What time of day best to call to get Business Owner?

by qu4rk
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I read somewhere that it's best to do you cold calling during a certain part of the day depending on the niche. I figure we could get a thread going about the best time to call to get business owners on the phone.

Now I get it that certain niches may have different times. What times do you find works best for you with your niches?
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    For contractors and builders, early around 8AM is typically better especially for one or two-man operations. Larger outfits anytime in the AM.

    Restaurants either the lunch lull around 2-3PM or later in the evening around 8-9PM.

    It's kind of a moot point though cause typically when calling you're not going to catch the owner the first go 'round, but you can find out the best time to give them a call back.
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    The early bird gets the worm... That's the rule, and for good reasons. However there have been many times I had a crummy morning on the phone but stuck with it then my afternoon blew up with sales. So many times we are tempted to stop digging when we are only a few feet away from our gold vein... So many times I have almost quit for the day, and a boss made me keep calling, only to find out that he was right "Maybe it's just an afternoon day for you John, better stay at it..." Enough times that the lesson was learned to keep digging, because somewhere in that lead pile a sale is ALWAYS there.

    I don't know what the booksmart teachers will tell you, but coming from a guy who has made over a half a million dials personally...This is how it goes.
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    Oh my stars in heaven, he's back...

    But yeah, I don't think the time you're calling matters all too much. It's the followup and consistency that will count.
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    Just visiting now and then... Still love the WF. I think anyone who knows me knows that. I was a Warrior for ten years before ever even having a sig. Anyway, hope the post was helpful. Mostly here today seeking out some good ideas for some stuff Im working on, but rather enjoying the occasion offer some advice and encouragement here and there.
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    I've been having success cold calling local businesses (all except restaurants) between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Also, you can find out lots of information about the owners if you can speak to the office manager or administrative assistant between 4:30 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. Surprisingly, many business owners will answer the phone themselves early in the morning. Finally, if you have a good telephone script, you can leave a provocative message (something is wrong with their website or their is a bad review on Yelp etc.) for the owner, and someone will call you back.
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    I can honestly say it doesn't matter when it comes to getting the sale. Now in order to reach more prospects and convert more prospects into true leads then there are different times for different industries that you are more likely to get access to the owner or decision maker.

    For me... More than half of my sales since starting out have been in the afternoon.

    I would recommend initial point of contact be in the morning hours, and then the afternoon be more of a follow up and closing calls if you're dedicating an entire day to calling.
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    I have done cold calling and have always found potential clients between 11am and 5pm but it is important to take proper follow up and stay in touch with the client to close the sale.
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      Since I cold call here is my experience. I follow the usual times the business owner is supposed to be there for that particular niche. Contractors are the early birds so I call early in the morning. Between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., etc.

      What I've noticed, at least in my area, is the contractors (as an example) don't follow the "supposed to be there" times. That means calling back and speaking with their gate keeper. That gives me an opportunity to learn who really makes the decision. Sometimes it isn't the one I thought it was.

      This happens a lot with mom and pop businesses. One roofer I called answered the phone and told me flat out call his wife and ask her. She doesn't answer the phone until 11 a.m. so don't call earlier.

      Again, there are general guideline time frames and timeframes that work in your area. Learn what they are and you'll know the best time to call.

      Just my experience out here in the wild wild west...
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    I just recently started overcoming my resistance to cold calling businesses.

    Really, it doesn't matter when you call. Of course... there are exceptions like others have mentioned... if you call a restaurant at noon you'll probably get an ear full.

    My recommendation... don't worry about when is the best time to call and...


    "If you are not calling, you are not uncovering opportunities." -Smart Calling by Art Sobczak

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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    Avoid calling during the busy times. Owners are busy and get really, really pissed when you take them away from running their business.

    Call either in the morning, between 2-4, or Sunday before the lunch rush.
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    Really no better time than the other. Owners will come and go as they please. Its useless to ask the receptionist when is a good time to call back, how do they know? Just a waste of time. Its really timing and luck, sure some businesses its a no brainer, but for the most part its luck and persistence getting the owner on the phone. Even lunch time (except for restaurants) is great. Receptionist leaves for lunch owner picks up.
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