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So, I was having dinner with a friend last night and was told that some of my local newspapers are to be closed by the parent group.

If you are in England these are The Reading Post, Bracknell Times and Wokingham Times all in Berkshire. Parent group is Trinity Mirror (owner of The Mirror)

They are also closing down 3 other local papers in Surrey and 1 in Harrow

Reason. In 2009 The Reading Post sold 20,000 copies a day Mon to Sat. Today it sells just 12,000 a week. ie a 90% drop (120,000 to 12,000)

Reading's only other paper The Reading Chronicle is down to 6000 sale a week ie It is on life support.

More than likely this is happening wherever you live in a developed country.

So the opportunities for people who do advertising, marketing, etc for local businesses (not me) is as follows:

1. When one local paper folds and only one is left in an area, the remaining one will put up it's advertising rates as it has a monopoly even though it will also be short lived. This has happened in Newbury and in Basingstoke for people in England who know where I am talking about.

I know this because I made some phone calls this morning to compare rates with the ones closing and they are double or triple.

Which means that for any advertiser, and there are hundreds of them, it is more imperative to make that Advert better than ever. So team up with someone who can write half decent Direct Response Ads and offer to help them.

2. If you know the rates of Advertising, which you can get by phoning, you know exactly what hundreds of companies were spending a week and therefore a year(even a tiny classified in the back was £19 per week which is approx £1000 per year.) And all of them will now have this money 'spare' for want of a better word.

So you just need to divert that current spend from the obsolete to whatever you have. They were spending it anyway. You are not having to ask them to spend over and above what they were doing before which makes it a whole lot easier if you have some half decent abilities in what you do that can genuinely help them.

Over the last 4 years I have written a few hundred posts about absolutely nothing so I thought I may as well write one post that might give someone an idea.


PS: If you know how to read financial statements then you can get the yearly shareholder reports of not just newspaper but any company to see what is happening. They even tell you what their plans are for the upcoming year. So have a look at some major newspaper groups.
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    These papers are dying. You can negotiate rates that are 25% of their advertised rate.

    my local paper sells a pull page ad for $2,200. I pay $600.

    And you know what? I still couldn't make it pay, because very few people read the local newspaper now, and the circulation figures are doctored.

    So....negotiate. They have to sell ad space. Take advantage of that.
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      It was more the point 2 but you can negotiate on behalf of someone if you wish to.

      Problem here Claude, that may be different from where you are, is that as circulation fell the number of Ads were increased by local papers to make up revenue.

      Which resulted in greater falls in circulation.

      The thing is they are basically dead.

      When you go from 2 to 1 the last one has a temporary over- demand as the Advertisers from the other papers that have closed call them to place Ads. So they did not reduce their rates, they did the opposite and still have the same number of Advertisers.

      Ultimately they will fold without reducing rates as 6000 paid circulation is not tenable.

      My friend spends £75000 a year with the above 3 papers I named. He got a return on that quite easily as it is an elderly market he targets.

      But now he cannot spend that with those papers as they will not exist in 5 weeks time.

      So if anyone knew what to do with that £75k to maintain the same consistent inflow of leads he would swap to them.

      Which really is what I am getting at. If a 1/2 page Ad is approx £500 plus VAT per week and is always in your paper then that £26k has been allocated for marketing spend already by the business person or accountant if larger company.

      And you would know this before you even called them.

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