Profiting From Free ADS: NO Webite Or Costs Involved::

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I wonder how many people have tried using this method which I have had some success with and would like to share:

It Involves looking at the free ads in your area Craigslist etc etc.. You then scour through and find things that are being sold..

Lets say for instance someone is selling a car for $300 dollars, you contact the seller and ask if it has been sold!.. If not you then ask how much the car was when they purchased it.. lets say $1,500 for augments sake.. you then offer to sell the car for more than $300 dollars for them!.. who would say no! you then using your copy skills etc etc re-advertise using your contact details.. Any profit on top of the $300 you take the commission for the sale..

There is a little more involved than the above but can work a treat for nothing but time... if want more info drop me a hello..


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    That sounds like a lot of work and a lot of variables for very little IMHO

    Have you done this yourself>? did it work?

    These theories are often full of holes -- you could spend a lot of time and the guy could sell the car to his brother in law. Not to mention all the shady type of people you might run into all with their own agendas
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    There are much easier ways to make money
    Venom Software
    Craigslist lead scraper mailer/Linkedin Bot
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      Based upon the responses, you could corner the market on this. Other people see problems where you see opportunity. I saw this as a service once, where there was an article written about some guys who are doing exactly what you are thinking of doing.

      I didn't pay it much mind, and I don't know if they are profitable or not. But the point is, you can definitely enhance peoples CL postings, think Pictures, Copy, CTA.

      I have absolutely no interest in it, and I don't see how you could make it profitable, but don't let others opinions of your idea stop you from pursuing it.
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