi Media
    Walking is the best exercise. If obessity is a problem, go for a jog everyday. It will reduce your body weight.
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    • Profile picture of the author shoaibonline
      when you are going to sleep then you must drink 400ml normal hot water.
      it "ll surelly help you to reduce your weight.
      drink lots of water
      shift to fruits more n more fruits specially watery
      walk morning n after dinner
      exercise like dance foe abt 2hour a day.
      try it
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  • Profile picture of the author russellprisco
    I know I should follow this advice but....

    Eat smaller portions more often (eat 6 times a day instead of 3)

    Drink lots of water

    Start each meal with a small salad (without mainstream dressing... can use some oil and vinegar (I like rice vinegar...yummy!))

    Chew your food really good (makes it easier for your system to digest)

    Don't eat right before bed

    Make some better food choices. If possible, junk all the junk food in your house. If you feel bad throwing it away, give it to someone else outside of your household.

    Don't eat (or drink) anything that says "Diet" on it. Ex diet soda, diet cookies, etc... According to Kevin Tredeau (you can research it yourself and make your own decision on this) in his book, Natural Cures, Things THEY Don't Want You To Know About, diet food is made to make you fatter so you keep buying it.

    Aside from that though, those artificial sweeteners have been linked to neurological disorders. And don't be fooled by Splenda either just because it's "made" from sugar... It's still NOT sugar...

    You're better off eating the sugar.

    Speaking of, you also may want to give yourself a cheat day. Or should I say a cheat reward.
    If you've done good for the first 6 days, you can go out and get a piece of pie or what have you , but only take a couple of bites. Or maybe get ONE slice of pizza, and then back on for another 6.8 days =)

    Which also reminds me... While you've lessened your portions... DON'T feel like you have to finish the food on your plate just because it's there. Tony Robbins said that he overcame this by listening to his favorite music and got himself up to a peak emotional state as he pushed the plate away and begin to have a positive association with this. Marshall Sylver says that the food will be wasted one way, or another, wasted in the garbage, or waisted on your waist...

    If you can afford it, buy organic foods. They have WAY more nutritional value than non-organic foods. If you have a local farmers market, buy from them. (With Big companies that MASS produce fruits and veggies, the nutritional value ends up getting depleted from the soil. Also, many of them are Genetically Modified to be bigger, seedless etc.. and that's just messing with the way mother nature had intended things...) Again, I know it's a little (sometimes a lot) more expensive... but well worth it for your health.

    If you live with other people, get their support not to tempt you with other foods. Often times, especially in a relationship, if one person is growing, the other person is either forced to grow with them or else they usually try to drag the other person back down to their level. See if you can get you're significant other (if applicable) to do this with you. It sure makes it a WHOLE lot easier...And MORE FUN!

    Walk for at least 45 minutes briskly (uninterrupted 2x a day if possible (once in the morning before you eat, and once at night before you go to bed) around your neighborhood or wherever (get an MP3 player and slap some marketing MP3's in there so you can dovetail and get more than one thing done at a time)

    Determine what your end goal is.

    Be realistic as to not be let down.

    Be easy on yourself if you're not perfect (99.9% chance you won't be, just like everyone else...) Remember a plane is off course most of the time getting to it's destination... it's just a matter of noticing it, and getting back on course as QUICKLY as you can. The time to put that third piece of bananna creme pie down is as soon as you realize what you're doing isn't effective towards your goal.. DON'T finish the slice.

    Go to barnes and nobles and find a magazine with someone that looks like you'd like to look like. Then cut him/her out, and stick em' on a piece of cardboard. Optionally, and more effectively, find a headshot of yourself (present or maybe a pic where you were at a lighter weight previously) and glue it on top of their head.

    Look at that picture often througout the day, and don't just "wish" you were like that...

    CLAIM IT. As if it were already a done deal and you just have to move into that body by doing the previous steps mentioned.

    FEEL good about yourself now. While you may be happier at a lighter weight, feeling good about yourself now will help you move forward more powerfully than negative self talk. When you notice that negative self talk, tell it to shut the hell up. =)

    Maybe also look into a good hypnosis program.

    My #1 Living mentor, Marshall Sylver has a wieght loss Program (I think it goes for about $20 bucks). Marshall is freaking awesome. His website is

    Turn off the TV (better yet cancel it) If something happens that's important enough, someone else will tell you about it. =)

    Get out of your house more.
    Lastly, if you can find some kind of activity that is fun (whether it be volleyball, bicycling, a dog walking club or whatever... it won't seem like "work" because it's something you enjoy.

    Like internet marketing. I think that the majority of true internet marketers don't work very much because we love what we do.... which is why we spend so much darn time in front of our computers!

    Disclaimer I'm not a doctor so don't take my advice =)

    ~Russell Prisco =)
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    • Profile picture of the author russellprisco
      Oh also, consider doing some weightlifting. Not like a bodybuilder regimen, but yes, actually lifting weights.

      Building muscle is one of the FASTEST ways to DESTROY FAT since muscle burns fat!

      Something to remember if you're weight lifting though is that muscle weighs more than fat, so don't pay as much attention to what the scale says you weigh.

      And speaking of scale there's two thoughts to this.

      1 - Measure your weight daily because you can't win a game that you don't keep score at...

      And 2 - Forget the scale because it's not always going to give an accurate picture of your results. Instead use how you look in the mirror and how your clothes fit as the judge.

      I understand both, and for most things I'd agree with #1 logic... but for most people wanting to lose weight, it can have a negative impact when someone looks down at the scale and sees that they haven't lost any weight or just lost a pound, or even gained a pound...

      So I would suggest to maybe measure with #1 once per month so you DO have a score to write down... (but keep it as a generality, not as something concrete) and use #2 the rest of the time.


      ~Russell Prisco =)
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      • Profile picture of the author thezone
        Originally Posted by russellprisco View Post

        Oh also, consider doing some weightlifting. Not like a bodybuilder regimen, but yes, actually lifting weights.

        Building muscle is one of the FASTEST ways to DESTROY FAT since muscle burns fat!

        Something to remember if you're weight lifting though is that muscle weighs more than fat, so don't pay as much attention to what the scale says you weigh.

        And speaking of scale there's two thoughts to this.

        1 - Measure your weight daily because you can't win a game that you don't keep score at...

        And 2 - Forget the scale because it's not always going to give an accurate picture of your results. Instead use how you look in the mirror and how your clothes fit as the judge.

        I understand both, and for most things I'd agree with #1 logic... but for most people wanting to lose weight, it can have a negative impact when someone looks down at the scale and sees that they haven't lost any weight or just lost a pound, or even gained a pound...

        So I would suggest to maybe measure with #1 once per month so you DO have a score to write down... (but keep it as a generality, not as something concrete) and use #2 the rest of the time.


        ~Russell Prisco =)
        While muscle has a somewhat slight metabolic advantage over adipose tissue, the organs of the body account for a majority of the body's energy expenditure. Following is the formula for Resting Energy Expenditure

        REE= 200 x liver (kg) + 240 x brain (kg) + 440 x heart (kg) + 440 x kidney (kg) + 4.5 x adipose tissue (kg) + 12 x Miscellaneous tissues (kg)

        While miscellaneous tissue requires almost 3 times more energy then fat, the overall amount of energy expenditure doesn't matter. Fat free mass (FFM) doesn't decrease as fat mass increases, and the overweight individual ONLY has more adipose tissue (not LESS FFM then a normal weight individual..sometimes slightly more to account for the extra weight being carried), so an overweight person will burn more based on the fact that they have an increased amount of adipose tissue (fat). As fat is lost (and weight starts to "normalize"), energy requirements will decrease.

        That being said. What happened in the world of "weight loss" is that "weight loss gurus" started creating new metrics (big surprise), and use what body builders eat on average /pound of FFM when training (~ 50 calories/lb FFM), and somehow that began to translate as "a pound of muscle burns 50 calories". Muscle itself doesn't burn more calories, what happens is that while in an anabolic state, muscle tissue requires somewhat more energy (then adipose tissue), for constant cellular "regeneration". The body is constantly changing between anabolic/catabolic states, and when the body is in a catabolic state (ie. "ENERGY" deficit), muscle tissue (depending on overall deficit) is broken down and also used as fuel. The body can NEVER maintain an energy deficit, and be in an anabolic state....NEVER (the laws of physics changes for no man).

        Furthermore, while muscle is more dense then fat, it is only "slightly" more dense (both are made up of three components in varying percentages water, fat, amino acids..amino acids having the highest density at slightly above water (1g/cm^3@4C)). Adipose tissue has a density of ~0.94 g/ml, while muscle tissue has a density of ~1.02-1.06g/ml ( making fat ~12.5% denser). To put that in VOLUME perspective take 8 pounds of butter, and "allow" that to represent 8 pounds (by volume) of muscle tissue, add another pound of butter (12.5% more), and those 9 pounds of butter, represent the volume of *8* pounds of fat (not a lot of difference). It's the distribution of fat versus muscle that makes the difference (ie. nobody gains significant amount of muscle tissue around their midsection, boobs or hips, but accumulate the most amoun to subcutaneous fat there), which is why measurements (especially in those three areas) are important (the number one excuse (for a lack of weight loss or a gain) is...."I am building muscle".

        Lastly, while you are correct that someone can maintain weight and still "lose" fat, it is NOT because of a simultaneous anabolic/catabolic state (the body can NOT be in both states simultaneously). When the body is in a catabolic state (well either state for that matter), extreme intra/extra-cellular hydration changes occur (in order to maintain electrolyte balance), which results in great swings in weight (either up, down, or steady), highly dependent on the macronutrient composition of the diet).

        Now, what was my point, and why are we discussing weight loss in a marketing forum (btw did I mention I make 13 digits a month)? Oh right Sylver! The guy who uses an 8.1 Million dollar "charter" jet (2008 Cessna 525B (CJ3)), and claims it is his.....regardless....let me get this straight.....he is your #1 mentor.... he is FAT (well maybe not by today's NEW standards), and he sells a subconscious programming weight loss program?....Do you not find the least bit of irony in that? (did I mention I make 13 digits a month).
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      • Profile picture of the author nehaluck11
        Ssshhhh..... Let it be secret.
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      • Profile picture of the author Cara411
        I do not have a secret way to lose weight. I can offer some insights about what has been helpful to me in losing weight. A few years ago, I lost just over fifty pounds with Jenny Craig. I kicked and screamed and tried to do it on my own for a long time before that. Then, I kept hearing great success stories from some relatives and friends. So, I gave it a whirl. I committed to only eating what they told me to eat. I found that having the accountability and the ease of pre-packaged meals made it very simple for me. Plus, I met with my Jenny counselor on Monday mornings. That helped keep me on track during the weekends - the impending "fear" of the weigh in and all! I confess that I was horrible about exercise during that process though. A friend of mine who was also doing what I did, called herself, "skinny-fat" because she was not exercising either.

        Anyway, I bring that up because my routine now is quite different. I did not gain back any of the weight I lost on Jenny Craig. However, a year ago I started working out with a personal trainer. That has made a world of difference in my life. Over the past year, I have exercised consistently four to six days per week. I've lost about ten pounds more. But, what is more important to me is that I have gained muscles and confidence.

        When I look back at what I have done and what has helped the most, I would say that it is a combination of focus, commitment, and having a great support/accountability system.
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        • Profile picture of the author dunshster
          I have been making some good progress with P90x. I just finished day 31. You definitely have to put int he time working out and you will make changes to your diet as well, so its not really a secret
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      • Profile picture of the author Vogin
        Run 10 kilometres each day, eat 5 times a day, drink a lot.
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        • Profile picture of the author Gemini9
          My simple take is the output (activity, exercise) has to outweigh the input (food, calories).

          Also, I don't think you should completely cut out foods that you really, really like. Just take them in smaller portions. All things in moderation.
          I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.
          'Invictus' - William Ernest Henley
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      • Profile picture of the author emmajane
        You need to get your cells to stop being resistant to insulin. Insulin resistance makes people overweight as more and more insulin is secreted to make the cell open up and take in glucose for energy. High insulin sends a message to your body to store fat. The following things can help restore blood sugar control and insulin resistance.

        1. Avoid all sugar and refined (white) carbohydrates. They are devoid of nutrients and fibre and raise blood sugar too much.
        2. Take in essential fatty acids found in nuts, seeds, flax seed oil, fish oil and evening primrose oil. You don't have to eat oily fish or take fish oil, you can take DHA from algae or just stick with flax oil. These oils are part of your cell membranes so they can respond better to messages that chemicals like insulin send. Also avoid margarines, ordinary vegetable oils and fat cooked at high temperatures.
        3. Take in high levels of anti-oxidants in fruit and vegetables. They prevent damage to your cell membranes and thereby insulin resistance.
        4. Eat protein with every meal, this doesn't necessarily have to be meat or fish, you can eat lentils and beans, nuts and seeds for their protein content. Vegetable proteins do have an advantage that they don't contain saturated fat the way meat does. Too much saturated fat makes our cells resistant to insulin.
        5. Avoid or minimise stimulants such as coffee, tea, and alcohol.
        6. Drink plenty of water, 1.5 to 2 litres a day.
        7. Eat a natural diet not full of additives, this overloads the liver leading to toxicity.

        hope this helps!

        Read the rules -- no affiliate links allowed.

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      • Profile picture of the author enovs
        I have tried this and it worked for me : fasting
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      • Profile picture of the author Chantal-Louise
        From my past experience i think losing weight really just comes down to two things . That is lots of excersise and also just choosing the right foods. Substitute all fatty foods and salt diets for fruits and vegetables. I love mango and kiwi now, just because i starting experimenting with fruits.
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      • Profile picture of the author mikey21
        Eat lots of greens, legumes are ultimate (kidney beans and all sorts of grains), nuts, a bit of fish, a bit of red meat if you must, a bit of chicken. Lots and lots of fruits and vegetables.

        Never mix fruits with other foods to avoid bloating. Drink lots of water. If you eat vegetables with meat, always eat the vegetables first. Since meat takes longest to digest, if you eat that first the vegetables will sit and ferment on top of the meat.

        Chew your food...almost exaggerate. Really it helps break down the food it has amazing benefits you'll be amazed at how different you feel after you eat.

        Drink green tea. Find a good (liquid) multivitamin. If you have money to spend on a good liquid multi vitamin pm me and I'll send you over to the best of the best (expect an affiliate link for sure )

        Keep it as natural as possible. If you maintain a diet like this your body's ph level will be on the alkaline side as opposed to being acidic. An acidic ph level in the body is a breading ground for all sorts of diseases. If you're alkaline you'll rarely if ever get sick or diseased.

        Meditate on loving your body. Have some sort of spiritual practice.

        If you can maintain such eating habits, from my experience it will rid your body of the accumulated poisons and toxins that are trapped in there and keeping your body from functioning optimally. Poison that is inside of us from all the
        -junk food
        -garbage "meat" (hot dogs, sausage)
        -ice cream
        -fast food
        -overcooked vegetables and meat
        -microwaved food
        -cola drinks
        -pesticides used on agriculture

        All of the above has to my knowledge been tampered with, filled with additives and other sh*t that the human body was never meant to consume, mutated at a cellular level (so it's no longer real food a.k.a nutrition), and wow a whole bunch of propaganda not even worth mentioning.

        Follow a healthy lifestyle as mentioned above balanced with excercise (and just walking for 20 minutes a day could be exercise if you compare it to the nothing most people are doing) and watch your body *magically* regulate itself. Your digestive problems will disappear, your breathing will improve, you'll have more energy, you'll be more aware and lucid, your weight will regulate itself, you'll be leaner!!!

        There it is there is THE secret. This knowledge has been around for centuries and I'm sure past great civilizations were aware of this as well.
        So don't go spend $$$ on any products out there, ok Warrior marketers?

        Anyways all of the above is based on my experience in life, and what I have seen as well. None of it is intended to treat, cure, diagnose any sort of medical condition since I'm not a doctor.

        Well, I hope you found this informative Warriors.

        Peace and live healthy

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      • Profile picture of the author internetsweetie
        get the book the calorie king. track calories. find out what your resting metabolism is and eat up to that and you'll lose. good luck and remember
        d i e t s dont work.

        Internet Sweetie

        Freedom from the 9 to 5 can be so sweet.

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      • Profile picture of the author healthiersexier
        I think there is no secret in losing weight just like internet marketers said no overnight to success.

        But I guess we have to start working on it.

        One that I try losing weight is thru online at TopFatLossTrainer(dot)com
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      • Profile picture of the author janetjay
        Focusing on building muscle strength, rather than dieting has been the key for me. It helps in several ways...

        1. Muscle mass burns more calories
        2. Muscle health assists in returning hormone function balance
        3. Muscle strength makes you feel good and naturally become more active, burning more calories
        4. Muscle resistence training makes you look thinner before you start loosing the weight (and it's really about looking svelt right? not loosing weight, which is often muscle mass you're loosing, not fat)
        5. Muscle mass burns fat more efficiently
        6. Muscle resistence training releases the happy hormone and makes you feel happy - now show me a diet that makes you feel happy!
        7. Happy muscles make you crave healthy proteins and fruits and veg.. which helps you balance your diet naturally, rather than forcing yourself to eat healthy and depriving yourself of what you like.
        I just started the 7 minute workout because I'm so busy at the moment, I don't have time to do hour long workouts like I used to. I also spend too much time in front of the computer because it's my business... so this is perfect for me.

        Check out my signature if you want more details of having a fit body and fat wallet.
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      • Profile picture of the author Angellos
        An Alkaline Diet is definitely the way to go, you will not just take off weight but gain a tremendous amount of energy.
        I now live this way and it was the best decision I have made concerning my health.
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      • Profile picture of the author KamilZora
        To be honest the main thing for losing weight is Resisting the temptation. Trust me man, ive never been fat because i've been into the healthy lifestyle since i was 14.. My dream at 12 was turning 16 so i could get a gym membership. You gotta stop that fast food crap, drink green tea, exercise, and ofcourse eat healthy. Easier said than done. For sure.
        FxTM Broker Partner. Best Reputable Broker in the industry. Lowest Spreads. No Minimum Deposit. Honest. Reliable. Profitable.

        Contact me if you'd like a free 12-Module Forex Course and if you have any questions.
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      • Profile picture of the author wwidman
        I have found, from personal experience, that combining a good cardio routine with strength training will give you excellent results in achieving a healthy and fit total body approach.

        You can check out the link from my signature for more info.

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    • Profile picture of the author bigdollarsnow
      Yea eat less.

      I am using Dr Whitaker's plan for diabetics and it works. for 14 days I each the right foods, no pils nothing really special. Google him and get the plan.
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      • Profile picture of the author JakeDaly
        A great diet that's helped me to lose weight AND gain muscle can be found here:

        The Zigzag Diet | Dr. Squat - Dr. Fred Hatfield

        Free, easy to use guidelines that disspell myths and give you the cold hard facts. It also includes 5 meals a day so you don't have to worry so much about being hungry in-between.
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    • Profile picture of the author Mike Calvert
      I combine counting weight watcher points with a high protein/high fiber/low carb/low fat diet. Drinks lots of plain water. Works like a charm.

      Real Estate Auctions

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    • Profile picture of the author davally101

      i have most 5 stone since february but there is no secret for me and it was easy,

      the real secret I suppose is to really want to do it. eat when hungry. do a little excersise each day. eat low or now fat foods most of the time but have a little of the sweet stuff...Keep going until you are at the weight you want.

      I did the same last year so have now lost about 9 stone in total! blimey that is alot.

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  • Profile picture of the author russellprisco
    Sorry for all the posts... just thought of 2 more side notes (probably think of more later!)

    1 - Stay away from anything that has high fructose corn syrup in it
    2 - Stay away from anything that has hydrogenated vegetable oil in it.

    Best thing to do really is if you read the ingredients and you have trouble reading the word, or it sounds like it was made in a lab... stay away from it!

    Also, in the posts i've posted, i hope you noticed there was nothing about counting calories, fat, etc...

    Just use some common sense and do the best you can.

    If you really want to give it a jump start, check out The Master Cleanse.

    It may sound hardcore, but it cleans out most of the crap in your body and you end up losing about a pound a day. It's generally a 10 day cleanse and you basically drink a lemonade mixutre using Purified Water, Pure Maple Syrup, Fresh Squeezed Lemons, and Cayenne Pepper.

    Surprisingly, even though that's all you drink, you are never hungry. You may psychologically want to eat... but you won't be physiologically hungry (and if you are, you just drink some more).

    There's also a salt water flush you do in the morning (not a whole lot of fun but it helps remove the waste).

    Hope that helps,

    ~Russell =)
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    • Profile picture of the author eric669
      Forget the standard 'lunchtime' and 'dinnertime' and eat when you are hungry - it might surprise you what your body tells you
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      • Profile picture of the author haddy
        my secret of losing weight is carb cycling with cardio a few times a week. You'll melt in no time
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      • Profile picture of the author oleck
        One of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off is to periodically fast in combination with HIIT (high intensity interval training) and eating more protein. This has worked for me and continues to do so after many years of practicing it. Google fasting and HIIT.
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    • Profile picture of the author Sharad3670
      A really good and simple way to start losing weight is to drink a glass of room temperature water with half a lemon squeezed in it first thing in the morning. Lemons contain a fiber called Pectin which gives you a feeling of being full, tends to suppress hunger. If we don't feel hungry, we are for sure going to eat less, especially fattening foods. Try it, I have, and, it definately works.

      Losing weight doesn't have to be so difficult. There are amazing nuggets like this one which can give easy solutions to achieve the ultimate objective of losing weight. Hope this helps.
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  • Profile picture of the author tofumonkey
    i honestly think that by REALLY WANTING to lose weight.

    I mean, go write 1001 reasons on why you want to lose weight and 1001 things you hate about yourself. look through them everyday and stay true to your resolution.

    there's really no magic pill.
    eat healthily, exercise often and stay away from junk food.
    that should do the trick.

    i lost 24pounds in one month last October following this method.

    TOFUMonkey, The IM Techie...
    Need Tech Help? Help is on the way!

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  • Profile picture of the author robingbg
    I've always heard that one of the most important aspects of losing weight is to just stay active. never have a day where you don't do some activity for at least half an hour. It may be hard with IM, or work, but somehow find time for it.
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  • Profile picture of the author gus89
    Lol, I could use a weight loss magic bullet right now as well. Working from home is not good for keeping pounds off.
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  • Profile picture of the author slvrsrfr
    there's a weight loss magic pill in my sig line. and it's all free info.

    but seriously, there isn't any great secret to weight loss. expenses must be more than income.

    i find diet is the best for that, but exercising is also important. they key, like in im, is persistence and don't go too hard too quickly.

    here's a quick tip, eat at 10x your body weight in pounds as food in calories. if you weigh 200lbs then 2000 calories is the minimum you should eat but don't eat more than 13x if you want to lose weight.

    and truly, have a look at my sig. you might get some good pointers. it's all free as i said before.
    What would you do IF you could do it?
    After twelve years of therapy my psychiatrist said something that brought tears to my eyes. He said, "No hablo ingles."
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  • Profile picture of the author MR2nice
    I've tried fasting (10 days) and it worked for me. But you must have determination and strong will.
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  • Profile picture of the author Drizlek
    Personally to loose weight I have done several things. Started a food/exercise journal for one. It always helps to see if you suddenly gain a few pounds what you had been eating/drinking. I am also not eating strictly... just in moderation. I even go to McDonalds for lunch and dinner and have a McDouble with a side salad. Or I just get the burger and eat my own salad at home. Just as a tip... clean and re-use your old side salad bowl. Makes for great portion control.

    Supplement wise, I hate to say it but I am taking CLA. Seems to be helping me lose weight and tone the muscle I already have.

    My worst area is exercise. I seem to always have difficulty sticking to a plan or making my schedule work around it. I walk as often as possible though and never consider a day that I missed exercising a "failure". Just start again tomorrow.

    My personal battle with weight has been going on for 20 years. Starvation, magic pills, yo yo and fad diets. It's all garbage. About all you need is to learn moderation, keep your exercise plan as stimulating as possible because boredom is a killer and don't let momentary lapses in judgment ruin the whole plan. Just pick up the pieces and start again the next day. Or even better the next meal. Oh, and work on staying away from processed sugar, even in your coffee or tea. And white bread is just plain bad unless it's from a real bakery and not some over processed ACME factory.
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  • Profile picture of the author imcmillionaire
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    • Profile picture of the author free09
      Here's what I did to lose weight.

      I ran 2 miles a day, then I got on the Bow-Flex for 30 minutes without any rest in between sets. I followed the charts and drank a ton of water.

      This work as I have done it more than once. I lost appr 2 to 4 lbs per week doing this, and in the heat it was even more at times.

      This really does work, however not everyone will do it as it takes a lot of work and push to do this. But I will say you will get into the best shape of your life.

      This is exactly how I trained for fights, and for cross country 4 wheeler races that require you to be in top shape.

      Hope this helps, and good luck.
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  • Profile picture of the author karakoram
    I subsituted Stevia for sugar in my morning hot drink. I substituted black tea for coffee. Stevia is a natural extract sweetener from the stevia plant discovered by Nazcan indians

    cutting way back on your sugar intake will make you less hungry later on. THis is because your blood sugar levels are not on a roller coaster anymore.
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  • Profile picture of the author shubh
    Many people are facing over weight problem because of less physical exercise. Follow these simple tips:
    * Take a glass of lemon water empty stomach daily in the morning.
    * Take rope jumping for 2-5 minutes.
    * stand up straight and after holding a pillar, rotate your belly left and right without moving your feet.
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  • Profile picture of the author karakoram
    Another secret tip: when you eat something, write it down in a little notebook that you keep with you all of the time. write EVERYTHING in the notebook. Read it periodically. YOu will be agahst at some of the thngs you stuff in your mouth, and after a while, will think twice about what you eat.
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    • Profile picture of the author clubvikram
      Now this is a good one,keeping a record of whatever you eat it .I think it will work wonders when you are seriously pursuing a weight loss program and not succeeding.We always do our performance analysis at the end of the day and i helps us better prepared for the next day so similar procedure could be applied in case of our diet too.
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  • Profile picture of the author Loren Woirhaye
    I was reading a book (at a store, I didn't buy it) on the Vegan
    diet approach. The author wrote she studied with a Japanese
    philosopher who said "it's easier for people to change their life
    partners than change their food."

    You have to realize that the people around you, people you live
    with, are not going to change the way they eat or the way
    they think about food just because you want to change
    your way of doing food... so when you go on the journey to
    find the right diet for YOU, you do it on your own.

    One solution is to make new friends in the vegan, bodybuilding,
    or whatever... people who are themselves engaged in a
    process of examining and changing their own diet to achieve
    specific goals.... in a disciplined way.
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  • Profile picture of the author jjssj
    Treadmill 20 mins a day (if it helps listen to music)
    If your daily calorie intake is higher than 2500 male 2000 female (This depends on what you do, but if you sit down all day this is the recommended calorie intake)
    Decrease daily caloy intake by 100 then 200 then 300 (depends on how much you want to lose)

    Treadmill Start slow i.e. walking pace then increase, when tired and still not reached 20 mins decrease speed and when you feel ok increase speed, repeat process til 20mins complete.
    Your goal is to stay at high speed for 20mins. Once this is complete set to 1 speed and begin doing 1 mile-2mile etc.. To lose a alot of weight food is important DO NOT DIET they dont work change the way you eat and excersise. everyone needs to increase excesise and cut back on food. This is because the world is becoming more lazy and we are letting machines do the work for us.
    This is known as HIT. Type in google for more info

    I lost 2 stone in 2 months jus by treadmill everyday and decreasing calorie intake.

    I would advise not have anything sugary like coke, they hide the real calories in them.
    Stick to fish,low carbs, meat, brown rice, brown bread, increase on fruits, nuts, vegetables and MOST IMPORTANT FLUIDS. Drinking 1ltr of ice cold water everday could lose you 1stone in one year. Thats if you can drink 1 ltr everyday. Because the system needs to warm the water up before it can use it, therefore usin some joules/calories

    jus my 2cents
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  • Profile picture of the author JaneBY
    It depends on how much kilos you want to loose.... Sport, less food, more water, and
    massage =)))
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  • Profile picture of the author MaskedMarketer
    There is no secret to losing weight.

    When I was a trainer we focused on 3 things to achieve weight goals and that's Diet, Weight Training, and Cardio. And being on a "diet" doesn't mean eat less. Those diets do not last. In order to get the body fat ratio that you want, you may need to eat more to build more lean muscle mass.

    If you're not willing to do that, you'll probably never lose the weight and keep it off.

    Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle, not a fad.

    websites that may help:

    Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs is a calorie calculator

    FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal

    "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

    "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Hoey
    Just eat less and cut out the crap.

    It really works.
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  • Here is what my wife does. One day, she decided she was fat. She was a size 16. To counter this she started walking/running three miles a day 5 days a week. (It sounds bad, but it really isnt all that bad. You are only looking at 45 minutes of workout.)

    Over the course of four months and without using a single diet pill, she was down to a size 2. She really didnt eat all that less, either. We just started eating healthy. Certain veggies you can eat all you want!

    A couple years later she got pregnant. After giving birth she was back up to a size 16. Well after four more months of running - and competing in a couple of 5K's, she is back down to a size 2-4 range.

    Nothing magic I know, but it is a simple plan to follow. She got me to running to lose wieght, also. I was up to 230lbs. I didnt even have running shoes or running clothes, so I ran naked with Doc Martins on my treadmill for about five months before my wife finally bought me some shoes.

    Anyway, I got down to 180lbs in a few months. Now, I run 3-4 miles a day for two consecutive months out of the year. And it keeps me in the 180-195 range for the whole year.
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  • Profile picture of the author VoodooMethods
    Here is the secret, listen real well...

    Start eating multi grain foods, fruit, veggies and SMALL AMOUNTS of meat every day.

    Avoid crappy cheap food.

    Run for at least 30 minutes or jog. The more the better.

    Eat at least 5 times a day!! (small meals, speeds up metabolism!)

    Make sure you get plenty of fiber

    It's that easy.. I went from 354 to 220 in a year eating like they did back in the 1600s (no McD's BK ect), just excersizing a lot less!:p
    Hello Warriors :)
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  • Profile picture of the author jvwinwin
    The real secret? It's your mindset and your lifestyle that you have to change.

    For years nothing worked for me until I decided I want to be healthy and happy instead of slim and thin.

    Think healthy eating and healthy living and you are set for losing weight permanently!

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    • The secret is that there is no secret.

      I have also been having problems losing fat until I have done the following:

      - Count my daily calories. Yes, it's tedious, but you need to track your daily intake, so you can tweak it to lose fat.

      - Weigh myself everyday and MORE IMPORTANTLY, measure my waist with a tape. I am not so interested in weight, but more in body composition. In other words, what percentage of your body is fat and what percentage is lean mass.

      - Exercise regularly, doing both conditioning for fat loss and resistance exercises to keep or build muscle.

      - Take supplements such as multi-vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, to make sure that my body experiences no nutritional deficiencies due to the lowered caloric intake. The amino acids also help with keeping the muscle.

      - Eat a lot of protein. You want to lose FAT, not MUSCLE.

      Search for "Lyle McDonald" in Google. That man is the expert in body recomposition.
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  • Profile picture of the author highprofitdi
    Mimic your metabolism eat your biggest meal at breakfast when your metabolism is highest, then a smaller meal at lunch and your smallest meal at dinner and nothing after 8 pm. and excersise
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  • Profile picture of the author TeddyP
    The answer to this question really is one line:

    burn more calories than you take in.

    Of course there is a lot of useful information in this thread on how to accomplish that.

    I decided to post again because my sister showed me a free app she downloaded for her iphone...I THINK it was called Loseit - anyways it lets you enter what you consume and it keeps track of the calories you have eaten through the day. It also allows you to put in the exercise you did that day and i minuses that from your intake. It will tell you how much exercise you need to end up burning more calories than you take in.

    I am sure it isnt perfect but it seemed to work pretty well AND it is so handy because your phone is with you everywhere.
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  • Profile picture of the author derekwong28
    Update: I have lost 6 lbs over 2 months with reductil. This is more or less within expectations. I am going to take a further 2 months course and will then end there.

    Reductil has definitely cut down my appetite for breakfast and lunch.

    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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  • Profile picture of the author whseo99
    I will make it simple for you, i cant even be bothered to read the post, ive read 10000s of them all the same, car forums, marketing forums, bodybuilding forums diet advice threads they are all full of experts.

    the reality is that everyone has their own different reasons, hypo thyroid, diabetes, compulsive overeating, other eating disorders and so on, so THERE IS NO ONE ANSWER.

    I do identify with yoyo dieting and have helped many people for many years and there are many answers to what works, all of them above probably valid points, unless anyone wrote - its simple, calroies in greater than calories out = gain weight, if they did, ignore them

    best advice i can give is, take advice of one person you trust, stick to that method for minimum of 3 months before you decide it doesnt work, it may sound like nothing, but its a big part of why stuff doesnt work
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  • Profile picture of the author edz007
    Eat less, Exercise more!
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  • Profile picture of the author tandren544
    You need three things.

    1. Slightly (SLIGHTLY!!!) Calorie Restricted Diet

    2. Cardio multiple times per week.

    3. Weight training multiple times per week.

    The reason yo-yo dieting doesn't work is because while you are on your diet (a.k.a. prison camp rations) your body breaks down your lean body mass (LBM). So, the weight you lose is not just fat, it's LBM too. The key is to lose fat, not just weight.

    If you exercise (especially weight training) and eat a proper diet, you will maintain LBM while losing fat. That way, if you slip up and fall off your diet for a few days, you won't balloon up from having a slow metabolism. Your metabolism will still be revved up because you have more muscle.

    A proper diet consists of whole foods. Take it slow. Eliminate one food per week. Try to avoid foods very high in animal fats while supplementing your diet with fish oils, nuts and legumes. Eliminate sugar and white bread from your diet completely.

    Think about it this way: try to eat something in the most natural state possible. If something looks the same way now as it did when it came off the tree or out of the ground, it probably has a high nutritional value. If something looks very altered, it has a lower nutritional value.

    i.e. raw apple > cooked apple > applesauce.

    Try to consume a lot of:

    1. Fiber
    2. Vegetables
    3. Essential Fatty Acids
    4. Water!

    If you follow these you'll see significant change in your body composition, and you won't feel starved like you are on a fad diet.
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  • Profile picture of the author NijThinkIt
    I am a pharmacist and I have been helping hundreds of my patients lose weight over the last year or so without drugs, only natural methods.

    The golden rule is weight loss is dependent on the speed of your metabolism and digestion. If both of these are slow, it does not matter how many diet plans you follow or how many supplements you take, you will never lose weight.

    The aim is to speed both up in a natural safe way that lasts for a lifetime.

    As a result you will also consume less calories than you burn = weight loss

    If I told you my trick it would no longer be a secret. PM me and ill reveal all!
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  • Diet pills is my Best solution .
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  • Profile picture of the author winsoar2
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    • Profile picture of the author vossman
      I highly recommend purchasing a book called "Eat Right For Your Type" by Dr. Peter J D'Adamo. The book provides dietary and exercise guidelines based on what your blood type is. Basically what Dr. D'Adamo and his father found after many years of research was that certain foods/diets were causing disorders in people based on their blood type.

      The book puts forth good arguments like:
      - Every dietary and nutritional guide that has ever come out has never worked for everyone.
      - Our blood types were developed thousands of years ago by our ancestors in the areas they lived in based on what they ate. Food was regionally based before the time of McDonald's
      - Our bodies still have the same blood types as way back then and being part of our genetic heritage defines what food's are best for us, what foods are ok, and what foods we should outright avoid.

      The book goes into detail about the history of the work, how they determined that blood type is actually a major factor is dietary guidelines and also some example cases that were encountered. I am a total believe in the book. At the beginning of this year I made a choice to become vegetarian. Mostly because I thought it was a "healthy" choice. 6 months later I had gained 10-15 lbs, my energy levels were never full, and I felt pretty crappy overall. When I found this book, it told me that for my blood type ( Type O ) I should be eating a large amount of meat in my diet. As soon as I started eating meat again, I started feeling better.

      I am now on week 6 of my own diet creation. It is a combination of the blood type diet and the atkins diet. The Type O diet is very similar to atkins, but not nearly as strict with carb counting. I decided since I would be eating meat, and most carbs were listed as not being good for me, I would give it a shot. So far I have lost somewhere around 20 lbs in just over 5 weeks and I have been feeling great.

      I am a regular exerciser too, going to the gym 4-5 days a week, but even when I was a vegetarian this did not help my weight problem at all. Now all my pants are getting loose and I am slimming down more each week.

      An important thing to take from this is that not every diet, exercise program, nutritional guide is going to work for everyone. Wether or not you want to check out the blood type diet, you cannot escape the fact that everyone's body is different, and the same dietary guidelines just will not work for every single person. You need to constantly be changing things up, recording your results, and noting what works for you.

      Best of luck to all on their journey to health!
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  • Profile picture of the author Anthony J Namata
    Hello folks,

    I'd be happy to help you (or anyone else here) lose weight and I won't charge you a penny. But you REALLY have to be serious. I mean dead serious. I'll coach you a step at a time via PM. Simple really, when you know how. But you have to be willing to get off your back and to follow the plan. I will show you what to eat, and how to exercise to shed the pounds.


    FEEL Better. LOOK Better. LIVE Better. Improve energy, virility and sexual performance naturally, without using prescription drugs. AMAZING SECRET REVEALED on my blog, at:

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  • Profile picture of the author TeddyP
    unless anyone wrote - its simple, calroies in greater than calories out = gain weight, if they did, ignore them
    Yay I wrote that lol. I do think that is a bit harsh though - there is some very solid advice in this thread about ways that will help you accomplish burning more calories than eating.

    I recently stumbled across Calorie Counter - Free Online Diet Journal - very cool calorie counter for those interested.
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  • Profile picture of the author SteelDanno
    There are some finer points to weight loss for sure however, I think at a macro level, you can make great progress just by adhering to two simple tactics:

    1. Eat less fatty foods
    2. Exercise a little more

    That about sums it up ... and there are some good gains to be had for cheap (money and time-wise) by just sticking to those two and ignoring everything else; until your wallet and schedule are ready.

    P.S. And I agree with RusselPrisco above. Canceling the cable TV is a great idea. Takes some getting used to, but it's a great thing.
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  • Profile picture of the author Video Gal Becky
    This is not advised at all, but for me...

    Appetite suppressant.

    It's not healthy. It's hard as hell. But a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shana_Adam
    After months of deliberating and making friends with the various exercise props in my house exercise bike, dumbells, treadmill etc. I decided to start fresh. Yes the only secret is the Gym.

    I had my first kick aerobics class yesterday and could not stop laughing it was soo funny watching myself and the fellow members barely able to kick higher than 50cms.I learned a great lesson though arrogance can be the hidden snake that paralyzes you, ie my arrogance was I don't want or need to go to the gym. Then I realised well why make an easy task like getting into shape harder on myself.

    Why is the gym a secret:

    1. You get over all the inhibitions of feeling like being overweight is a crime especially when you see many bigger people working their butt off in buckets of sweat.
    2. You go their with a clear intention and focus to work out - no putting off I will do it later shenanigans.
    3. You feel motivated to push yourself further and the vareity of machines classes workouts stop you from becoming bored
    4. you start losing cravings for junk food as your body releases good chemicals
    5.It can become a great place to socialize while working out

    Other tips would be to:

    1. Drink more water - sometimes when you are hungry you may actually be thirsty
    2. Try apple cider vinegar in a glass of cold water as a refreshing drink. Its also great at burning fat I believe. I use it in my salads.
    3. Try to become friends with salads. Eat as much raw exciting salads as you want but keep the salad dressings to a minimum. Also salads keep you feeling fuller for longer.
    4. Keep a fruit bowl in your room so when you get hungry have a banana instead of reaching for a junk snack

    losing weight is like Internet Marketing . If you follow the system its a no brainer!!

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  • Profile picture of the author thezone
    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    Environment....the colder the climate the greater the required energy. Shivering is a precursor to hypothermia, the expended energy required to make the muscles shake to create warmth to protect vital organs require great amounts of energy. The only issue, is that one may compensate for the extra energy required.
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  • Profile picture of the author casestudykev
    I personally know 3 people that have lost a great deal of weight (30+ pounds each)

    they all went to a doctor that put them on a special diet that is low carb, high veggie.

    they lose 1+ pounds a day and have to get tested every week, magnesium and potassium are the difficult nutrients to maintain.

    It has been 3+ years for the first person to do it and his weight is still off.

    It costs something like $300 + $150 a week, the program is about 8 weeks.

    The only other people I've ever know to lose weight did it through surgery.
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    • Profile picture of the author thezone
      Originally Posted by casestudykev View Post

      I personally know 3 people that have lost a great deal of weight (30+ pounds each)

      they all went to a doctor that put them on a special diet that is low carb, high veggie.

      they lose 1+ pounds a day and have to get tested every week, magnesium and potassium are the difficult nutrients to maintain.

      It costs something like $300 + $150 a week, the program is about 8 weeks.
      1+ pound a day....ummm....I'm looking at my forehead...but nothing....Okay then....

      In the end it all boils down to one thing; Consume less energy then you expend (and I ain't even going to charge $150/week to "share" that knowledge). Low carb was the "you don't need to count calories" diet fad of the 90's (and I believe it first came out in the 70's). Individuals who take in more energy then they expend (low carb or not), will gain weight (more accurately...accumulate fat) regardless of the macro nutrient composition of the diet.

      Unlike low-carb; I am not a proponent of cutting out (or severely limiting) whole groups of foods. A sustainable eating regime should consist of grains (preferably whole), fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and low-fat dairy (keeping the percentage of overall fat between 20-25%..8-12% if you are on a VLC regime).
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  • Profile picture of the author Jagged
    10 years ago, I lost 125 lbs in just 3 months....

    I divorced my
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  • Profile picture of the author Dave Ward
    I have blogged about losing weight this year as a retired dieter. you can read it ... from the start ( Jan 1st 2009) If you want ! No diet, no pills, no low carb, no low fat high carb, just ate less of what I like.. hence I am a retired dieter !. I do now need to post the before and after pics though, just didn't want to scare anyone

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  • Profile picture of the author roots
    I have a friend named Laurens Maas who has a clinic in Barbados. His philosophy towards health is to basically clean one's system of toxins and fungus/yeast, bring all nutrient and vitamin levels to where they should be, and eat the correct foods according to one's body type. People who go on his program have amazing health recoveries, but one side effect in every case is that overweight people lose weight. In some cases over 100 pounds. He wrote a great book called The Hidden Cure - The 5 Laws of Perfect Health.
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  • Profile picture of the author IMcruiser
    What you wear affects how you look. If you are overweight don't wear tight clothes just because you can fit into them. If you wear a size too small for you, it looks like you are two sizes bigger than you are.

    Get some clothes that suit your size and not only will you look slimmer, you will also feel better about yourself which breeds self-confidence, which in turn people notice and compliment you on.

    I know it's not a way to lose weight, but how you carry and project yourself has a big bearing on how others see you.
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    • Profile picture of the author JLP
      Nature's Plus Spiru-Tein. Available at GNC & Amazon. Here's direct link to my favorite flavor strawberry:

      Nature's Plus Spiru-Tein® Strawberry Protein - NATURES PLUS - GNC

      Large size lasts 1 month using 1 scoop/day.

      I mix with non-fat milk, 3 ice cubes & banana. Use a blender to mix well. I have every day for breakfast. Lost 30 lbs. Really controls appetite. I actually have to work now to maintain weight and not lose more.
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  • Profile picture of the author acedalright
    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    I'll tell you an honest to goodness secret of mine and you can trust me that it works, I have used it to effect for years.

    Low density eating.

    The premise is that you can eat a lot of what ever you want, but the majority of what you eat has to be low density foods.

    I Love it, because I enjoy low density foods.

    An example of these are:

    Bell Peppers
    Green Beans
    Swiss Chard/Silverbeet

    That's a few but there are hundreds more.

    You can have plenty of anything else, but 90% has to be low density.

    You'll gorge yourself silly and not eat more than 500 calories plus you'll get more vitamins nutrients and dietary fiber than you've ever had.

    Try it

    I live to enjoy my food, of course if you don't like vegetables then it's a bit redundant, but if not.

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    • Profile picture of the author Freeman77
      I was an overweight teen (I'm early 30s now), and my family is predisposed to weight gain. I lost weight when I was 18 and never have a problem since cause I follow the principles below.

      People tell me I'm "skinny," but at 5'11" and 170 lbs, I'm (what used to be considered) "normal." Here's what I do:

      -Eat whatever I want as far as type of food (though I try to eat healthful stuff)
      -Eat a significant b-fast. NEVER skip breakfast unless for some reason I'm TRYING to gain weight. That's how sumo wrestlers gain weight, btw.
      -Eat chocolate everyday cause I love it
      -Eat a snack before lunch (and not just a few sticks of celery!)
      -Eat snacks after lunch
      -Eat a light dinner because I'm not that hungry (NOT a late dinner)
      -Have another snack in the evening
      -Go go to sleep kinda hungry, though if I get too hungry I'll have a little something
      -Wake up with a big appetite and repeat

      The majority of my colleagues are obese, unfortunately. They tease me for eating whatever I want, saying that I have a fast metabolism (because how could I possibly be thin and not obsess over fat and calories like they do, right?).

      If I wanted to get fat, I'd do what they do:
      -Eat no breakfast, or just have some kind of breakfast bar or piece of fruit
      -Wait a long time until lunch, and then eat a lot at lunch (or just eat a light lunch and start binging when I get home)
      -Wait until dinner and eat a lot
      -Keep eating all night, including a hefty dessert
      -Periodically binge at times to compensate for under-eating at other times

      In other words, there are two keys for me:

      1) Keep myself from getting too hungry (because I know I will binge if I don't). I believe that our capacity for will power is vastly over-rated, especially when it comes to eating. If you have a significant caloric deficit, you will find yourself binging (it's almost like your mind just lets your body take over).

      2) Go to sleep moderately hungry, which isn't a big deal (you shouldn't be so hungry that you're fantasizing about food)

      * Just polished off a bag of these chocolate-covered almonds from 7-11. I love these things.

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  • Profile picture of the author aceshigh
    Try thinking thin.

    Order a small always
    always eat half the meal and save the other half to eat "later" or the next day.
    keep dumbells all around the house, so where ever you are you can just pick them up and do a few sets.
    Always get diet pop. I use to drink regular all the time, wow never realized how fattening it is.
    Find a sport you like. And if you can get into jogging you'll get into shape really fast.

    And don't worry so much about it, tell yourself how good you look all the time! Rather than tell yourself how bad you look. Learn to like and accept yourself. It's okay to be fat. It's perfectly normal as their's all types, fat happens to be one of them. Just don't be "obese" like if you're pushing 300 pounds I don't care who you are you got a freakin problem! Under 200 is usually very safe.
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  • Profile picture of the author AnneE
    One of my husband's favorite jokes:

    Want to lose 150 lbs of ugly fat fast?

    Get a divorce!

    Of course, then he likes to look at me and say, or maybe 160 lbs of ugly fat.

    Seriously, in terms of losing weight the only thing that really works for me is getting more exercise. The funny thing though is my mother always says she NEVER lost weight by exercising, only by dieting. So... you have to find out what works for you.
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    • Profile picture of the author tiberius
      Know what you eat and learn to eat healthy food.
      A lot of what people call it "food" is just "garbage", sometimes not even cheap.
      Chew your food very well. It is important to eat slowly, the slower the better. "Chew your water and drink your food" it is said.
      Use small plates and get them full.
      Have at least 5 meals a day but don't eat after 7pm.
      Drink a glass of water before you eat, this will help eat less.
      Exercise daily but be cautious if exercising is not in your habit.
      Start slow and add a little more every day until you get to the point you sweat when exercising. Any kind of exercise is good but some guidance would be advisable to
      tailor a custom exercise program.
      The hardest part is to be consistent. Keeping a daily record is helpful.
      Good luck.
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    • Profile picture of the author acedalright
      Originally Posted by AnneE View Post

      One of my husband's favorite jokes:

      Want to lose 150 lbs of ugly fat fast?

      Get a divorce!

      Worked for me

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  • Profile picture of the author Gregg Cleland
    Eat only fruit during the day and have a light dinner. Minimize sugar, minimize or eliminate meat. You'll save yourself from cancer too. A fantastic book on the subject: Cancerproof Your Body by Ross Horne. It completely changed my view on nutrition.

    You'll never feel more pure than from eating mostly fruit and you'll certainly lose those extra pounds. Will you feel hungry? No, that's just everyone's perception.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    • Profile picture of the author ConcordeWarrior
      I am the other way around. I lose weight without asking for it.

      I am much too thin. I need to gain weight.

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  • Profile picture of the author hottrends22
    Hello, I don't have a secret formula to lose weight but I did write an interesting article for you to read. I have many articles and lenses on the topic.
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    • Profile picture of the author wordscientist
      Lots of helpful advice already in this thread, but to add my own 2 cents, I'd say that the first step to lasting weight loss begins with retraining the way you think about food and your body image. When you're tempted by a craving for food that isn't related to true hunger, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and tell yourself something along the lines of this:

      "Hunger isn't driving me to want this food; old, faulty habits are. I am better than this. In this moment, I realize that this food only has control over me if I allow it to. I have the power to walk away from this craving and be happy with my decision."

      Keep saying positive things like this every time a craving strikes. The urges for junk food do subside. Another important thing, IMO, is to live in the moment. Meaning, don't let your past failures and future fears rule what goes in your mouth at the present moment. If you do, then you'll feel hopeless and more likely to give in to the craving.
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  • Profile picture of the author seojr
    Menatally first you need to take into account the benefits of loosing weight

    You will feel much younger
    Your not gonna cause any more stress on your health

    I would advise to look into a proper workout dvd like the P90X
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  • Profile picture of the author netalab
    aside from a healthy diet & exercise I found this very helpful fruit that really helped me a lot too loose weight. Have you heard of **** berry?
    Netalab, Inc., bringing quality health products direct to you!
    <Contact Us><About Us><Articles><FAQ>
    Add me on |Twitter|MySpace|Facebook|
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    • Profile picture of the author barbling
      Originally Posted by netalab View Post

      aside from a healthy diet & exercise I found this very helpful fruit that really helped me a lot too loose weight. Have you heard of **** berry?
      Tell me how a berry helps you lose weight. I'd love to know.
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  • Profile picture of the author jpjameson
    There are no secrets under the sun for loosing weight. At the end of the day it always comes down to...

    Burn more calories than you consume. If you want some help with tracking try a budybugg.

    Jesse P. Jameson
    CEO - Black Box Digital Products

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  • Profile picture of the author mul781
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    • Profile picture of the author wordofmouthmagic
      Well Topgunb started this, but hasn't replied. Isn't weight loss an amazing topic?

      Here's my 2 cents...

      Disclaimer: I am a medical doctor (, so decide for yourself.

      The Science:

      - exercise produces minimal weight loss (ie < 5 pounds) no matter how much or how many months you do it for. This is totally counterintuitive until you realize that we are dealing with human beings, not fossil-fueled machines or physics experiments.

      - the ONLY research proven method for significant weight loss long-term ie 5 years+ is some sort of stomach surgery. Gastric bypass, lap banding etc etc. Lots of issues, and doesn't work for everyone but those are the results. NOTHING ELSE has the long-term evidence. (If you disagree just post a comment with a link to the research that shows me wrong. I'm happy to be updated.)

      My Opinion:

      Since surgery is too radical for most (and too extreme as a population wide solution) I'll give you my recommendation, which is only a 'secret' because no one has figured out a good way to make mega-bucks from it ie justify marketing it harder than all the pills, shakes, operations, patches, diets, regimens, bootcamps etc etc.

      This is my review for a guy who has the best marketing for the approach I recommend...

      And - thanks to Mark McClure for pointing me to this thread.
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  • Profile picture of the author Christopher Grant
    People gain weight when they eat less vegetables, because the fiber that we get from fruits and vegetables are very helpful in loosing weight. Suggested site to know what causes gain weight.
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  • Profile picture of the author aussieroo1
    I try to do yoga twice a week and then eat small meals a day, instead of three big ones. This way, I don't feel hungry and end up binge eating. Seems to work for me.
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  • Profile picture of the author therapyguy
    Yes I think that I can help you and the millions of yo-yo dieters.Have a look at the attached article that I wrote "Can't lose weight long term? It may not be your fault!"

    Let me know if it helps

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  • Profile picture of the author Glenn72
    Don't get married.

    Seriously, I've been trying to give up gluten, sugar and all the nasty stuff, eat less etc.. But my wife's always there with food, the food I don't want to be eating!
    Free From Society - Escaping The Perils of Mainstream Society.
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  • Profile picture of the author firefly11
    YES: here it is, it's free, and it works (for a lot of people anyway):
    1. Accept yourself as you are now. You are doing the best you can.
    2. Understand that you can change.
    3. Use this: Using EFT for weight loss (it's free, there's no opt-in, I'm not an affiliate). Just pure content. I've been using it for years, and the results have been fantastic.
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  • Profile picture of the author documaker
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    • Profile picture of the author Joey J
      You should check out my blog.

      I lost 100 pounds in just 3 days with 2 free products... KIDDING!!!

      It's been said before:
      Originally Posted by documaker View Post

      "Eat less. Move More."
      Drink lots of water to curb your appetite

      Wait till your tummy growls before you eat

      When you do eat, make it count (only put good things in your body)

      Get off your butt and make it intense. I've been doing p90X for about a week and it's insane!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author maesil
    I must laugh at most of the comments that will end up on this page. I know the best secret to the health and fitness industry and I will be honest with you, I will tell all of my secrets to any one person that can successfully process the asking amount. My personal value for my information is at the very least, as of August 2009, USD $3 million. If you're interested contact me at drinkmaesil@gmail com
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  • Profile picture of the author EIH888
    check out the book

    Short-workouts for dummies

    If you can go to the gym 3 or 4 times/ week, the push-muscle/ pull-muscle circuit routine is quite effective.

    If you can go 5 days a week (hey, you said you'd try anything..) work out one major muscle group once per week. I do a rep range of 12-15 and as many sets and exercises I can.

    day 1 chest
    day 2 back
    day 3 abs/legs
    day 4 shoulders
    day 5 arms

    First, the weight routine, then finish with cardio, 25 mins (or more if you have time etc.)

    Oh, and for motivation it's good to have a lifting partner or trainer and I think of weight lifting as a type of qigong or "moving meditation". It's like Arnold talks about in Pump, you have to get your mind "in the muscle". Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author casestudykev
    1> achieve ketosis liposydosis (sp) by eating only meat.
    This will eliminate hunger, it should take 1 to 3 days

    2> then add green veggies, use "no salt"(for the potassium) and magnesium(cocoa is a good source)

    I personally know 4 people that have done this and they all lost significant 30+ lbs of weight and have kept it off for several years. This program was doctor supervised and the weight loss was about a pound a day.

    remember one of the qualities of a path to change:
    you cannot eliminate something, but you can replace it with something else.
    Don't try to stop eating potato chips, make carrots and celery more available and potato chips harder to get.

    IMO the greatest power you have for change is the power to change your environment.
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  • Profile picture of the author thirdeyeoptics
    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    Come on dude, this is quite obvious! Forget what you eat just excercise more and burn those calories, sell the car for a bike, and make a promise that everytime you write 500 words or post a new post you drop and do 20 push ups!!

    If this dont work then self ban yourself from macdonalds, the museum of bionic burgers!
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  • Profile picture of the author russblanc
    the weight loss niche is pretty big in America as one can understand

    Affordable Bluehost Web Hosting | Affordable Hostgator Web Hosting

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  • Profile picture of the author Dankova
    It's not a secret but works !!!
    Healthy diet + exercise !
    It's hard in the begining ,but trying to loose weight only with a diet without exercise is harder .Try to combine both things ...and also Having dinner before 6 pm would help.
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    • Profile picture of the author studio52
      There are many ways to lose weight, The obvious is eat better and work out more.....No secret there...But for all us lazy fat folks, diet is the main option, I use the dolly parton soup diet on occasion and also the heart patient diet. Both work well, of course the problem is keeping the weight off....

      I just love all the chatter in this thread...provocative and sometimes informative.

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  • Profile picture of the author alexff
    First of all what is your everyday activities, everything changes when your activity changes. First consult a doctor then follow as he say.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jack Chua
    It is not totally a secret for me. Most people do loose weight through running. That is the only way I maintain my weight and it really has a lot more benefits than just loosing weight like improving blood circulation.
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    • Profile picture of the author NickR06
      Upgrade the quality of food that you eat. Ditch the fast food except as an occasional treat. Try fasting for 24hrs once a week. It will automatically cut down your weekly calorie intake. Also it will help you in self control. Many religous groups fast weekly.
      Another tip is to keep a food journal. This makes you aware of the times that you eat out of habit and false hunger.
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      • Profile picture of the author MissTerraK
        I follow just 2 rules:
        #1 if you're not hungry, don't eat
        #2there is no greater cardio work out than dancing! I throw my ipod in the stereo and just do interpretavive dance! I dance til either I can't breathe or I can't move anymore! It's fun, creative, never the same and no boring routine to follow and get bored with!
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  • Profile picture of the author SamKane
    I found the easiest diet for me has been Brad Pillons Eat Stop Eat.
    You eat what you want to eat and one 1-2 days a week you fast
    according to the steps in his course...

    I went from 230lbs to 190lb and I haven't fasted for the recommended
    2 days consistently, plus you eat anything you want.

    No more calorie or carb counting for me.
    No more hours at the gym.

    The recommended excercise is strength training
    and this is done in 15 minutes a day using Pavel's
    book "Power to the People"...

    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

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  • Profile picture of the author MissTerraK
    OMGosh. I almost forgot the most fun of all regarding the cardio workout to help with losing weight!
    It is having sex with your spouse! Scientific studies have proven that one session of it burns as many calories as running up 2 flights of stairs! And as we all know, we all take the elevator these days!
    To your success,
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  • Profile picture of the author davkey
    I've lost about 50lbs in the last 5 months. The way I done it was the $1.00 banquet tv dinners. How is that you ask? Well my doctor told me not to put so much in my mouth so I took that to heart. I use the 500 calorie rule. Most of the dinners are under 500 calories so it works out great. Also allot of the canned stuff like ravioli and such are under my 500 calorie limit. My doctor told me to not to worry so much about what I'm putting in my mouth just how much. Calories count and my 50lbs tells me that is the truth. As for exercise, I don't do it. I probably should for my heart health, but hey I'm lazy> Sorry.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tron2k
    simple eat more,and if that's not good enough,my mom swears by this stuff,to drink away the fat,have not tryed it myself but she says it works wonders, - Diet Tea Store
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  • Profile picture of the author katiec
    Nothing ever worked for me until I started exercising. Burn more calories than you take in during the day. I've used this formula and dropped about 30 lbs so far!

    Please read the sig file rules

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  • Profile picture of the author zachary0611
    I lost 20 pounds from switching from regular soda to diet soda.
    Professional Web Designers
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  • Profile picture of the author Drew_MX
    Cut out sugar and junk food and focus on cardio training
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  • Profile picture of the author jesmechua
    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    For me I drink organik drink throughout the day and keep myself busy tweeting, so busy that I will not keep thinking of food. yeah it works for me and hope you try it....

    Attend Live Twitter Workshop

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  • Profile picture of the author abdoue
    hi conserning weight loss I have magic method to losse weight.

    I am sure that will work better than any others way so my way is.
    first to stop eating and drinking any things from 6am to 6pm for only one month after 6pm you can eat simple diet even you can't eat lot after long hungry that the secret so you are lossing weight by your will

    the only things you have to resist in the day if you want realy to losse weight

    thanks wish you the best,
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    • Profile picture of the author James Clark
      Losing weight is a very difficult thing to do. Started in this business years ago found me sitting in front of this computer all day. As a result, gain about 30 pounds. I experience some discomfort from sitting too much. You just have to train yourself to break away. Trust me this stuff is not going any place. So, I will give you my schedule.

      1.I get up at 6:00 AM
      2.Have one cup of coffee
      3.Work until noon
      4.Take a five mile walk every day if possible(don't walk in the rain)
      5.Drink mineral water all day
      6.Eat a salad every day
      7.Take a nice nap after my walk
      8.Change positions after my walk to a comfort chair with my laptop
      9.From 4PM to about 7PM work on my laptop
      10.Have dinner at 7:30 and the rest of day is for me.
      11.I have lost the 30 pounds

      I hope this helps a little. Just try to keep things as simple as possible.

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      • Profile picture of the author kv2715
        Thats a nice routine. keep it up.
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  • Profile picture of the author kv2715
    Lots of water with a dash of only lemon. a bit a excercising to keep the skin tight would do wonders. cheers!
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  • Profile picture of the author George Katsoudas
    Well, I haven't read all the answers here - but here are some tips:

    - Don't take advice from overweight neighbors. Emulate success. Which people have the best bodies? Probably natural bodybuilders. Do what they do (but not to those extremes necessarily).

    - Don't think about losing weight - think about losing fat and gaining muscle

    - Drink a lot of water a day. Drink a glass every few hours

    - Eat 5-6 balanced meals a day.

    - Emphasize protein: Chicken, milk, eggs, fish, nuts.

    - Do resistance training. Emphasize basic, compound movements that work many muscle groups at a time. For example, not triceps kickbacks but push ups. No concentration curls but chin ups.

    Hope this helps :-)

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    • Profile picture of the author keyaziz
      Write a plan and take things slowly. If we try to change too many things at once we start to panic, think we are depriving ourselves and then we just go off our "diet" plans.

      Writing a plan will not only make you take your goals more seriously but it is important. You have particular habits that are pretty automatic right now. All your life you have probably been eating a certain way. The only way to stop that is with mental effort at first.

      I think its important to go slowly and change one thing at a time because as I said above you will panic. I had a massive binge the night before I was suppose to be starting a new healthy lifestyle...because I panicked.

      I would observe your eating habits for a few days - write down what you eat, how you feel and whether emotion triggers you to eat. You can then use something like to see how many calories you are getting at the moment and how much over. Include drinks in your observations as well. This will give you an overall look at why and what you are eating. You might be surprised.

      One of the easiest things you can do to cut calories is to only drink water.

      Another tip that has helped many is to eat 4-5 pieces of fruit before meals. This will satiate you much better and you will be less inclined to eat afterwards. It is having dessert at the beginning of your meal.

      Overcome emotional eating. Most people do not know the difference between true hunger and emotional hunger. True hunger is felt in the throat and is patient. Emotional hunger makes you crave a specific food and is all about the tummy. If you can overcome emotional eating you should find that losing weight comes easy.

      Exercise is also important too - just pick something you enjoy and do it everyday.

      Also try to not eat after 6pm. When you eat late you really effect your sleep. If you are tired and groggy you are more likely to eat for emotional reasons.

      Getting support either in real life or online can be great too. Making yourself accountable will keep you focused.

      Take a before picture and keep a journal. If you have pictures to see your progress it will motivate you to keep going. A journal can be a great way to offload your emotions instead of numbing them with food.
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  • Profile picture of the author Liz-K
    I was able to lose weight by eating less carb food (such as pasta, bread, potato), going for at least 30 minutes walk daily and not eating anything after 7pm.
    Best Value Web Hosting
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  • Profile picture of the author anasone
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  • Profile picture of the author Rick B
    I have always just counted calories. Most every expert I've ever heard who has nothing to sell says the same thing ... if you burn more calories than you consume you lose weight. A male of normal activity burns 17 calories per pound per day. So if you weigh say 200 pounds, you probably burn somewhere near 3400 calories per day. Ladies of typical activity burn approximately 15 calories per pound (due to the average lady having less muscle mass than the average guy / muscle burns slightly more calories).

    If you only consume 2000 calories per day you burned 1400 calories of fat that day. There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat so you burned a bit over 1/3 of a pound.

    That always worked fine for me. I must have lost at least 300 pounds that way over the years, 30 pounds at a time. Obviously, where I didn't do so well was keeping the weight off! As soon as I stopped counting the calories, the pounds came right back on. My record was one time when I kept it off for seven years. I think that was possible because I went swimming almost every day in spring, fall, and summer and played tennis in winter.

    Good luck to you dieters! I'm too damned old to care anymore! And I do love those pork chops!
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  • Profile picture of the author Rich Lowe
    Hi Topgunb

    Be disciplined with what you buy when you go into the supermarket. Don't look at all the nice food which you would have no problem in eating right there and then. Go shopping when you have had a good breakfast and you are full. The sight of all the food in the supermarket should put you off.

    Depending on how bad you want to lose the weight and look good is really down to you. How bad do you want it?

    Eat plenty of lean chicken, vegetables and fruit in the week and cut down on the bread, butter and cheese. You know all the nice stuff. Have a cheat day in the week.

    Take some form of exercise that causes you to work up a sweat. Maybe you could consider trying a martial art? Brazilian Jiu - jitsu is awesome for weight loss and is probably one of the best full body workouts you can get

    Try a protein shake with CLA in. The CLA optimizes fat metabolism.

    Read about the "Gracie diet".

    Hope that helps

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  • Profile picture of the author mspiva1
    I do the Hour of Power in the mornings (Tony Robbins) where you walk while you have a time of gratitude/prayer for what you already have/are, what you want to become and then affirmation of what you want to become.

    Hypnosis for weight release (self hypnosis, meditation and brain entrainment), with visualization.

    I also have started eating about 75% raw (uncooked fruits, veggies, nuts and sprouted grains).

    That's my regimen--hope this helps!

    Michelle--Your Online life Coach
    YouTube Channel:

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  • Profile picture of the author shawn_sg
    just go running for 400m in 2 minutes, the 1st week
    and then go for 800 m in 4 minutes, the 2nd week

    well... i think by the end of the first month, you'll be surprise when you work your way till you can do 800m in 3 minutes

    your gut would have flattened amazingly.

    and one more thing, i'm not asking you suffer a deprived diet, but just cut back on the sauces and the soft drinks, of course. go ahead with the meat though. but just keep running!
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  • Profile picture of the author bozz723
    You guys need to stop taking pills. I have also been a good weight but my cousin lost 100lbs.

    Here is how he did it:

    He was 360lbs and started to replace some of his meals with weight watchers believe it or not. HE lost like 40lbs ina few months doing this.

    Then he started working out 4 times a week doing 45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of weight training.

    Now he is around 250lbs at 6'4 and hardly looks fat.

    Also, P90x is a workout program I would recommend for anyone. YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT AND GAIN MUSCLE WITH IT. IT WORKS.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nicholas Ho
    NO secret, have healthy diet and exercise. Thats it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Raymond White
    I think there is no secret way to reduce weight. The only way is to keep yourself away from junk food and maintaining a diet pattern that allows you to take systematic food which is required by you rather than consuming in excess and a workout regime. Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author cherylcoldiron
    First, let me say that I have been struggling with being overweight for 30 years and have tried every pill and potion imaginable.
    I have yoyoed back and forth and finally gave up.
    Someone suggested that I eat 5-6 small meals a day and it works!!!!
    Much to my shock....eating tiny meals often jump started my metabolism and I am slowly but surly losing 1-2 pounds a week and I am not suffering...never did suffer well...HA!
    I eat off saucers and I eat 5 times a day and I feel great!
    Hope this helps!

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  • Profile picture of the author Dianes.Bistro
    Honestly, I believe its all portions ! I think back to when I was a little Girl and gathering at my GrandMothers house every Sunday. Being that she was Italian she had a feast for all to be had, I am talking about soup to nuts galore and NO ONE was overweight. We ate whatever we wanted but in normal portion size... NOTHING was SUPERSIZED like we have today.

    So my advise is to try that theory and see what happens.

    All the Best to you

    "Seize the opportunity as if it were your last"

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    • Profile picture of the author butters
      Here is the diet which worked for me and took me from 220 to 194 so far... Eat what ever the hell you like but go to the gym 5 days a week. When I was in the gym I worked hard, it was an hour of my day which I said to my self work your fricking butt off. So here is basically my gym plan.

      30 minuets cardio
      30 minuets lifting weights, varies from chest, back, legs, abs, biceps and triceps.

      A good work out, well a good weight work out shouldn't take longer then 45 minuets. In the middle of that week, I just did 30 minuets cardio to give my body a rest from weights. Resting is important.

      I should probably add I am 19 .
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  • Profile picture of the author Arinal
    There are no secrets: eat less and work out more often. When you are at a restaurant, split your meal in half - eat one half and take home the other.
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  • Profile picture of the author AwesomePossum
    Ok, here's another view on the subject and this really helped me curve my eating habits and in getting healthy.(I have never been overweight due to genetics and a decently active lifestyle)

    When I decided to cut out all unhealthy things in my life it was tough but I was determined. But for the longest time I COULDN'T BREAK THROUGH AND I COULDN'T FIGURE WHY.

    Then it finally clicked!

    Throughout this endeavor I WAS DETERMINED TO CUT OUT THE SUGARS AND ALL THAT TERRIBLE PROCESSED FOOD AND FAST FOOD. When doing this, it became my entire focus. "Don't do take that soda," I'd tell myself, "Don't do it!". 20 minutes later, guess what was in my hand.

    Our problem is that we've developed an unhealthy habit and the negative side effects are what drives us to change. Therefore, we naturally focus cut out the problem. THE PROBLEM IS THAT YOU CAN'T CHANGE IF YOU HAVE THE SAME FOCUS.

    Here's my advice. Workout and eat with aims to get healthy and be persistent. Change doesn't happen overnight but if you have the determination you WILL succeed. Get all of the bad foods out of your house and REPLACE them with good foods. In other words, instead of taking bad foods out of your house focus on bringing in good foods. When you workout, focus on looking and feeling better. Imagine all the benefits that come from this.

    If there's enough interest about this I'll make an ebook and sell it once I get my credibility up and running. I can also make completely customized plans for a very cheap price if anyone's interested. We can get to know each other over PM or Skype and we can identify your obstacles and learn how to eliminate them as well as replace them.

    Curious to what others think
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  • Profile picture of the author betesh
    I read this article on how to lose weight fast and effective, try to visit this page hope this would help you.,
    Jason's Furniture is the best place to shop for furniture
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  • Profile picture of the author Psy

    i) Eat a diet where about 50% (40-60%) comes from raw fruit and vegetables.

    ii) Cut the refined sugars down to virtually zero.

    iii) Find your target calorie intake for your current body weight, eat 80% of that each day.


    Exercise at least 30-45 minutes, 4 times a week.


    This for me is the crucial one.

    Just like in your internet efforts, consistency wins. Keep this up for at least 10 months of the year, each and every year. It's not hard once you're in the habit.
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  • Profile picture of the author NavySeals91
    Don't take fat burners. They are stimulants in a pill --pretty much legal amphetamines. A little unknown fact about stimulants is that yes they do work in the beginning and slightly speed up your metabolism by stimulating your adrenals, but after prolonged(1 week-2weeks) use they wind up depleting your adrenals causing adrenal fatigue or adrenal disease. Adrenal disease is when your body can't produce enough adrenaline(adrenal burn out) to support daily life which results in increased stress, skyrocketed fat storage, and decreased metabolism. Not too mention it can help onset insulin resistance.

    Stay away from fat burners unless you want to gain more fat and shorten your life span and life quality.

    CLA is good. You can get CLA from Grassfed beef. Cornfed/grainfed beef, IE most beef being sold has dramatically less CLA and Omega 3s.

    One tip though, is get your fish oil with a good DHA and EPA ratio. Will help mood functioning, and possibly may aid in weightloss. By may, I mean maybe help burn an extra pound of fat per month. Not much, but on top of a solid foundation of eating right and exercising, its a little added bonus for just taking the pill. Like water, you can flush out 5-8lbs of fat a year just by drinking 2L of water a day. On it's own, its not really the best method to lose weight, but combined its like a do nothing bonus.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sandy Cormack
    There are a million things you can do to lose weight. But I find there are four things that make the most difference for me:

    1. Cut or eliminate flour and sugar. This is not a low-carb approach necessarily but it definitely targets the main causes of insulin resistance and ultimately diabetes.

    2. Treat your weight issue as a health issue. You aren't unhealthy because you are overweight - you are overweight because you are unhealthy. Look to adrenals, thyroid, liver, ovaries for issues and correct through more healthy eating.

    3. When you choose a diet, make it conform to your personality, not vice versa. If you are not a detail freak, you will never be the kind of person to write down everything you eat, plan your daily food intake weeks in advance, etc. In general, if your personality type is focused on closure, you will gravitate towards more details and planning. If your personality type is focused on openness, you will crave spontaneity. In that case, you won't plan your diet but you will need to make sure your environment is filled with the right kinds of food so you won't find yourself in a pinch.

    4. A nugget from creative style theory - coping behavior needs to be rewarded! Find a way to reward yourself for sticking to a diet without affecting the diet itself. Sugar free chocolate does the trick for me .
    Sandy Cormack

    Creativity Training, Strategic Planning, Personal Development, Organizational Development, and Lead Guitar
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  • Profile picture of the author dari_tasheva
    That is very interesting topic for me. Having in mind that my mom lost 66 pounds for 10 months. After 2 years she is still in the perfect fit and she eats a lot,feel light and happy.My family definitely has found the secret.
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  • Profile picture of the author UnstoppableJoy
    I was lucky enough to lose 100 pounds in a 2 year period several years ago. And yes I have kept it off.

    As far as a secret the best I can give you is to switch 80% of your beverage consumption to plain water. I still consume a gallon of water a day or more and it all started when I lost my weight.

    I started forcing myself back then towards a goal of a gallon a day. A huge amount of appetite comes from dehydration. Americans are notoriously dehydrated as sweet drinks cause dehydration.

    I walked 2.5 miles on relatively flat terrain twice a day in 25 minutes per walk.

    Those were my biggest lifestyle changes - when I started drinking all that water I started eating a lot less without effort.

    It can be done. I lost my 100 pounds at age 49 - so don't let anyone tell you "you are too old to lose it".

    Ed Osworth - The Joy Professor - Author of "Unstoppable Joy - A Happier You in 12 Simple Steps"
    $15.95 at Amazon or get Your Free Copy at

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  • Profile picture of the author LK
    Drink a BIG glass of water 15 minutes before every meal.

    Eat only half a serving where you would normally eat a whole.

    Same goes for drinking (alcoholic beverages & soda).

    If you feel hungry in between meals drink water and/or a big cup of green tea.
    LK's Adsense Experience - no shenanigans, just a simple blog~
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  • Profile picture of the author HowardG
    Why does anyone want to loose weight? To feel better? Feel more accepted, more in control and enjoy life better? Look beyond weight to the other side. See it just as a hurdle to be jumped over. Keep in you mind on the lifestyle that you want, not what you don't want. Diets won't work unless you get slim on your head first.
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  • Profile picture of the author joedwi1
    If you're looking for creative (and delicious!) ways to enhance your weight loss efforts, here's a fresh collection of six slimming foods you should add to your repertoire. I'm a firm believer that dieting and losing weight doesn't mean you have to subsist on bland, boring cardboard. With that in mind, I've put together a list of strategic skinny eats, each of which has its own unique way of satisfying your taste buds while blunting your appetite. I encourage you to peruse my list and use these tasty bites to your advantage!
    1. Pumpkin Pudding: Decadent, creamy pudding for less than 150 calories--and it helps you lose weight! Just combine a 6-ounce container of nonfat vanilla yogurt with ½ cup canned 100% pure pumpkin puree and a dash of cinnamon. The pumpkin bulks up the yogurt--already a protein-rich, nutrient-packed food--and adds a hefty dose of fiber. This winning combo of protein and fiber expands in your stomach, keeping you full long after you finish, so you're not looking for more munchies an hour later.
    2. Vegetable Soup: Studies have shown that just by starting a meal with a fiber-rich bowl of broth-based veggie soup, you can reduce your total calorie intake by 20 percent. That's because this "veggie first course" helps to fill you up, so you wind up eating less at the main meal.
    3. Cucumber Tomato Salad: Thanks to their high percentage of water (95%!), cucumbers are low-calorie, high volume, and top-notch for weight loss! Slice up one whole cucumber plus a medium tomato, then toss with light vinaigrette or unlimited vinegar (balsamic or red wine is delish) plus 1 teaspoon olive oil. The entire salad has only 125 calories!
    4. Ginger Green Tea: Nursing a warm mug of tea is a calorie-free way to de-stress after a long day without falling prey to emotional eating. As an added bonus, research suggests that regularly drinking green tea may give you a slight calorie-burning advantage. Steep your tea with a thin slice of ginger root for an extra punch of flavor.
    5. Fiery Chicken Salad: Adding a few dashes of fiery hot sauce to your food slows down your eating big time so you're less likely to eat past the point of fullness. For a simple lunch, whip up a chicken salad with diced chicken breast, 1 tablespoon reduced-fat mayo, hot sauce to taste, and any diced veggies on hand. Serve over a bed of lettuce (and have a glass of water handy!).
    6. Shrimp Cocktail: At around 8 calories a piece, shrimp are a fabulous source of lean protein, which helps rev your metabolism and keeps you feeling full for hours. Next time you dine out, start your meal with a shrimp cocktail appetizer. When you're eating at home, dunk your shrimp in this could-not-be-easier cocktail sauce recipe: simply combine 1 tablespoon ketchup with 1 teaspoon bottled horseradish.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mili_D
    Don't take any pills and make sure you eat throw out the day as normal. Went vegan, gave up meat and went all green within a month I dropped from a size 10 to a size 8. See if that help you.
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  • Profile picture of the author Marketstriker
    Wow! So many methods... Hope mine wasn't mentioned.
    A friend of mine is a amateur boxer and he uses really effective method to loose weight - dehydration. You know that 80% of our body consists of water, so when you lose it your weight decreases. He does it when he wants to box in an light weight catagory.
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  • Profile picture of the author global1967
    The secret is this: diet and exercise. just do this and i promise by easter you will have lost a lot of weight:

    Morning:Green Tea without sugar or milk. Thirty minutes later do this 1)Four sets of jump squats. 2)Four sets of sit ups. 3) Four sets of press ups. 4) Four sets of pull ups from a door in your home. Thats it for the workout. should take you half an hour. do it every other day for the rest of your life(no excuses!)

    As for food: eat anything you want but it must be 70 percent protein and 30 percent carbs. The carbs must be mostly vegetables, brown bread , pasta, and fruits. make sure you eat four times a day and they should be smakk to meduim sized portions.

    Drink at least ten pint sized glasses of water every day. That's it. this is the secret way to lose weight.

    "How I Built an Email List of 30,116 People & Sold $338,000 Worth of Products..."

    And How to Build Your Own Email List Starting Today - With Zero Tech Skills

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  • Profile picture of the author schwennbloosky
    Hey there!

    I wish there was a quick secret tip! But as far as I know there's not... and i've looked!

    In my experience the best way to lose weight is consistently eating healthy and doesn't take much either. Just mix healthy food in with your normal diet and then 2-3 times a week workout,as little as 20 minutes of cardio will change everything! Its definitely a pain in the butt but at least your doing it the healthy way?!
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  • Profile picture of the author cwrinco
    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    Notice how everyone replies based upon their own personal beliefs and life experiences.... Lots of answers based upon pills, supplements, exercise, books, programs, lifestyles, gurus, etc.

    Is any one of them the perfect answer? It must be for them... but is it for you?

    I think it really depends on you, your metabolism, your lifestyle, and your character. Just because something worked for the vegan writer doesn't mean it will work for you unless you have the belief in the science and are willing and able to make the shift and are committed to follow through.

    I, like you, was struggling with this problem and not finding a solution that fit me and my lifestyle and belief system. I finally figured it out... I have something that I put together myself, based on my experiences and what fits into my lifestyle.... it seems to be working well.

    I'm writing an ebook on that subject and when it's done I'll be happy to provide a free copy for you. Maybe my experience will help you.

    PM me with your contact info and I'll send it to you when it's completed.

    Best of luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author lokodomain
    Instead of trying to lose weight concentrate on adding something to your life instead. I hate to lose anything. Loss is a negative word and most people in this forum seem very positive. Concentrate on adding things to your life that will shift your focus off your weight loss. Why not try something like: for every bad thing that you eat, eat two things that are good for you as well. That way you can eat as much bad stuff as you want because if your eating twice as much good food straight after, you will actually be eating the same amount that you always eat but 2/3's healthier. Less Is More & More health is Less Unhealth!
    stay blessded
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  • Profile picture of the author bluewillow
    I'll throw mine into the mix. I lost 10lbs (I have about 120 to go) since Jan 4th using the methods of Dr. Joel Fuhrman in his book, "Eat to Live." Lots green veggies, very few simple carbs, and no meat(for me, little meat and more tofu). I also use Sunrider foods because they keep the cravings at bay.

    I am also diabetic, so this method helps control my blood sugars. The veggies are high in nutrition and low in calories, which is why this works so well for me. It's helping me form new eating habits, too, since I had been on 2 diabetic drugs for years(and other drugs before those) that actually stimulated my appetite. Funny how doctors never tell you the side effects of the drugs they prescribe! So check with your doc and see if any meds you may be taking actually stimulate appetite. No wonder I was hungry 20 minutes after eating a big meal. 24/7 hunger is no fun, and I lost 20 lbs last spring just by going off those two meds.

    There are lots of good ideas on this thread. Just pick one and go for it.
    Take a short survey. No sales pitch.
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  • Profile picture of the author RDJLabs
    I don't really have any secret but this method has been good for me in the last 6 months.

    What I am doing is:

    *Excercise (I prefer running down the street).
    *Eat with atleast 1 meat or no meat, 1 bread and 1 fruit.
    *Veggies are always allowed.
    *Drink atleast 9 glasses of water (Yes its 9 or more not 8)
    *Focus yourself in the word "I'll loose pounds today!"

    And you are ready to go
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  • Profile picture of the author Psy
    It's amazing how few people put EXERCISE in their "secrets".

    What's gonna have more effect on your health and weight....a glass of water 4 times a day or exercise 4 times a week?!
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  • Profile picture of the author Sandycmy
    Be Healthy -- while loosing weight ! That's just not important -- it's the only permanent way!

    If your weight loss style is painful -- it will revert ( so select a happy way to do it -- be yourself-your style)
    What works for someone need not for you.

    However some things remain constant.

    TRY THIS !

    Drink water first before your breakfast, lunch or dinner ( also ensure you stop eating before you know that another mole of food is going to make you FEEL a little heavy

    -- and don't drink water after eating anything ( drink before)

    Have a earlier dinner -- when you go to bed -- ensure that you really feel light.

    ..................... succeed the above step ... then reward yourself with some entertainment

    .................................................. ..............

    Then you can GO for some physical exercises ( even here ensure you adapt your own style --love sport -- take one up, love to dance -- Just Dance your way out )

    Just feel good , feel happy ---- you'll lose weight, gain confidence and will stay healthy and smiling
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  • Profile picture of the author mine1718
    secret way- no sweets, no pops, eat organic food, and definitely exercise, thats how i keep myself in shape

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  • Profile picture of the author cowsgonemadd3
    Diet and Exercising is the best way. Not a secret I know....
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  • Profile picture of the author jborjaperez
    I am glad you asked..

    USANA health sciences has what you need.

    A RESET 5-day fiber cleanse is definitely a way to start you off in the right direction. I know many people, including my GF that has lost a lot of weight using the RESET and the phases in the future months. After the 5 days, you're cravings will be pretty much gone. It's pretty amazing, Even my stubborn girlfriend believes in it..

    5-10 lbs lost guaranteed within 5 days. It provides great tasting shakes (I don't like vanilla very much though) and nutritional bars as well as 5 days worth of multivitamins(#1 in Quality. Check out the Comparative guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyell Macwilliams at Barnes and Nobles) . The 5 day RESET removes the waste that has built up inside of you through out your life.

    I could talk for days about what it's done for people I personally know. But I highly recommend you check them out.

    Welcome to!

    Check out the products, and I can get you a discount on any of the products. My family, My friends, and I use most of the products.

    I cannot send PM's so Email me at

    Thank you all and I hope I helped a little. And I hope all of us get to where we want to go with Internet Marketing and also health wise.

    Take Care,


    In my signature.. It's not a secret method.. It's a lifestyle.. It's Day 1, Follow Me From The Bottom UP!

    I Write Articles Too! PM ME!

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    • Profile picture of the author Lett
      Hi, i am body-builder with pretty big experience. I can say that any tablets or ABS exercises won't help you. Only way to lose weight is to find a good diet and do cardio (for example running). Cardio and Diet are the only things that will help you lose weight.

      For guys who want to build muscles - lose your weight first, because muscles won't grow as long as you have fat in them.

      If you have any more questions simply pm me, i will be very pleased to help someone
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  • Profile picture of the author FortressDewey
    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    Eat what I want in moderation and get to the gym. I like sweets as much as anyone, BUT they tend to put fat on me, so I eat less. I also eat healthy. One other note, I hate aerobic type exercise (treadmill etc), but I play a lot..a lot of raquetball and that burns the calories and let's me be competitive.
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    • Profile picture of the author turbot
      It's really easy and overlooked by everyone.

      All you have to do is become an astronaut and travel to the moon, where there is lower gravity. For example, if you weigh yourself on planet earth and then weigh yourself on the moon, you'll have "lost" 80% of the weight, magically ;-)

      The great part to this technique is that to keep the weight off, all you have to do is avoid coming back to earth. Plus, because there is less food available on the moon, if you stay there for long enough, you'll probably lose a lot of body fat while you are there.

      So if you're struggling to lose weight; don't be too hard on yourself. It's not your fault; you're just on the wrong planet.

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  • Profile picture of the author mrdeflation
    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    simple... actually..

    Eat Less... Exercise More

    Its all calories in vs calories out

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  • Profile picture of the author DanielCW
    The secret to weight loss unfortunately cannot be bought: it is self discipline. To lose weight you must expend more energy than you consume. Simple! That can only be achieved by self discipline. No pills no secret diets. Plain old self discipline

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    • Profile picture of the author dunshster
      For me the secret to loosing weight was the stupid late night infomercials (Who would have thought I would be saying that!)

      I ended up purchasing P90x one night, and it has really changed every aspect of my life.

      I started out just doing the workout, quickly lost some weight, put on some muscle, I then decided to take it to the next step and incorporate their diet plan in with the exercise, and I began to get even more fit, while having a slight boost in overall energy, and a better nights sleep.

      Fast forward, I am now in the best shape of my life (better than when I trained year round for varsity sports)

      I was so impressed with the changes this program made to my life that I set up a quick squidoo lense about the product, at the time I didn't realize it, but I would quickly be getting multiple emails a day about P90x, so I joined their affiliate program (Which is actually a MLM program, although I only promote the products)

      This late night infomercial has transformed my health, and is now my most profitable niche. If you have any questions or comments about the workout let me know, I would be glad to answer any questions.
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  • Profile picture of the author veeronica
    Well what i have used and which worked very well for me was a low GI Diet, its worth giving it a go coz the health benefits are really good and ul see results fast.
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  • Profile picture of the author mrmoonlight
    Eat less. Move more. The only way to really lose weight.
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  • Profile picture of the author stockutopia
    try the raw food diet
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  • Profile picture of the author arklove
    I have found following a Raw food diet has given me the best results...
    Last year I wrote a book on the topic so if you are interested ping me and I will send you the recipies.... all the best Ark

    profit provides a peaceful position...

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  • Profile picture of the author USGTMauthor
    Google Art Devaney and Evolutionary fitness. He recommends a paleolithic diet and a couple of brief intense workouts. It works and no calorie counting or special food. Basically fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Bye Bye dairy, pasta, bread, packaged food. It works and quickly.
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  • Profile picture of the author MattRobson
    I've been on a diet of cream of broccholi soup, ensure, chicken broth and cookie dough milkshakes.

    You lose a lot of weight. Like 20 pounds in less than 3 weeks.
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  • Profile picture of the author andr3w84
    I'll share my own story. It may not be typical though as my complexion is naturally lean and what happened is that I put a lot of weight thanks to a progressively sedentary life. Nevertheless I do believe the principles are the same for everyone else.

    Some time ago I gained about 15 kgs (from 75 to 90) in the span of about 1 year. I've worked out regularly since my early teens but during that time somehow I just let myself go (baaaaaadd mistake). Well, after being tired of reading 90something numbers on the scale all the time and having to buy new clothes just to accommodate my "lifestyle", I decided to do something. I searched for a few tips on the Internet and remembered that there are two main types of exercise: aerobic and anaerobic. To keep things simple, the former involves all exercises that make you sweat and breathe like mad, the latter short, intense exertion such as sprinting or muscle training. I decided to try running and all sweat-intensive exercises, 4 times per week. Long story short, in about 4 months I was back in my original weight. It may take longer or shorter to others, depending of course on current physical condition, degree of involvement, diet (I believe it does influence as well, although during that time I kept eating the same; for me it was not the food what caused the weight gain).

    Hope you reach your weight objective soon!!!

    PD: You said diets not working but still I would like to add a couple of things I always keep in mind to stay healthy: eat lots of green stuff (spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, beans, peas and so on), they are all great for the body and I feel they keep me young. Limes, and all citrics in general, are excellent to cut the fat and help to eliminate it faster.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mike Murphy
    CDarkLock may be banned but he's on the right track in a very simple manner (with a few exceptions)

    - Eat fewer calories than you expend every day <-- 500 fewer calories should casue 1 pound of fat loss

    - Consume almost exclusively animal protein (i.e. meat and dairy) <-- Yep. 30-60 grams of it

    - Consume almost exclusively complex carbohydrates (i.e. vegetables) <-- true

    - Consume equal amounts of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats
    - Calorie content: protein, 4 calories * your body weight in pounds; fat, 300 calories; carbohydrates, EVERYTHING ELSE <-- Yep

    - Eat six to eight meals of roughly equal calorie and macronutrient content every day <-- Eight meals per day is crazy. Make this 5-6 meals or beter yet, space them 2.5 - 3 hours apart

    - Use olive oil and fish oil to top off your fat if necessary at the END of the day <-- True...can be in pill format if you have to

    - Exercise every single day, no matter WHAT happens <-- Nope. Muscles need time to repair and recover. Protein will help with this, but you can get excellent results on a 3 day split. You can do cardio on other days if you like.

    - The first twenty minutes of exercise doesn't count, so a forty-five minute workout is really just short of a half hour <-- Wrong. If you do HIIT (high intensity interval training) you can get FAR better results in 10 minutes than the guy beside you on the treadmill at steady state for 45 minutes

    - Exercise immediately before a meal < complex carbohydraes shortly before a meal to fuel your body. Consume protein right after working out to repair your muscles and flush out the lactic acid.

    - Allow yourself up to five extra meals each week.... <-- Not a good idea.That's a lot of extra calories to consume if you're not going to burn them off.

    Here's what's working for my wife and I (and MANY others)...

    - Sign up for TheDailyPlate. com or Fitday or something similar
    - Track EVERYTHING you eat for a week. This will allow you to go back and see what you're taking in as far as calories, carbs, fat and protein.

    - Figure out your basic caloric requirements
    - Subtract 500
    - Build a meal plan to suit that number and the info above and stick to it religiously for 12 weeks.
    - Exercise (with weights) 3x per week (Chest & Triceps, Back and Biceps, Legs and Abs)
    - You WILL lose fat

    No secrets...just consistency.

    Enjoy it.
    Guitar PLR - New MONSTER Guitar Video PLR Pack![LIMITED]
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  • Profile picture of the author PaulSch
    Just copied this from some old plr sitting on the hard drive - bit long but helps with fat burning. (I knew I'd find a use for it one day!!!)

    Fat Burning Secrets Used By Fitness Trainers

    Fitness trainers have held the answer to stripping fat for decades. Their unique fat burning secrets have worked magic and the proof is in their physiques. So what methods do the super fit elite use to burn fat? How are they able to achieve those lean and perfectly defined bodies so easily?

    Before we get to the mechanics of fat burning, you need to understand that energy has a direct impact on whether you gain, lose, or maintain weight. Balancing your energy comes down to the amount of calories you intake versus the amount of calories you burn. Consequently, you will only lose fat when you have a negative energy balance.

    Balancing Energy Intake
    One of the reasons most people have difficulty losing fat is because their bodies are inefficient at balancing energy stores. In order to achieve the best chance at losing fat, you will need to track what you eat (your energy intake), and make the required adjustments when you body needs it.

    Controlled Diet
    A major part of burning fat successfully is following a calorie-controlled diet. The only way you lose fat is by utilizing more calories in a given day then you take in. Sticking to a diet that based upon high protein, moderate carbs, and low fats, will give you the best fat burning results. Your body will quickly use up the carbs and then move onto using any stored energy (your fat stores).

    High Intensity Training
    Once your diet is under control, you need to focus on working out for maximum fat loss. One of the most powerful fat burning secrets that trainers use is to approach cardio training as you do your weights - with high intensity.

    Intense exercise burns more body fat. It does this by elevating your metabolism, which consequently burns more energy. Ordinarily, you may do a cardio session for approximately 45 minutes, which would allow you to burn some fat and elevate your metabolism perhaps for a few hours. On the other hand, if you do a short and intense cardio session, it will increase your metabolism to even a greater level and sustains it for a much longer period.

    Start by dividing your 30 to 45 minutes cardio sessions into two, 15-minute high intensity cardio sessions. These will double your fat burning results as you body doubles the amount of calories it uses for the same length of time. The catch is however, you must ensure that your workout is hard and intense. Increasing your performance at every workout is the ultimate goal here. Only when you put your body under stress will you force it to change.

    Mental Focus
    Fat burning also comes down to your mental approach. Apply the same mental focus to your cardio as you do to your weight training. You may have you noticed how many people pound away on the treadmill for hours at a time, but still fail to look lean and defined. This is because they are not achieving optimum fat loss. Although they may be cardio fit, they are not achieving the highest rate of fat loss from their cardio. You can still be fit and carry excess fat on your body.

    Burning fat can be simple but so many people still manage to get it wrong. If you desire a lean body with minimal body fat then side step the long road to fat loss and start using the fat burning secrets of fitness trainers.

    Get FREE Access To Over 180 Webmaster Training Videos here. Did I mention they are totally free?

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  • Profile picture of the author pennywrites
    Well, I am not sure it is a secret. I stumbled into something that has been working for me. I tried every diet known to man and nothing worked. I am almost 64 now and have been a hundred pounds overweight for most of my adult life.

    In an effort to correct a chronic problem with constipation, I went on an eating plan using FOOD COMBINING techniques. This immediately began to correct my health problem. In the process, I began changing the way I eat...eating patterns. Instead of eating no breakfast and one large meal with maybe one snack I went to eating 3 main meals plus 2 snacks. The meals, however, are mostly healthy foods filled with great nutrition and fiber. I found that once the constipation stopped, the foods I do eat began making a difference. The hunger started to subside and the binge eating tapered off to almost nothing.

    I developed a website filled with all the foods that are considered healthy or healing foods for your body. Once I stopped eating hamburgers, tons of meat and sweets I found myself craving things like steamed veggies, soups, salads and whole wheat anything.

    When your body is able to assimilate the foods you eat and take the nutrition it needs from these foods you stay full most of the time.

    Then I added a couple of things that help to keep the body working properly. I eat a handful of gourmet nuts for a snack at least five times a week and I eat 2 tablespoons of extra virgin organic coconut oil for the same reason. This is an oil that breaks down immediately in the body and provides many healthful benefits. It tastes good too.

    Water is a big factor!!! and it needs to be alkaline water!!! Add some lemon juice to the water to make it alkaline which helps to balance your pH of your body. If this is out of balance you cannot lose weight. If you have an infection in your system you cannot lose weight. If your body is filled with chemical residue from eating tons of junk food or using diet foods you will have a hard time losing weight.

    Organic foods are the best whenever possible. Fresh foods and steamed rather than boiled to death veggies. Meats should be kept at a minimum. Eat beans and nuts for protein. Now white bread or white anything really. White potatoes have good nutritional content but also lots of starch. Eat them plain and not with meat if you do eat them. Sweet potatoes are a better choice.

    Also, when the cravings do come and get really hard to ignore, go ahead and have a bowl of ice cream or a muffin. Get it out of your system.

    Vary your menu. Eat heavier one day and then eat really lite the next day. If you eat lite every day your body will begin to think it needs to store up fat to help you out. Don't skip any meals but eat really small ones. After a while it becomes natural to eat small meals. Use smaller plates and don't go back for seconds until you let your food digest for a good ten minutes. The need for the second helping usually passes.

    I am very heavy and older now so I can't exercise much. I work on the computer so every hour I get up and walk or work around the house or do a little dancing to a tape I have. Just a little something to keep the muscles active and the blood flowing.

    I lost 40 pounds in a little under 3 months just doing this. If you would like to look at the information I have gathered on my website I will be glad to give you the link. Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author femfatale68
    1. Log your eating habits as they are for about 2 weeks
    Don't kid yourself or lie. This is your reality check. There are online tools that can do this for you. A great one can be found on Sparkpeople. It actually gives you nutritional content. I learned there that one portobello mushroom has 600 mgs of potassium. Amazing! I also learned that I was dreadfully low on fiber. All that from just logging the truth!

    2. Then, after the shock and disgust and depression wears off, (hopefully quickly) eliminate the obvious junk, (eliminate a shelf of processed food for starters) Yes, processed is bad, feeds addictions and keeps us toxic. Add more veggies, good lean meats (this can be lots of fun) and of course, less bad carbs. By now I assume everyone knows the bad carbs? If not look up low glycemic index and print and keep on your fridge. Find fun low fat snacks and alternatives to your bad habits. Be prepared! Don't go cold turkey. If you can and aren't dangerously obese, wean yourself from it. We are talking about a lifestyle change and this takes time. Just like our business ventures here, right?

    3. Get support! Either find a buddy to workout with or join a fitness forum like sparkpeople. You can find me there, btw For example, I borrow the neighbors dog for walking. Trust me, it works. She doesn't complain when I decide to run and she always is happy to see me! Talk about reliable! And the neighbor is ever so grateful that the dog gets more exercise It's a win win. I'm also thinking about starting a neighborhood walking club. This is how you need to start thinking....

    4. Which brings me to my next point: Get your buttmoving. Exercise is not only good for the body but also the brain. It will slow aging, keep you healthier and happy. You will feel more energetic. Btw, this is also true for when you get off the processed junk. But that is a whole other paper to write home about. And I promise you would appreciate reading that! But I digress....You can download free videos off the web--- or order from netflix, or use sparkpeople. There is no need to join a gym if you don't want the commitment. Get some 7 or 10 lbs hand weights, and if you can afford to, get a exercise bike or treadmill for indoor rainy days. Total investment about $3-500 (I don't recommend spending less than $250 on equipment. You want it to last. Seriously. When I feel lazy my bike is always telling me to knock it off! So... We have internet and lots of options. You don't have to spend tons of money on get thin schemes. Use the same sense for health as you would in your business dealings. Hopefully it will be good sense!

    So it comes down to accountability, change in eating , support and exercise. Oh and lastely consistency. Ya gotta keep up with it. This is life changing stuff. You have to undo the old you and start adding new habits. Slow and steady but always looking ahead, keeping your eye on the prize. Keep a photo of that luscious sexy old you on the fridge. And if you don't have one-- put one up of someone you admire!

    Also, I do have a secret but you'll have to wait. I'm assembling all this for an article. And trust me, it's not something that most of us normal people know about.
    I just found out about it myself....due to a condition I have that lead me to it.

    so hopefully i won't get in trouble for mentioning the SPple website but they really helped me a lot- and it's free. Wellness and support for health should be shared...

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ping me. I do love fitness and eating fresh or "clean" so I'd love to help...

    keep it fraish!
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  • Profile picture of the author SteveSki
    I replaced all my sugar with stevia. Make herbal tea as a soda replacement sweeten with stevia. Eat lots of fruit and salads. Read a couple of pages a day of the book "Die Fat or Get Tough" to keep myself motivated.

    And when I get really hungry and want something that will fill me up and chase the hunger away for the rest of the day I make a huge meal with no calorie "Miracles Noodles" and spice them up with a spicy Currie paste plus add a tomato cut into small pieces and top it off with a little Red Bean and Beef Chilly or spaghetti sauce.

    This way I never have to suffer from being hungry... Makes losing weight really easy!

    And I bought a pedometer and do 10,000 steps a day along with some yoga, tia chi, and a little wight lifting to stay toned.

    Check out this YouTube Video "Die Fat or Get Tough"

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  • Profile picture of the author tyroneshum
    I regularly go to the gym and spend time pulling weights, warming up and stretching for at most 2 hours. Alternatively, I would go cycling along the street during the weekends.

    Also, the most important thing that you should remember is not only having these easy to extreme exercises but how you distribute them to your strength and resistance. Alternatively, you should take note of the right foods that you eat to maintain that balanced diet and plenty of fluids to take away toxins.

    My friend Krizia has got good tips about working out and eating the right diet here that would greatly help you lose weight easier and in a more natural way. See her website here:

    Eat Smart Age Smart? | eat well - enjoy food again - age well

    Follow me on my 90 Day Challenge to rank no. 1 on Google
    Connect with me at:
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  • Profile picture of the author John Nakamura
    I've had tons of success with intermittent fasting, so that's worth looking into. It's A LOT easier than it may seem at first glance.

    I first started doing Eat Stop Eat but then crossed over to Leangains and had my best success with that (lost 35 lbs in 12 weeks and gained muscle).

    The Leangains blog is worth checking out. No free reports, free courses or anything like that (the guy is a consultant) just tons of GREAT information and advice. Read the Leangains guide to start.

    The site is leangains dot com.

    I REALLY hope someone checks out the site because there's so much stuff there that completely changed my outlook on nutrition. For example most people think that eating 6 meals a day will speed up your metabolism but that simply isn't true (I believed that for years).
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    • Profile picture of the author femfatale68

      I also believe in periodic fasting- but through proper nutrition. I have always doubted the 5-6 meals a day theory, and came across Jay Robb who believes in the 3 a day meals unless you are basically in training. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to check out that site
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  • Profile picture of the author Tatiana Aleshina
    Thanks for an opportunity to share my experience.
    This may sound a bit strange, but the ONE thing that I found really works for me is making sure I get enough sleep most days!! Believe me I know it's not easy to do, I'm a single mum of a very active 3 year old boy... But I'm also a stress eater, and I find that when I am really sleep deprived I get cranky and inefficient and therefore stress a lot more. Then I start craving 'comfort food' -- whatever is oily, sugary, fatty, preferably all in one, and the more the better! The body takes a lot more energy to process that food, so you feel lazy and lethargic and depressive, and try to pick yourself up with more sugar and fat... and down and down it goes in a spiral. I don't have the strongest will power, so telling myself to eat well when I am really tired just does not work.

    But when a give my body (and mind) a chance to rest a bit, exactly the reverse happens, and there is no will power required. I automatically choose healthier foods that actually give your body the nutrients it needs to perform properly, which gives you energy and vitality, and you start making better life and food choices.

    I think losing weight and keeping it off is a matter of lifestyle, just basic easy common sense things like not eating a heavy meal late at night, doing some exercise, no matter how light, so that your mind can clear from stress a bit. It's like your body knows what to do if you give it a chance.

    I really hope it helps. I just came out of a very tough patch in my life and what really pulled me through was that i need to look after myself and that everything in the body in interconnected - i stress more when I'm tired so I eat to make myself feel better, which does not work, I put on weight, get more tired and stressed and depressed, and down it goes.
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  • Profile picture of the author Belinda Jane
    Russell's advice is good. Nutrient dense foods are great - don't eat anything pre-packaged or pre-prepared. Eat more protein, reduce your carbs (eat complex low glycemic carbs). Just do it!
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    • Profile picture of the author femfatale68
      I agree with Belinda 100%, only I can't find Russells post...
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  • Profile picture of the author cresad
    too informative post, will read all these when i got over weight
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  • Profile picture of the author mayapearl
    To lose weight eat less and excersise more. Too easy!
    I have learned that to shed the weight I need to eat healthier food and get off my rather, hum, generous backside!
    There is no quick fix to losing weight, maybe also have a look at how we put the weight on in the first place and then make a decision to become healthy.
    I stopped worrying about my weight and concentrated on health and fitness and it is working for me, I don't diet and I hate gyms but I make sure to get plenty of exercise by walking and dancing.
    The one concession to diet I made was to cut out sugar and processed food.
    Still eat chocolate but I only now have the dark 85%cocoa variety, it is a lot more satisfying and I only have a small piece at the time.
    A good tip is to drink green tea with frsh mint, it cancel out my sweet cravings and I really came to enjoy it as a cold drink as well.
    Hope this helps.

    Maya's Own
    Living green made simple and easy @ Green Living Temple
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  • Profile picture of the author ChristineP
    Hi there - I don't have a quick cure-all solution for you - but I do know something that can help.
    Because weight gain (& loss) is obviously so closely tied to eating - Miracle Fruit - Frooties can help. All you do is dissolve 1/2 one on your tongue and for the next couple of hours everything sour will taste sweet and sweet things will be too sweet to eat (e.g. Chocolate Bar).

    Perhaps if sweet cravings are a problem for you try Frooties. An apple, carrot, unsweetened iced tea etc.. will taste great. Strawberries, Grapefruit, Cherry etc.. will be amazing. You can even do things like sugar free apple crisp or other recipes.

    You'll get more satisfaction out of these better for you foods and the sweet will not be nearly as appealing.

    Good Luck!


    Needs Updating...

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  • Profile picture of the author Macksheppard
    Eat less calories than you expend. Work out, drink only water, eat whole foods not processed. WE make a simple thing too complicated because of poor habits and poor food choices. Eat for fuel not for emotional reasons.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jeena
    Eat lots of fruits and veggies. . .
    No fatty food. . .
    Workout two hours a day, might help...

    Jeena White - Hey I'm new here but this is the first thing that has actually WORKED for me. lol... Please use Activation Code = Jeena;
    Local Websites For only $97.00
    Thanks.... Hope we all make alot of money.

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    • Profile picture of the author Votoshka
      There's lots of great advice here, but I will add something else (okay, I haven't read the entire thread so maybe it's been said before).

      The REAL secret to losing weight is finding a plan you can stick with for the rest of your life.

      Okay... so that's not groundbreaking news. BUT I struggled for years and years to lose weight. I managed to lose most of my excess weight using prescription diet pills (which have now been banned in Australia )... but over a year or more put it back on.

      Nothing worked until I found a plan that I could basically stick with forever. Now, what I do won't work for everyone. Not by a long shot! Why? Simply because we're all individual with different likes and dislikes. However, it's 80% raw vegan (I did see a few people saying that raw worked for them, and it's certainly working for me).

      Nevertheless, there are TONS of ways you can lose weight IF you can stick to the program. If you hate it, it just won't work. Even if you do lose weight, you'll gain it back eventually because you can't stay on a program for life if you hate it.

      I hesitate to use the word "diet" because people think of diets as temporary. However, if you simply go on a diet to lose weight and then go off it again, you'll gain weight. End of story. So you need to find something you can do for LIFE!
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      • Profile picture of the author femfatale68
        I agree with Votoshoka,

        The key is life long commitment or change. That's the problem with most of us-- we haven't the skills or commitment to stick it out.

        You have to find something that works for you that doesn't starve you and that is meeting all nutritional requirements. We are constantly bombarded with processed and very tasty and tempting bad foods.

        You have to find a way to work in "within reason" as well as exercise. As we age it will be important to exercise a tad longer, too. Portion control, less processed foods (within reason) and commitment.

        It sounds simple and truly it is. The problem for us is our life challenges get in the way and then we need a crutch, be it a slice of pie, or not wanting to make dinner and getting fast food, or too much alcohol. The challenge is right there and those are the hurdles we have to examine and then recreate a path through them that won't ruin our health. You will always have to go through your issues------ what Americans do is go around them, which = escape.
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  • Profile picture of the author thetruth23

    Lowering your sugar intake as much as you can will have a significant affect in loosing unhealthy weight.

    Sugars are the enemy! 'Good' fats are not!
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  • Profile picture of the author wendymay1
    I have always heard from fitness Gurus that "you got to do the hard yards".
    That means exercise,running helps me to get rid of the cobwebs.
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    • Profile picture of the author wenzel777
      Losing weight is pretty simple once you figure out a little bit about your own body. I've struggled for years with my weight, but it's extremely to manage now. Firstly, you need to calculate your BMR. You need to find out how many calories your body needs to function.

      Once you figure out how many calories you need to burn in order to maintain your weight. Drop your calories by 250-500 cals & adjust as you incorporate more exercise. You should only lose between .5 & 2 lbs/ week, but I've felt great losing 3 lbs./ week.

      What to eat?
      Lean proteins, lots of vegetables, and a few complex carbs to use energy for working out.

      Drink water all day, every day. Your body will eventually get used to being hydrated, so you won't store water weight when you're losing. This is very, very important.

      Eat the most at breakfast, slightly less at lunch & dinner. Those are your 3 meals; however, you should be eating 5-6 meals per day. This keeps your metabolism running on autopilot. Every 2 hours, you should be eating a snack. Vegetables, fruits, etc., AVOID Cereal. Also, if you're going to have dairy, make sure it's egg whites, or skim milk. Dairy products are slow metabolizing, and they're harder for your body to naturally process.

      Get plenty of sleep. Why? You burn an extraordinary amount of calories per hour sleeping! You can easily burn off your daily snacks or cheat, just by getting an extra 2 hrs of sleep.

      Onto the exercise: I don't care if you haven't lifted a day in your life, you're going to need to start. Your body burns more calories from muscle than fat, and it's important to build muscle while you're losing weight. A simple 20-30 minute workout will suffice if you're not all that into lifting.

      The easiest way to see what you burn in a day, is a handy calculator. Make sure to be honest about all of your daily activity: Once you burn an extra 250-500 daily calories, you'll be on your way. If you need to burn 3500 calories to equal 1 lb., then you'll lose 1 lb./ week with a deficit of 500 calories (500 x 7 = 3500 calories = (1 lb.)

      You'll need to walk, jog & lift weights. 3+ times per week, and after the first 2 weeks, it's important to change up your workout routine. By switching workouts and incorporating some interval training, you'll continually make strides in weight loss.

      Stay motivated & follow a routine. Jog at the same time and chart your progress. Look, some people say to toss out a scale, but it can be a good motivator if eating right and exercise. Make sure to drink water, water & water. Your body will naturally fluctuate certain lbs., but after a month, what you weigh will give you a good indicator of what you weighed at the beginning.

      Best of luck. There are no tricks. Clean diet. Exercise. Motivation.
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      • Profile picture of the author emarkets
        I have tried so many things. It is true that the best and most lasting results come from a great exercise routine and nutritious eating plan. Without a doubt! My problem has always been cravings, cravings, cravings. That is my struggle and always has been. If I didn't have them, I would be far more successful:rolleyes:
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        • Profile picture of the author thetruth23
          Originally Posted by emarkets View Post

          I have tried so many things. It is true that the best and most lasting results come from a great exercise routine and nutritious eating plan. Without a doubt! My problem has always been cravings, cravings, cravings. That is my struggle and always has been. If I didn't have them, I would be far more successful:rolleyes:
          Have you have tried anything like pre-planning when you give in to your cravings?

          For example, you could try and have one day a week, Saturday for example, when you're allowed to eat anything you want and you purposely eat a bit of the junk food you're used to.

          And for the remaining six, try and stay as healthy as poss.

          Doing this allows you to defer the cravings you may get during the week because you know come your 'off' day, you can eat all you want.

          You may even eat so much that you get sick of it and you never want to eat it ever again. lol.
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          • Profile picture of the author Ray Erdmann
            I stopped drinking soda (coke) - gave up eating out (McD's, Chili's, BK, JITB, etc., etc., ) and went to nothing but water, salad and Tuna and started walking three (3) miles a day, Monday through Friday.

            After 6 weeks, I had dropped 15 pounds!

            Of course, this was a few years ago and of course...I've put that weight back on, but at least now I know what I need to do in order to drop the weight again!

            But no matter what you eat, the real way to lose weight has already been said in this thread: Self Discipline and working out!

            You definitely need to get your body working so it eats up more calories then what you're consuming every day!

            "Whether you think you can or'll always be 100% right!" |

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  • Profile picture of the author brokenblade
    My "secret" way to lose weight isn't really a secret way as it is more common sense than secret. Plus it is not necessarily losing weight as it is getting healthier.

    My way is eat a diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables. Drink natural juices in place of soda. Drink sufficient amounts of water. Make sure you are getting all of your vital nutrients and do some exercise to build yourself.
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    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    Caffeine is an ingredient in certain weight loss pills, so consider drinking coffee on a regular basis, for one. Different amounts obviously work for different people, so just see what works for you. Also, a good idea is to combine fruits and vegetables onto a big plate, store the plate in the 'fridge, and actually WAIT until you actually get thirsty to juice some throughout the day until the plate is empty. Should give you the benefits of fruits and vegetables along with helping handle that "daily liquid consumption recommendation" you might've heard of. Hope I've been of some help. : )
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  • Profile picture of the author Fallen_Angel
    To be successful at weightloss you must combine diet with exercise
    Eating more often but smaller more healthy alternatives
    ie eat small portions of food every 4 hrs instead of 3 really big meals

    Also Your bodies metabolism takes 1-2 yrs to change what does this mean?
    You must maintain your health kick for 2 yrs or more otherwise your body will want to go back to its previous state.
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  • Profile picture of the author The Web Master
    The best way to lose weight is just by burning more calories then you consume. Most people thing you need to avoid certain foods but this method has always kept me in good shape. Simply staying active is the key! Hope this helps.

    Steve P.
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  • Profile picture of the author Zae
    I don't think there's a secret to losing weight. I lost weight by counting the calories I consumed every day, and exercising 30mins a day on the treadmill. I did eat what I wanted, but I in smaller portions ofcourse. And then it's all down the patience. Apple cider vinegar and green tea also support your weight loss, but don't depend on them.

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  • Profile picture of the author thetruth23
    Get loads of fresh fibre in to your diet everyday and cut down on as much sugary foods as possible!

    Getting as much fresh fibre into your diet is a great way to stay healthy.

    It does so much good things for the system, but specifically for weight loss, it helps produce that 'i'm full' feeling a bit quicker. This is becuase high fibre foods soak up water easier, and thus expand the food in your stomach.

    If you're going to remember one thing: Fresh Fibre First

    Have fresh fibre (preferably fresh, and if you can, raw vegetables) before every meal. Even if that meal you have is slightly indulgent, having that fresh fibre first will 'limit the damage' so to speak.

    But as I said, high fibre diets are great for overall health. Google the benefits.

    And about sugary foods...just avoid as much as possible. You're much better off having foods like raw nuts which are high in good fats than anything high in sugar.

    Sugar is the primary enemy, not fats!
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  • Profile picture of the author jbgravity
    I have found something pretty amazing...Like many before me, I have been around the gym for years..I knew about diet and cardio and most of the lose weight quick diets..I have to mention that I'm not knocking any of those methods..but what worked for me has literally blown me away. You ready for it..;-)

    Yoga.. I know it may seem strange if you've never tried..but Yoga has changed my life..I have lost inches and pounds. There are many styles to try and every yoga studio is different..A highly recommended read is "yoga for dummies" which you can get anywhere. Hope that helps..if you have any more can holler at me..
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  • Profile picture of the author BryansFitWorld
    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    Ok I feel I am obligated to share some things with you my friend. I skipped 250 responces to give you my input as a fitness professional.

    When I get new clients I always ask them this

    What are you doing now to proactively lose weight?

    So in your case yoyo diets not worked, so we will need to do a few things. its ALL just a case of

    Learn - Apply and modify

    Learn - learning what new methods or techniques that may or may nto work for you, like in IM no technique is right or wrong just the power to keep it going and applying correctly is enough to see results so I want to ask you this, what are you learning now so you can use to lose weight?

    Apply - have you applied what you have learnt into your lifestyle and workout routine yet? if not why?

    Modify, if I told you to drink 1 extra litre of water a day would you do it? if you kept that up and added another litre of water of water a day (so if you started with 1 litre today in 5 weeks you will be drinking 5 litres of water a day - and yes it is perfetly normal to do so) would you do it? Because if you did, I guarantee you would of dropped 5 lbs by then by just drinking water.

    Hope this helps, any questions please just pm me, I love to help
    Can't seem to lose weight? What If I told you that you will lose at least 5lbs of fat by next week? Find out here

    I love my Warcraft Niche Site :D
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    I do have a way out and I think you should also know this. I read this book and has change my Life from worse to best. Now I am proud of myself.I loss so much weight within the first 2 months of reading this book and applying the instructions. The book is 4 permenant ways to loss weight. I guess you should get this book and read if you want to loss weight. 100% guaranteed.
    The ebook cost only cost $10.
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    eat less, exercise more!
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  • Profile picture of the author Tatiana Aleshina
    No secrets

    I think it's about 2 things:

    1. a sensible eating and exercise plan that you can keep going with (NO yo-yos). It's more about adjusting our habits generally rather than dieting as such.

    2. cleaning up possible emotional reasons for craving certain foods or simply overeating. (I used to be a stress eater big time, every time I'd get upset it would be straight to the fridge). Check out EFT (emotional freedom technique,, it is fantastic for that, it WORKS, it's easy, and it's free.

    Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author soulfulbodymind
    I would recommend a vegan/vegetarian diet overall. The meats are hard for our bodies to break down therefore accumulating in our fat. To lose weight, your body must break down and rid itself of what you eat. This is very hard to do for meat since we are organic beings and the meat is dead, lifeless, calorie-filled and hard to digest.

    Watch how many calories you intake. Not keep a journal and count everything you eat but more like eating until your are satisfied. Your body lets you know when it is full or satisfied. Listen to it. Stop binging and overeating.

    You want to not eat past a decent hour. I try not to eat past 7PM. If I do eat something, it is usually a fruit or something light.

    Exercise. You can either eat more and exercise more or eat less and exercise some. You have to intake less food or work off what you eat. Simple as that.

    Weight loss should be looked at as a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. Quick fixes usually result in a return to the norm - the Standard American Diet (SAD).

    Hope this helps!
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    • Profile picture of the author unknownpray
      Originally Posted by soulfulbodymind View Post

      I would recommend a vegan/vegetarian diet overall. The meats are hard for our bodies to break down therefore accumulating in our fat. To lose weight, your body must break down and rid itself of what you eat. This is very hard to do for meat since we are organic beings and the meat is dead, lifeless, calorie-filled and hard to digest.
      Not necessarily. I remember in grade school, there was something called the "Food Pyramid". What you need to eat is everything other than sugary substances and starches.

      To lose weight, you must gain some. I'm talking about muscle! It is proven you burn calories in your sleep and resting if you do daily weight/muscle building exercises. To gain muscle, you need to eat everything and avoid the the things I listed above.

      Carbs are not bad! They help you when gaining muscle.

      Don't say "I don't want to gain muscle, I want to lose weight!".
      Really, do you? Or do you want to lose inches to look skinnier or more toned?

      I am a very active athlete and fitness pro. (I do 9+ workouts a day).
      Great advice is to always do short workouts (15-30 minutes MAX) , once every 1 1/2 hours- 2 hours. 15 minute weight workout first in the morning (To keep you burning calories all day), and over the next 2 hours do a 15 minute cardio exercise.

      Jump Roping and doing Bench Presses are the best ways to reduce stomach and chest fat. Hell, Jump roping burns fat everywhere. Do lunges and sumo squats daily! To find a list of great workouts for beginners - advanced level go to

      (I've lost more than 60 pounds by doing muscle workouts and jump roping alone!). Never say never, and always look toward the future. Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author 2oursuccess
    I sympathize with you I have had the same problem whats helped me is just watching what I eat, stay away from fatty foods french fries ice cream etc but once and a while after shedding some pounds I will treat myself , more excercise just going out for a walk after meals. Try drinking a minimum 8 oz water half hour before each meal helps you to feel fuller thats all I got good luck
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  • Profile picture of the author Han Fan
    1st of ALL, this is not forum or place to ask dieting question...

    If you want fitness or loosing weight question, you should be visiting
    bodybodybuilding forum, learn from the PRO's...

    However, I am a fitness coach, had helped many people loose weight:

    1. Get Your Mind Right: What will you take to loose extra lbs you add on over the years?
    - The correct answer should be: Whatever it takes...

    2. Get the Hope out of the window: No, there is no magic Pills, or supplements..
    - However there are medical procedure, will hmm....basically cut part of your body off... That will fulfill your instant gratification...right?

    3. You don't want to loose weight: If you want to loose weight instantly, just cut your arms off..You loose about 50lbs instantly...
    - What you want to loose is body percentage Fat..

    4. Eat More, Instead Less: Eat Small Meals, Eat Frequently...and yes EAT more...Proteins, Greens...water...

    5. Take the food pyramid flip it upside down, eat like that...because the other way got you FAT right?

    Below is Reason 99% People get Fat:

    Now, you flip it, Take Protein, as your major portion, eat enough health fat, drink plenty of water...You will take care 99% of your weight problem..

    6. Did I say Water? Yup... Drink Water, Until you bladder going to blow up (okay, okay not that much, but you get the point)... If you not going to bathroom every hour, you don't drink enough water... especially in the beginning... You want flash all the nasty stuff out...
    - Water not only cleans your body, but also cleans your SOUL.... that's whole other topic..

    7. hmmmm.... that's a secret I'll keep to myself...for now..

    Good Luck!

    - Don't Wanna miss that Early Bird Special Again?
    Sign Up HERE:

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    Have you tried HIIT?I'm having great success with it, you lose weight pretty quickly if you stick to it.It's basically intense interval training, like if you're using a treadmill, go at a moderate or light pace for up to 3 minutes, then go fast & intense for a minute, then just repeat the whole process for anywhere from 10, 15 minutes to 45 minutes.It's said to burn 9 times as much fat as regular cardio, & I believe it!

    I have about 15 pounds to lose from my pregnancies, & the weight is dropping like crazy.I've been at it for 2 weeks.Definitely give it a try!It's effective stuff.Just google HIIT for more info.Good luck!!
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  • Profile picture of the author link8
    One secret I tried that works is drinking at least 2 glass of milk per day before and after workouts. Seen a BBC documentary wherein a high calcium diet acts a natural fat blocker! So that's why I started drinking milk daily.
    Get Paid to Play Games! #1 Video Game Tester Site in Clickbank!
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  • Profile picture of the author sabin.sabin1
    eating more fruits , do more exercices ....worked for me ...simple as that
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  • Profile picture of the author VcontentCreation

    For me it is Yoga!! Try this and you will never have to worry about your weight.

    Seriously, trust me and blindly indulge yourself in Yoga...

    This is a sure shot way to lose weight and gain inner peace.


    Top Notch Article Writer Available at Available 24 Hours.. PM Now!!


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  • Profile picture of the author K.serrattan
    Originally Posted by Topgunb View Post

    I am looking for ways to loose weight...

    Yo yo diets not working.

    Please you all, no need to be shy, tell me your secret method of loosing weight.

    Tell me the secret you gran taught you.

    I will try anything.

    Hey Topgunb,

    Unfortunately there is no secret. Being healthy and having a strong fit body is a choice of lifestyle. Meaning that from the time you make that decision you make a change in your life forever. If you are experiencing the yoyo effect then that means you have not defined the reason WHY you want to achieve your physical goals.

    When I say the above I'm talking about reasons that go beyond wanting to attract another person or to have a six pack of abs to wash clothes on. (hahaha, although that is kinda funny to envision!)

    Some reasons that I have for staying fit, strong and healthy are:

    - Success in business and in all aspects of life ( I threw my back out for a second time when I was 22 and I couldn't walk or go to work for 7 days. It took me 3 months to recover to the point where I felt like myself again. I cannot afford to make this mistake again)

    - Setting an example for kids that being healthy is the first step to achieving anything in life. Like any job out there you need to have a certain perquisite. You simply cannot grow your success if your struggling with health problems

    - Developing my ability to set goals and push myself. Body building is a disciplined art.

    - For my