How Do I Add A Video To A Post?

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Yeah, I'm technically challenged. I don't know how to add a video to a post, put content in bold, make faces, etc. I'd appreciate a crash course from anyone who wouldn't mind?
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    Here is how you do it

    [url"=""]Iverson Practice! - YouTube[/url"]

    Take out the quotes I put right after the word url and it will work. Leave the quotes up that surround the youtube url of the video you want.

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    For YouTube video, just load it in your browser and copy the URL from the Location bar into your post. Make sure it's not https. If it is, delete the 's' from the link.

    That works almost all the time. (Yes, I've run into situations where it doesn't. No clue what else I might be screwing up to cause that...)

    For bolding and other formatting, you can type in the BBcode or just click use the options at the top edge of the edit screen. Highlight the text you want to format, click the appropriate button, and you're good to go.

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