USP: 88 Ways To Create Your Own

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Creating a USP has been talked about for decades.

Despite all the talk how it's done,
people draw a blank as to come up
with one for themselves.

With this list of 88 ways with examples of their application,
this is going to mark it so much easier to come up with
your own.


1 How many customers you have served. Works best when you have served the most

2 A penalty if you screw up

3 The percentage of repeat clients

4 The customer retention rate
as a percentage over a time frame

5 The low refund rate as a percentage

6 The number of support staff per x number of customers. Example: One customer support person to every 75 customers.

7 Average length of time a customer has to wait for support. Example: Hosting company displays the low waiting time compared to the rest.

8 Naming the biggest frustration your market has with existing players and then guaranteeing that will never happening backed up with a payout should it ever happen. Example: I did that with the lawnmowing businesses I owned.
Not showing up when they said they would, not do what they said they would and not clean up after them.*
Penalty to me was $1,000 if I did any of those 3.

9 Listing the steps you use to create
certainty of high performance. Example: Toyota lists in detail the checks taken on all pre-owned Toyota cars before they will certify them and put them on their lot.

10 List what you don't do, don't have and don't contain. Example: Baja Fresh says no freezers, no microwaves, no msg,
no lard.

11 if you are this type of person, do these things, then you will get this quantifiable result, or you will get your money back plus a payment for
the loss of time incurred.

12 What goes into the selection process which all others use some or all your rejects. Example: Coffee beans. Only those that are picked at the optimum time in which is named. All others mix the *under- ripe and over- ripe.

13 Your staff must have had x number of years hands on experience, certified by a reputable organization before they are allowed to touch a client's account.
Example: An Adwords agency has team members Google Certified and have had 3 years minimum account experience.

14 The technology to make the product is the new generation
which makes it last longer, less maintenance costs, less running costs and lower initial investment.
Example: Second generation of energy saving light bulbs.

15 Name the biggest fear a person has who is new to the market, and
guarantee it will never happen. Example: Car transporter customers fear it will be damaged.
One broker personally will payout the insurance claim surcharge.

16 Country of origin. Example: Water from Fiji.

17 Add a new product ingredient.
Example: Appetite suppressant to fat burning ingredients.

18 To create a product this good,*
it requires x amount of time.
Yours is the longest. Example: Port wine.

19 It does more than one job at once
previously would of taken more time and expense. Example: Hair shampoo and conditioner.

20 Features are stripped out so that speed attracts the user. Example: Wordpress themes that strip code to load faster.

21 You define the problem better than anybody else, therefore*
the only one who can solve it.
Example: It was common for the ad writer Eugene Schwartz to name and describe the hidden cause of what ailed people*in his blockbuster ads.

22 You have your own named processes which are trademarked.
Example: I have my own, although not trademarked, The Tipping Point,
which is when a person makes up their mind to solve a problem without the influence of a marketer.
Oren Klaff has the STRONG method.

23 You have your own self assessment tools. Example: Perry Marshall has them for seeing if Facebook advertising is right. Has one to see where your natural marketing strengths are.

24 You expose industry bad practices. Example: Used car dealer comments about the practice of attaching immobilizers on sold cars for using if the payments aren't made.*

25 You provide a forum where customers can interact with each other. Example: Private Facebook groups who buy training

26 You provide a different billing measurement. Example: Cell phone company rolls over what you haven't used into next month.

27 Low usage is free. Example: Software it's common. Banks won't charge for low number of checks cleared. Phone companies will give you free texts with data usage plans.

28 Combine 2 things that have never been done before. Example:
Jelly and peanut butter.
Biscuit wafers and ice cream.

29 Percentage of all sales go to a charity.

30 No harmful practices have gone into the making of product. Example: No child labor. Use Fair Trade symbol. Not tested on animals. No chemicals used in the production. Organically certified.

31 All work is done in-house. Example: Web Design firm*
has all 6 team members at 194 Main Street Clearwater.

32 Independent tests show it out-performs all others. Example: Nutritional supplement tested for percentage of active ingredients.
Show the lab sheet with company header on it.

33 Called upon to comment by media. Example: Give the links to the*
media mentions as well as the logos.

34 What conditions it takes to make the best. Example: Coffee beans are best grown at a certain altitude, with the day and night temperatures averaging certain temperatures, the humidity has a certain range and the number of days after flowering is the prime time for harvesting. Most growers strip pick the beans which means there is a mix of green and over-ripe beans. You don't accept that, you only accept those who select pick.

35 You publicly dare your competitors to match something you do. Example: In my previous lawnmowing business I said no others dare match my $1,000 guarantee.

36 List the clients you have. Example: I list Puma and the biggest
brands in New Zealand for my paper receipt roll business.

37 List the results you've got for your clients. Example: New to web design client books $25,000 worth of business *3 days after running the ad I wrote.

38 Give out case studies how people in a industry resolved a nagging problem. Example: Website Conversion tool makers give case study's what their users did to lift response from using their tools.

39 Be seen where your competitors*
aren't. Example: A bed maker at a classic car show

40 Custom made, custom service.
Example: Men's suites.

41 You only work in one industry. Example: Self storage.

42 You only solve one problem.
Example: How to get people to show up at booked appointments.

43 Made in your country, therefore *
certainty of supply.*

44 You don't charge for one thing
in the bundle. Example: Southwest doesn't charge for hand luggage.

45 You charge at your cost price for the*one thing in a bundle which is part of a profit center for everybody else. Example: Candle making wicks.

46 Guarantee more certain results than anybody else. Example: Energizer battery the longest lasting battery.

47 Use more numbers than anybody else to quantify results. Example: 4 year old rose bush produced 875 blooms for 9 months of the year according to Royal Botanical Society.

48 Use more of the words used by your market. Example: Financial advisors who put on meals and presentations refer to those who continue to show up but never buy as plate lickers when marketing to
financial advisors.

49 Describe the moment of pain that your prospects never want to go through again. Example: Toddler bangs head while mother's back is turned because kitchen workbench is facing the wrong way.

50 Answer only the most nagging questions your prospects want answered that haven't been answered by your competitors. Example: Eye nutritional supplement *company tells why 2 common ingredients in eye health supplements don't work.

51 Make your message appeal only to the highest paying customers/clients. Example: Sport *Stars management company will have a chauffeur driven limo waiting at every airport.*

52 Show the cost of getting the buying decision wrong. Example I did*
for website design firm by showing 5 examples of the right choice of design made a clear percentage difference in performance. The flip side was if they didn't do it, that becomes their loss.

53 Show how they can get the most out of it's usage. Example: Auto-responder software seller give email campaigns users can deploy

54 You have no commission based people on staff

55 The average length of time team members have stayed with your company

56 *Mention of past firsts. Example:*First to predict the growth of web conversion firms.

57 *Who recommends you. Example:*
Dan Kennedy recommends Perry Marshall

58 First to mention the reason why something isn't working. Example the 2 common ingredients for eye supplements has been used.

59 The ingredient which causes the outstanding result. Example: Tumeric turns up the fat burning furnace in your body.

60 Change the way something is measured. Example paper receipt rolls used at point of sale had been measured by diameter not length of paper. New player says it's the length that matters and their's *is the longest.

61 Your timing. Example: Stats show a good percentage of bed buying takes place right after a vacationer returns home to their not so comfy bed. Lists of these people are available to rent.

62 You are the first to mention a immediate problem. Example: Carpet cleaner only talks about dust mites.

63 You are the first to mention the process that it takes to make your product when all other makers have the same process. Example: Schlitz *beer's ad man told the story about the mother yeast and the steam process the bottles went through.

64 The number of people on research

65 The dollars invested annually on research*

66 The percentage of revenue gone into research

67 Solves just one problem. Example: Liquid fertilizer solves the salty soil problem West Texas growers face which nothing else solves.

68 The smallest in size. Example: Apple shows a side image of their
latest iMac beside previous model.

69 Indestructible. Example: Gadget gets thrown into kitchen blender.

70 The degree in which you solve the problem. Example: other's kill bugs 79% of the time, you kill them 98.9% of the time.

71 Length of Guarantee. Example: Blublockers have a lifetime guarantee in which you can get a replacement, even if you broke them when you sat on them.

72 Pay for product return. Example: Shoe company will pay for the return*if they are the wrong fit.

73 Easy to migrate to another.
Example: Web hosting company will
do the migration for you and guarantees no lost files or code disruptions. Plus user will never loose files because it's a simple as 1 click to restore.

74 Made for different situations. Example: Tires made for wet and snow conditions as well as long lasting. Hot roads and long distance driving. Braking a lot around the city
as a Courier driver would.

75 Compatible with. Example: Software that integrates with all other software already in use by customer.

76 Legally the only one. Example: Trademarks, patents, licensing.*

77 Endorsed by. Example: Sports brands use famous athletes. Informercials use past famous actors and actresses. Brands use industry associations, like Heart Foundation, Cancer Society and dentist licensing association.

78 Message is only to those who have the most urgent problem. Example: Emergency glass. Website hacked and crashed. IRS doing an audit.

79 Spokesperson. Example: Informercisl giant Guthy Renker have Victoria Principle, Jane Fonda plus others in which they get a percentage of the sales.

80 Put a negative on others. Example: Medicine breath on a mouthwash. Example: You are paying for water when it's cheaper out of your own tap.

81 Your own product. Example: Create your own brand through private labeling like Trader Joe's does.

82 Speed of quote. Example: 2 minutes once form filled in for granite benchtop company. 2 hours for heavy machinery finance company.

83 Reset the buying criteria. Example: Home mortgage shoppers*
seek out the lowest interest rates.*
Lowest cost of mortgage over the term or lowest interest rate becomes the new consideration.

84 Before and After. Example: Website developer shows to business owners what existing website looks like on a mobile device and what theirs look *like optimized for mobile.

85 Not seen before. Example: You flat out tell people it's very different
to anything they experienced.

86 Is it right for them? Example: Instead of giving all the reasons why
what you have is right, get your prospects to think of the possibly it might not be right. Gives clarity rather than pulled in one direction.

87 Don't pay unless you get X result. Example: If you can quantify
a desired result that you can achieve , then say they won't pay unless they get it.

88 Shrink the size to be a sample. Example: Take a product or service and make it small enough so that*
you can sell it at your cost price, yet it's big enough*to experience a positive result for the buyer. This opens*the opportunity to attract more to you. At point of sale upsell them to your full package.

Doctor E. Vile
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  • good stuff


    how about a great sales line? maybe I missed it.

    or is the USP more involved?
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      Originally Posted by kirbymarketingconcierge View Post

      good stuff


      how about a great sales line? maybe I missed it.

      or is the USP more involved?
      Not following you, care to dxpznx on it some more?

      Doctor E. Vile
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      • My fault.

        took it to mean something else.

        from "value proposition", for whole organization and a whole paragraph.

        then to "a catch phrase" 1 liner...

        Domino's Pizza: "You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less—or it's free."
        FedEx: "When your package absolutely, positively has to get there overnight."
        M&M's: "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand."
        Metropolitan Life: "Get Met. It Pays."

        then drifting to an old 80's group and song
        "88 lines about 44 women"

        p.s.- I am on some pain killers , and I can be unclear.

        Anyway, thanks for this. you are really helping me here.

        doing 1 right now and not easy.

        It is hard to be objective and come up with, why your business?
        And not the competition!

        A USP that is simple and delivers a message.

        also, The positioning statement determines what place a brand (tangible good or service) should occupy in the consumer's mind compared to the competition.
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          Originally Posted by kirbymarketingconcierge View Post

          also, The positioning statement determines what place a brand (tangible good or service) should occupy in the consumer's mind compared to the competition.
          This I believe to be why it is so important to see what the competition is doing and ENSURE that your massage is truly Unique. It amazes me how I can look at a clients USP, compared to the marketplace, and EVERYONE is using the same strength. The "U" becomes Universal - hahaha
          Success is an ACT not an idea
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