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I wanted to see what kind of commission rates are the industry standard for a digital media salesperson for a small/med size digital agency specializing in web development, seo, marketing, brand development etc etc?

Also what is the industry standard base salary for such person?

Would $40k and say 5% of all sales be fair or would the comission rate need to much much higher and somewhere in the 15-20%?

How would you structure a good compensation package if you were to be looking to hire someone like that?
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    Industry standard is 5% on top of the base pay. Depending on experience you would be in between 30-40k base pay. Most places have a commission ladder you can climb so X amount of sales = 5% commission and X amount of sales = 10% commission, etc.

    You could also have commission only reps but the problem with that is you burn through a bunch of people pretty quickly. May not be worth the time and effort to train them just to have them leave immediately.

    Base + Commission gives you more qualified people, but you have to be effective in training and also fire the wrong fit as soon as possible.
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    Alright thank you, I kept seeing higher figures online (20-40%) but I believe those are full commission/no base opportunities. I also know that % is a little higher in SaaS sales so I just wanted to double check. Thanks again
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