Linkedin Tips - I have really started to like it, got to 500 in 4 days :)

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My own informal and free "report"

I now like LinkedIn - a lot

I was "in" it before but did not pursue it - I felt it was mostly young corporate people or something and I got a lot of mail the first days and that turned me off

Recently I decided to give it a new try and now I love it - I do have my own large social network so I took advantage of LI ability to upload your own email address (and I have many LOL) to "find" connections....I did that and in 4 days I had the magic figure of over 500 people in my network

One thing that helped me - I switched to a separate email just for LI - otherwise u could go nuts

I made it point this time to NOT deal with other "warrior" types - social media marketers, ad pro's, email writers, etc and other stuff I personally do

I had a couple social media types email me the first days touting their services so I just removed them - I have very little tolerance for silly people

Silly people would be - a chiropractor offering another chiro a "free exam"
or a mechanic sending another mechanic an "oil change special"

Yeah it is just as stooopid to contact other marketers - but of course a few did

Some suggestions - put the word "L.I.O.N" in your profile - it means you are open to new connections

get more connections - search for word LION = also some occupations people are very open to connect - real estate, insurance, car dealers for example haha
These are a good bet to connect to in the first days to get to 500 plus

try to connect to people in the fields you wish to sell to - like roofers if that is what you target etc

After you hit 500 you can sit back and let the leads roll in

I have not approached or contacted anyone there yet but my profile has helped me and an offline job and I got small online job out of it

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    Where it says interests I rank number one for most of those terms
    all big volume high value searches
    Once you get 30 000 endorsements and 14 000 connections there is a lot to like about the platform
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    What are you selling / offering to LI users? Are those 500 Targetted or random people?
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      Originally Posted by RealCasher View Post

      What are you selling / offering to LI users? Are those 500 Targetted or random people?

      Not sure if you are talking to me? I have no links and I don't look at people's sigs here as I have them turned off. I didn't put a link

      My first 500 - from my own network/s and people I know or have dealt with - I uploaded contacts from my emails

      Now I do "target" people in areas I feel where I could get business
      I don't think LinkedIn is as blatant or sale-sy as other platforms

      After accepting a connection with a "nurse" in a foreign country and immediately getting a freaky "My Jonathan Whitely-Pierce, esq" blah blah "My dearest we have a cheque here in your name" bs I decided there is no reason for me to connect to anything but Americans (sorry but it is true - LOL)

      Think global -ACT Local is my motto.
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    Just adding LIONS will get your account shut down
    Sure they claim they are Linkedin Open Networkers but you have to look at
    1. accepts all invites
    2. no IDK (they will never click the box to report you ie I do not know this person)
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