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Hi warriors,

a friend of mine would like to start an offline business.

He is very good in SEO and web design.

The only issue he has is, he doesn't really know where and how to find new clients...
For sure, he will try linkedin for new leads but i thought, maybe there is a warrior here who has a better suggestion for him how he can attract some new clients easier - maybe with $0 advertising...

Please only helpful tips, thanks
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    the offline section is more suitable for this question

    my advice is he should give craigslist a try
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    A few years back I dabbled in this arena and, most definitely had my most consistent success with some valuable advice I received from a master salesman.


    I know, I know, the thought of it makes you cringe.

    I was told to pick an offline business niche, go to, and just start dialing. Tell them your a local web designer and you're just trying to drum up some new business and would they be interested in your services.

    Something to that effect, anyway.

    I used to make a minimum of 200 calls a day and got a pretty good amount of business. Gave it up quite awhile back, thougth. Once I mastered the art of online marketing, life got a LOT easier.

    Actually, a great guy, with a ton of knowledge in this arena is John Durham. Just search for him here in WF. You'll find him. He's a master at this.

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    Might start with his personal circle of influence, product giveaways and Craigslist.

    "Everything you can imagine is real." – Pablo Picasso

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    I agree with Michael, cold calling is where it's at but I'd say to do it in person. You'd be surprised at how many companies don't have a website or have a crappy one. Many have been burned by "designers" so think of a way to overcome that objection.

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    Hes best bet to start out with would be a service like oDesk or Elance. It will help him get some web design and SEO clients under his belt while he builds up the SEO of his own website.
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    Perhaps posting in forums that focus on the niche the offline business is in. Craig's list is a viable alternative. He may just break down and put out some signs.

    To your Success,
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    I have a web design agency.

    We operate locally, so I can give you some tips based on my personal experience.

    Getting Local Web Design Leads

    1. Walk in to Local Businesses
    2. Phone Them
    3. Find them in Google (Adsense)
    4. Find them on Social Networks (mostly FB, G+, Twitter)
    5. Advertise in Local Buy & Sell FB groups
    6. Store Window Ads
    7. Local Newspapers
    8. Affiliate Program for Clients to refer other Clients.
    9. Buy Ad Space on Local Websites
    10. Leaflet Drops to Local Businesses

    Apply the above 10 elements and your buddy will have enough leads to choke a chicken (assuming, of course, that said chicken eats design leads).


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    Post ads on Craigslist to get some leads.

    Learn how to post unlimited Craigslist ads.
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    Newspaper classified ads are great.I recommend using a network to get cheaper deals.I personally use Nationwide Newspapers Advertising
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    Call them and sell them, but have an impressive online presence too because your offline customers might want to check your online presence.

    You can also hire appointment fixing companies to do the lead harvesting for you. Look for those that have experience handling your type of customers and you'd then just have to worry about closing the deal which is far easier compared to conversing and converting and complete stranger.
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