Is it true you do not have to be a WarRoom Member to run a WSO Now?

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Hi All,

I've read a couple of times recently on the Main Forum that you don't have to be a WarRoom member to run a WSO Now. Either I missed the announcement or people are making things up. Which?


George Wright
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    I always thought you had to be a war room member to run a WSO, did administration post that?
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    Nope, You Only Need To Pay $20 To Post Your WSO. $20 For A Bump, and $200 For a Sticky Thread For The Day, Hope this helps!
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    It's true. Was changed a couple weeks ago or so.

    Which makes me wonder if the big announcement 'coming soon' has something to do with a payment system or affiliates systems for WSOs.

    Not sure what the draw will be for the War Room - "freebies?"

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      Once this becomes better known, the bumping fees are going to be coming in through the roof. Can't say as I think it will work out in the end, there will probably be far too many offered.
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    Thanks everyone. I don't miss much here, however I sure missed that one. I just checked the "old" rules and the War Room membership requirement was still there.

    This is big. As the quote in my profile says. "The bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn." (signaling wRight)

    George Wright
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