150 clicks or 100 hours of work for the same money?

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I am new here and I have following question, I hope somebody can give me some tipps here.

I have an opportunity to hire some students in developing countries for 1.50 USD per hour, they can speak english and they can do office work or easy marketing work.

If I pay 150 USD for PPC I will get usually something between 150 and 1500 clicks, which is like nothing. How much more could I accomplish with 100 hours of work?

Are there some affiliate products which could be better sold through sales reps than through online advertising? How else could I use the students for direct marketing or direct sales? What would be the fastest way to test what is possible if I spend 150 USD for this test? How could I get results and data which I could analyze.

Later I could spend 60 USD per day having sales or direct marketing team of 5 people or getting 60 clicks for the same money. It looks like no-brainer, but I have no idea where to start. Finding some product or offering sales or marketing services to other companies?

Thank you

PS. The payment 1.50 USD per hour is only start, I would give them commissions up to 50% of my profit, if it works. Its better work and better salary than they get from McDonnalds or call centers.
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    First of all... between 150-1,500 is a pretty wide of a range. What are you using for PPC?

    If $150 is getting you that many clicks, then wouldn't it just be easier to work on your conversions and maybe increase your ad spend?

    I don't think anyone is going to be able to help you without more information. What are you doing, cost per acquisition, etc.
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      It was just a generall question, I have no campaign running now, but I used to pay between 10 cents and 1 USD for my campaigns.

      Maybe my question wasn´t clear enough, I will ask this way:
      What would you do if you would have a virtual assistant for 2 weeks, to bring you the highest ROI.

      1/ What would you do in your situation here and now.

      2/ What would you do if you would start from scratch, so that you get your results and numbers immediately (no website building, no content writing, no SEO, just direct marketing).

      Thank you
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    Well to put it simply, I wouldn't. I wouldn't hire a virtual assistant right now to help bring in more money because that's not the purpose... there is nothing they can do better than I can do. The only reason to outsource, for me, is to save on time, not to directly generate money. It only generates money based on the time it allows me to save and focus in revenue generating areas.

    I will never use a VA for direct marketing. That's a recipe doomed for failure.

    I'm probably not the right person to answer your questions. I don't view virtual assistants as a way to make an ROI.
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    you can work with adsense. This is very easy work. Just you need a website. then you can earn lots of money. But this not magic. this depends on your hard work.
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