Equivalent to 10 Billion Hiroshima Bombs Exploding At The Same Time

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About every 150 years one of these monsters is heading for us - and apparently we're overdue!

Quote: 'The largest ever solar super-storm on record occurred in 1859 and is known as the Carrington Event, named after the English astronomer Richard Carrington, who spotted the preceding solar flare.

This massive CME released about 1022 kJ of energy - the equivalent to 10 billion Hiroshima bombs exploding at the same time - and hurled around a trillion kilograms of charged particles towards the Earth at speeds of up to 3000 km/s. Its impact on the human population, though, was relatively benign as our electronic infrastructure at the time amounted to no more than about 200 000 km of telegraph lines'.

Such a storm would wreak havoc with our communication systems and power supplies, crippling vital services such as transport, sanitation and medicine. Without power, people would struggle to fuel their cars at petrol stations, get money from cash dispensers or pay online. Water and sewage systems would be affected too, meaning that health epidemics in urbanized areas would quickly take a grip, with diseases we thought we had left behind centuries ago soon returning.

Scientist warns of inevitable solar super-storm propelled towards Earth
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    Tomorrow's never a guarantee.

    Make the best of today.

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      Originally Posted by Sarevok View Post

      Tomorrow's never a guarantee.

      Make the best of today.



      Waking up aint guaranteed!
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        I looked at all this a while back and it was said the devastation to the electrical supply would take 10-20 years to repair.

        However, I was also told by an electrical engineer that it is why a lot of redundant systems are built to trip and power down sections of the grids if something like this occurs. Given that we have an early warning with a unified effort and co-ordination it may be possible to power down much of the Earth before it hits.

        Thus, systems having no power being fed through them would then be unaffected.

        Still, just another thing to worry about. We are not and probably can not protect ourselves as yet from such a surge of cosmic per-portions. At best we may be able to minimize it.

        Where ever you go, there you are.

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