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I got the idea from here http://www.warriorforum.com/offline-...via-email.html which is a great thread I think.

So I just created a FB Group call [my city] Business Listings, like 20 minutes ago. I'm in a few local online yard sale groups & befriended a few folks there that are advertising their businesses. I had to invite at least one person to create the group.

The group is just what the name says "List Your Business".

Now, imagine, with a bit of work, let's say I have 100 businesses on there in probably a week & 500 in a month by contacting them manually on FB & LinkedIn.

As Admin, I can create an "Event" once a week, as I understand that's the best way to send a note to all the members en masse.

Next I do a Google Hangout (or whatever recording system works best) with Q&A live.

The event can be "How To Collect And Follow Up With Leads" (just an example), but many have ZERO clue about Aweber or Getresponse etc.

I'm sure there are no shortage of training topics I could talk about.

Of course, if a listener/group member wants me to take care of that for them, then they are a client.

Just tossing an idea out there for feedback.

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    There is another recent thread that looked at something similar geared towards hotels and restaurants. http://www.warriorforum.com/offline-...on-places.html It is a "Directory" that uses the tab function of FB. Something that you might want to consider. Not only having the community yard sale listing but you could manually insert the data. Upgrading the listing could be an upcharge. Images, video etc. ( link to product: Sales - Social Directory )

    OR - you could use the listing as a trip wire into your other services.

    The other Idea of using Google Hangout is a great idea. Adding value in what you do, you simply cant go wrong there.

    Good luck with the new venture!
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  • You know Ken, that's a good idea. Since it's local you could look for content (or local business people to provide) that would appeal to your audience and actually have them looking for the posts on their timeline. I've yet to find a facebook group for business that actually provided any useful information. It's usually just work at home junk.
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    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for sharing educative idea...
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