Advertising Help: Mistake 2, Not Tied To A Buyer's Motivation

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When looking to buy, we want to know it will work in our daily lives,
in our unique situation.

Most advertising leaves the buyer to figure out if it will fit in with their lives.

Example: Mother of toddler wants to know the stroller will fit into the Hatchback she wants to buy.

Example: Retired lady homeowner wants to know if this lawn mowing guy will not let her down like the others have done, despite past assurances.

How you come up with this, is see one person who has a Tipping Point which makes her take action.

The mother of toddler's Tipping Point is when the coldest day arrives and extra layers of clothes make it a tight squeeze to fit into stroller. She wants a new hatchback at the same time.

The retired lady homeowner's Tipping Point is when lawn mowing guy failed to mow her lawn the day before she had friends and family over for her 50th wedding anniversary.

The buyer has in built motivation to buy, without the influence of a marketer.

When you don't connect to that built-in motivation, the buyer sees you as not relevant, or worse clueless and pushy.

By you connecting to that in-built motivation, you become the first choice, if what you have does match their needs.

This happens because you got the timing spot on in terms of readiness to buy, you are the only one who has nailed it in terms of knowing exactly what a person at The Tipping Point wants next.

The mailer below shows how it's done in "The Guest Test".


Doctor E. Vile
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  • I didn't read your post yet , Ewen.

    but great work and like where you are going- IMO

    posted this on Iamnameless's OP. how to create threads through time

    what is a "thread", really.

    on 1st impression, you are making the next jump in this sub-forum
    development- IMO

    In hopes of increasing the USP of Online Forums!!!?

    How do you market and make "whole cloth",

    1 thread at a time.
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    "The Guest Test"... GENIUS.

    I'm currently in works with a home reno business. They're gonna love me now

    Looking forward to Mistake #3.
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    Thanks Ewen,

    We've used a similar type of approach over the years.

    I love the calling out to "ladies" and the "Guest Test"

    In my custom framing business we use the following...

    Is your home picture-poor?

    Now you can transform your pictures into beautiful decor and allow us to show you the pleasure of adding value to your home and lifestyle.

    Never worry again about making a poor frame choice because as you are guided by our design experts your ideas are realised right before your eyes using our unique visualisation software.

    We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

    "Be totally delighted or your framing is changed for FREE."

    I must dig out some graphics of the old campaigns so I can post them on the forum.
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