Ok, I think I found ANOTHER "golden" search - but it's kinda WEIRD!...

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Here it is...

site:facebook.com "This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users"

Why it's weird...

Well, first of all, the results are very weird, and can be ignored until about page 14. Even then the "usable" results are few and far between, as far as I can tell.

I'm not even sure HOW one would use the ones that ARE "usable."

Basically, it's UNCLAIMED FB small biz pages.
Actually, more like automatically-generated FB small biz pages.

It gets even weirder when you discover that ANYONE (including you or me), can freely EDIT these unclaimed pages, immediately! -- including changing the photo, etc.!

Some of these I found have a LOT of likes on them.

You can also SEE all the people who have liked these unclaimed pages -- including being able to make them friends, and msg them.

Here's an example of one of these automatically-generated FB small biz pages...

And here's the list of all 1,669 people who *like* this auto-generated page!...

Here's another page that seems more abandoned than the other one...

Doesn't even have a pic, AND YET, it has 3,009 people who like the page, AND 27,824 VISITS!

Anyhow -- you get the idea.

Dunno really what to DO with this search info, but I thought I would share this "golden" search with you -- maybe some of you have some ideas.


-- TW

PS: UPDATE -- I see that there's a link for the owner to claim the page AND (if they want) to LINK the page to their "real" FB page. If that's true, then maybe when the auto-generated page is linked with their "real" FB page, they suddenly "pick up" / gain all those new likes. Maybe a sales pitch could be made, "I know a way to instantly give your page 3,007 new likes." Of course the real number may be lower because there may be duplicate people in both lists. Anyhow -- something to think about, possibly.
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