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I am a college student and Ive noticed that there are many third party vendors who sell products.for companies like sprint, verizon, comcast in places like best buy, walmart etc.

I've tried to Google how I can form a business like it where I would train sales people for different brands and put them in locations through the brands connection

I don't know too much about it. I would like to research it but I don't even know what it's called. Can anyone give me information
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    I know I'd be the one recruiting and training sales people. But how do I get in the door? What is This called so that I can do some research
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      First and for most, you have to be a qualified "reseller " of the service / product you want to sell. With DirecTv as an example you can call "perfect 10" and go through the hoops of becoming a qualified reseller for DirecTv. ( This of the bunch thatI am aware of is the least expense to get into - and we are not talking about equipment and the like, we are talking insurance minimums. )

      From there.. that is when you can go to these locations and determine when the contract for the booth is up, and place a bid to assume the location. I can tell you it generally is not cheap.. and if you play your cards right you can actually get paid to pull your bid from the current occupant <wink> ( poor ******* pays the Savidge Tax once a year every year! hahaha )
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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        Thank you so much for the info. "Reseller" does fit the general description of what I want to research. You've saved me time because I was researching contract sales and it didn't really fit.

        Do you have any other information? Thanks in advance
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        Lol@savidge tax. I had to read it twice... hmmmmm... very interesting
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        • look at the macro.

          Reseller, is another name for middleman, broker, independent contractor, etc..,

          and "affiliate" in internet circles.

          you can broker most anything!

          companies always need distribution and sales.

          so follow you passions, devise ways to earn a living in particular Industries, niches, products, and services.

          your open ended.

          you can create any product or service, any offering,
          with a solution to a business problem,
          and "project it" ( marketing is psychological projection) enough to find your "following" in our interconnected, global marketplace, in which people, will give you money, in exchange.
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            Kirby, thank you. Your words inspire me.
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    Theyre typically called brand ambassadors, or brand reps, and the category this falls into isnt always a reseller as much as it is "experience marketing".

    I just went to an event where a specific brand of vehicle was demoing a national tour of a new model. most of the "brand reps" were freelancers, or on call.

    You could put together a network of these people, based on experience in niche "automotive, sports, energy drinks, etc) and charge people to be part of this network, almost like a brand rep union, then go and "call" on the large companies who do experience marketing, google them in your area, and sell them on a list of these people who are trained to do this, in exchange for a fee. its almost like finding models..
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      @aleksandersuave. Thank you for all the information. I found it very interesting although it was not in line with what I wanted

      Thanks everyone for your info. Ive realized the first step is to do my due dillegence on becoming a subcontractor for cable services. The second part of my plan is to be put in a high traffic location where I can put a sales team together to sell products.

      This is already common practice in walmarts and targets. How do I get in the door with these big box retailers to sell products?

      Anyone have experience? I Thank you all.
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