Best Way to Monetize SEO Skills?

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So I really enjoy SEO and am ranking sites post Penguin 3.0 without trouble.
I do some work for clients and some for myself. What I'd really like to do is consider expanding to outside my hometown by ranking properties that I own in other localities around the nation. I hate selling SEO services over the phone and in person. I also feel like ranking my own sites could be better since many business owners are hard to get website access from, and WMT, analytics, etc. Plus, once you rank their site they could leave after that.
I'm considering ranking a bunch of sites in different cities to generate leads, then establishing a relationship with one business to get the leads exclusively. Maybe they could just pay a flat rate when they get a job from my leads.
I find that a lot of business owners are leery of SEO people due to being burned and ranking my own sites keeps the risk of torching a client site down. I haven't had that happen but don't want it to ever happen in the future.
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    Dear GTC1187,
    I guess you got it completely.
    I'm in a really similar situation. I'm really good with web design and, at the same time, I'm developing some rock solid SEO skills and strategies.
    I really think that you already got it completely.
    The best income would be by renting them their site or the calls that your sites receive.
    Take care, if you need some quick cash you can always rely on web design + basic seo in order to have something in a short time.
    I would really appreciate have a talk with you since I do almost the same.
    Pm me if you would like my skype id so we can have a talk if you'd like to.
    Hope I helped
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    Okay, I'm going to start cold calling to gain new clientele.
    I figure its a skill that I have to master to be effective in my trade. If I start out just setting appointments to meet in person, how much experience do you guys think it will take before I can close deals for local SEO over the phone entirely?
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    Try twisting your business model a bit.

    These business owners are less interested in rankings and more interested in the leads generated from said rankings.

    Personally, I don't SEO clients sites and developed a system that I publicly share about how to sell the client on paying you to create a site that you own that they enjoy the exclusive benefit long as they keep paying for the leads.

    This way, you don't worry about them "leaving you" and you don't risk fronting a ton of cash to build out sites in other markets without having a buyer for the leads.

    Whatever you choose--cold calling or cold emailing....make sure you get your offer tight. Offering lead gen or SEO and asking for the sale on the first call is like going on a blind date and proposing for marriage.

    Try offering a free competition analysis. These business owners are PARANOID of what "the other guy" is doing to grow their business so this strategy offers TONS of social proof and creates TONS of urgency to "get what they got". In delivering this to them, you position yourself as an expert and trusted advisor. So offering a proposal to "get what they got" at the end of this competition analysis is like offering heroin to a feind in won't hear "no"....


    Client Getting
    Paid Traffic
    Growth hacking
    and all other forms of money getting otherwise rarely taught elsewhere
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      Regarding cold emailing - if you are in the USA remember the requirements of the CAN SPAM act.
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        My question is this... you are good at SEO...and you want to let your services go for what $600 a month?

        IF your really that good. you can make way more than that FOR YOURSELF with a amazon affiliate page, or 30! haha

        I personally have more than 10+ pumping about $1000 a month in commission each, and a few producing way more. Its not that hard.

        Less stress, more income.
        Success is an ACT not an idea
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