How to block restricted numbers (androids)?

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I keep getting a nutcase calling my cell phone.

He has a "restricted number."

Is there any way to block only his # (even though I don't know what that # is)?

Or must I block *all* "restricted numbers?"
(when my brother calls from England, his # shows up as "restricted" when he calls, so I don't want to just block *all* "restricted numbers.")

My phone is an android.

Any advice?

-- TW
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    You probably should ask your carrier. Phone calls are routed just like the internet, and via similar hardware with similar limitations. I doubt ANY number is TRULY "restricted". BESIDES, the laws, at least in the US, FORBID it! They always want to track such calls, and there is also the E911 project that endeavors to track every number on the fly to a specific location, for emergencies. As the name USED to imply, it was/is for handling the US emergency(police/fire/ambulance quick dispatch) phone number, which happens to be 911. The old story of a number taking so long to track has been a MYTH for DECADES. Even if their were NO information on the line, each router is limited, and knows what router the number came from. They could narrow down the number just by using that to maybe a few hundred possibilities, or less. So I'm pretty sure the phone company can track it.Call them up, give them the phonebill reference number, and ask them to block that number. HOPEFULLY they will comply.

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