Using your own Membership site Buy Buttons in a WSO

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I am looking at posting my first WSO.
I have a JVZoo product and will start with that but I wondered why you couldn't use the Buy Buttons from your Membership site (Wishlist or s2Member) in your WSO?

If I understand this correctly, you pay for the WSO thread and you pay for W+ or Warrior Payments.

I have seen people post free wso's that go to their web page. Is there any problems with this with regards to the WarriorForum?

If your using the same site to sell your products, and you add a page for the WSO, why couldn't you use your own Buy buttons.

I do understand that you lose the affiliate part of it, but for certain offers and for people that have their own affiliate management software this could work for them. Maybe...

I know it's easier to offload the grunt work and focus on sales but I like to know what was done and know enough to know if it was done right.
  • So is it a bad idea to run a WSO and use your own website or membership site to manage the commerce ( Buy Buttons, etc.),
  • Use your own site and put the WF Buy Buttons on your site's WSO pages that are linked to from the WarriorForum WSO Thread.
  • Use your site as the upsell path ( Sale Pages, Download Pages) and sell the Main Product in a WSO Thread or WarriorForum.

I'm not sure if I have seen this done here and wanted to consider all options.

I have read the docs on WarriorPlus, read the info on Warrior Payments and I have a JVZoo product.

The JVZoo and Warrior+ Funnel features makes it easy to work with, although setting that up is not hard if your focused.

But after putting work in building a membership site, wouldn't you want to direct traffic to it or a sales page about it?

And then have new members go through your payment system.

From my reading, if things go bad and refunds rain down, I am still responsible no matter what system I use, right?

Any comments, experience or advice is welcome.

I need the come up not the put down.

Thanks in advance!
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