Ways to generate results for clients during the SEO sandbox period?

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I do SEO under a lead gen model, and as you already know, it can take a few weeks or more for results to start showing. For the benefit of my clients, as well as my sales process, I'd like to be able to offer a complementary service that fills the gap, and gives them a taste of results while we wait for the organic results to kick in.

PPC comes to mind. I'm in the home-improvement contracting niche and CPC costs are extremely high. It's on the to do list for testing regardless.

What else do you guys do to tide the clients over during the "gap period?"
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    I always make sure they have the right expectations first so they don't need a stop gap service.

    If you want to do PPC maybe you should consider using bing ads, they're usually at least 50% of the CPC of Google. Facebook is another option bringing traffic straight to the site.
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      The moment as a SEO provider you change the service provided, from a traffic based service to a Profit based service, the "Gap" disappears.

      There are 2 things at play here. You have a web site, its job in one form or another is to convert visitors. That is what websites are supposed to do. ( or at least I think so ) This is the profit aspect of what I believe SEO is. The other aspect, the more obvious one that every one is familiar with is drawing the traffic. More traffic, more sales correct? We ALL know this is not true.

      As much as we know it not to be true, how many actually do anything about it? You were hired to bring more traffic correct? At the end of the day that was the job you got a contract signed for. IF that is all you are doing, then there should be an understanding that there will be a "Gap" plain and simple. If you are thinking you could throw some paid traffic at the site, then why are you selling SEO?

      I perceive the better solution, again looking at this from a PROFIT perspective. Adjust and correct your clients site to convert better. Imagine increasing your clients bottom line by 10%, within 2 weeks of starting your SEO program. Then imagine increasing the traffic across the site 200%. All of the sudden you have a 20% increase in profits on your hands. There simply is NO GAP. Only an incremental increase, again in profits that the client sees.
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    Without question: social media. That's what we do.


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      Videos posted on Youtube get listed very quickly. Usually, it's the first thing that pops up for a client. Of course, the videos are also on their website.
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    Local Awareness Ads via FB & a sweet call to action.
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