Do Not Prospect Like These People

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I have a website that's in the top 5 for some 50 keywords. I get a lot of people sending me email messages.

The most common type starts with: Hello, you're missing 300 visitors a day.

The next most common type: Hello, I hope your day is fine. There are some changes we could make to your website to convert more visitors.

They all come from some non-trustworthy email address, something like this:
FirstNameSEO@yahoo or google, no phone number, no website, no anything to check them out.

The first type lose me as soon as they say 300 visitors a day. But even if I could pass that, I can't see myself ever working with someone who's sending me an email out of the blue with nothing to check them out, I just trash.

Occasionally, I get email messages about changing something on one of my sites from someone with
company phone number
Company fax number
Company website

And, the email address is something like

I instantly assign them way more credibility than I do the others.

That's before I read their message!
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