How can I earn more local business??

by bsurb
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I would like to start making more money creating websites for local companies here in the US. There are a few web designer companies but I know they charge over $x,xxx for something I could do half of that for.

What are the steps to approach local businesses who don't have any kind of website? Also what is the best solution to corner them in? A lot of times I explain what I do and they seem interested until I tell them the price of $499. It seems like everyone tries to pay nothing for something.

I do vinyl lettering on the site so that is another service I have found some success in but my goal is to make $3k or more per month.

How should I approach this?

I have launched my personal site that offer web design, seo, logo design and vinyl lettering.
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    Be careful undercutting other businesses as a way to get work. The more you do that, the lower the value of a website becomes. If your quality is the same as those charging 4 figure sums and they're getting work, then charge the same price yourself.

    I think the main thing is to have confidence in how you talk about the costs involved. The focus needs to be on how much extra work a website will get the end company.

    Depending on the raw material costs, I'd consider including some free vinyl lettering in with each job. Charge extra for the website to cover your material costs, but don't mention it is included. Then when the job is completed and signed off, send them the vinyl as a free gift. It really helps to leave the end client smiling, plus if they feel you've gone out of your way to help them, it can also lead to a lot referral work for both the vinyls and other website work - it leaves them feeling they owe you something in return!

    As a final note, there's someone in the village I live who runs a computer shop. They offer incredibly basic websites for £500 ($800) which are absolutely shocking and look really outdated, yet they have quite a lot of work. Confidence is key!
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    There are a lot of threads on here already. The search function is your friend!

    But I will add that I close as many clients now at twice what I charged when I started just because I ask for it. Look at the garbage that YellowPages and others charge $79-$100+ a month for and you will see that it probably isn't your prices, it is probably your selling ability along with the quantity and quality of your prospects.

    Next your site layout is awful (IMHO). Are you featuring web design or vinyl letters? I'm not surprised that you aren't closing more. You need a more professional site. Again, design is subjective and I'm not one to try to be harsh.
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    I like the idea of giving free vinyl with a purchase because that really wouldn't cost me anything. And as far as my websites layout is it really that horrible looking? Or is it because I'm all over the place with my services.
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      Originally Posted by bsurb View Post

      I like the idea of giving free vinyl with a purchase because that really wouldn't cost me anything. And as far as my websites layout is it really that horrible looking? Or is it because I'm all over the place with my services.
      yes, it is that bad... Your web portfolio is going to a non existing page ( 404 error ). you have a squeeze on your home page. there is no visual interest through out the page. Web Developement- E-Commerce- no text on your website services page. should I keep going? because I can.

      think consistence and continuity... how do all of your services go together? how can they fit on to one page? THAT should be your homepage. your "My Services" page again the same thing

      I might suggest for an overall design concept go with your logo design page as some inspiration. ( HINT 3 services, 3 columns )

      if you have no work to show... speak about your philosophies, your process. FILL THE PAGE and for the love of pete man... get some images of your work.

      I seriously could keep going... but if you want more, you need to show some effort... look at others thatdo the same... and work on YOUR logo. ( how would that look in black and white print? )
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    When a visitor lands on your website, what is the first thing they see? That should be something related to your core competency. right now, they have to hunt for the fact that you do web design.

    And, trying to be constructive, if a prospect looks at your site and you show that you can't even design yours to clearly convey what services you offer, how are they going to believe that you know how to design their site?

    Plus when they see your web design page, does it convey a polished image? No, it is a few lines of text.

    Where is your call to action for web design?

    You need to think long and hard about what a prospect will think when they land on your site...
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    Easy man, pick up the phone. Thats it, call them, ask them why they don't have a website, do they think a website would help their biz, show them their competitors and how they are killing it with a site.

    Thats it, just contact them. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.
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    How about showing your prospects the BENEFITS they get for $499 with the website.

    How can their website pay for itself and then some?

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing | Real Estate Agent

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    I try telling businesses here that having a website can increase your clientele and getting their businesses on google.
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      how many $2.00 stickers have you sold from your website? The reason for the question is determining the level of conviction you are communicating to your prospects with.

      I am off the cuff going to say that you have sold less than 5. so how exactly is having a website helping you get new business?

      Personal experience directly relates to the level of confidence and conviction that you have when communicating with clients.

      I personally had the experience to know that not only was I going to build a working site that met the needs of the client, but that the website was going to produce conversions. How do you think the way I would talk to a prospect would differ from the way that you do?

      You need to take some time away from selling and place yourself in the right place. I have seen you jumping all over this forum about "wanting to add a service can I put it on the same page?" recently I saw something about you questioning getting into affiliate marketing but being unique.

      You need to put the hammer down and focus on one thing and one thing only. Be it the affiliate site, and get some experience under your belt... learn how to produce results. or develop your "Business" page and get it ranked respectfully and again get results.

      Right now you are simply running around like a homeless guy that just found $50.00 and looking to burn it.

      That will carry across in your attempt at sales. Ask anyone here who you deem successful in sales and they will tell you that sale that's needed out of desperation is the hardest sale to make. But flip that to approaching a prospect with confidence and experience, and the whole game changes.

      Again, work on YOU right now, before you go out and try and fix anyone elses issues. The reality is you are not going to fix anything, and you will only be digging a deeper hole for yourself.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Yeah, some others have touched on this, but I'd go the route of combining your website services, with the vinyl lettering. That's one way you can separate yourself from your competitors.

    I'd actually change your optin copy to something like.... 7 Unique and Affordable ways to get more local customers. - and basically create a report on ways they can gain exposure, using vinyl & other creative ideas.

    Offer to install the vinyl for free on select web design packages. But make sure you're charging enough to make it worth your time.
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