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Having been in several traditional businesses, as well as online home based businesses, one thing always remains the same, we all look for the most cost effective advertising possible.

I have used every medium there is, from traditional yellow pages, newspaper print, magazines, radio, cable TV, direct mail, restaurant place matts, billboards, yard signs, flyers, magnetic signs, take one displays, movie theatre videos, auto wraps and Mobile LED Billboards, Of course, business cards,fax blasts, telemarketing, robo calling and then for some businesses, trade shows, state fairs, local chamber of commerce, Rotary Club, Networking Groups, free incentives, vacation vouchers, So have I missed anything? lol

Simply put, I have tried it all, and when I converted all my business to the internet, a whole new world opened up. First was email marketing, free exchanges, banners, click exchanges, SEO, PPC, Adsense, forum posting, FaceBook, YouTube, Social-Media-Income, Reciprocal Referrals, you name it, I have used it. As most know in any business, it is not cheap to advertise, and all of these mediums can cost a fortune, so what did I discover as the best medium of all long term for offline and online businesses.

The one medium which is almost cost free is my Mobile LED Billboards which I put in the rear windows of my vehicles blasting out the message for the specific business opportunity I am promoting. Given I promote several businesses online, I drive traffic to my sites by simple loading a specific message in my scrolling LED signs. Get Paid To Park & Drive is my main message, and it gets more attention to my other businesses than anything else I have evaluated. I can change message as often as I want, and how do I know this medium works, most people are lip readers so I can see in my rear view mirror and watch people read my messages. Then they reach for a pen and paper to write down website address or phone number.

Nothing is easier or more cost effective in my experience, and it is a form of advertising which keeps on working for years and years no matter what kind of business you promote. I park strategically at entrances and exits at sporting events, state fairs, conventions, airport parking, malls, grocery store, wherever I go I get Paid To Park & Drive. I was thinking I would make it an affiliate networking business given everyone needs to advertise no matter what kind of business they are in. My latest new business is a Ceramic Nanotechnology Protective Autocare finish product line like no other. You almost never have to wash your vehicles again, dirt just doesn't stick, and when it rains, it is like you just washed your vehicle, and in beta testing, this is a killer ad campaign as I park at local car washes and get dozens of sales, like taking candy from a baby. lol

And here is another example of my newest business, a new Streaming Technology which allows you to watch all the TV, Movies, Sports and Pay Per View programming for Free, unlimited, no more cable or satellite fees, and when I park in cable TV building where people make payments, I am killing it, dozens of sales in just a a couple hours of parking my car near entrance or exit of parking lot. Just love this business, so easy, so powerful, and my little Mobile LED Signs do all the work while I shop or take a walk leaving my car at in parking lot.

Success to all,
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  • Awesome post. Not sure of the legality in the UK something I need to look more into. I run a driving school so both the LED and car wash kits would be fab.
    Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to do some research now.
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    Which mobile led display are you using? Cost?
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      Originally Posted by ldiaz117 View Post

      Which mobile led display are you using? Cost?

      My LED signs were engineered as per my spec as none were available almost 15 years ago when I started using them. I checked, and company only makes larger LED signs now, not enough demand for custom spec signs. There are several companies who sell these, but I can't vouch for quality. I have seen a lot of low quality junk, so you have to look for super brite LED technology so it can be seen in sunlight. Mine cost about $400.00 back then, and equal prices are about the same. This technology is very long lasting and quality LED signs will last forever, so very cost effective. Mine are 24 inch by 4 inch which fits most vehicles rear window shelf without obstructing view. I have SUV now and I mount it in rear window at top for maximum visibility. So a google search for Mobile LED 12vdc Signs should get you some ideas on current pricing. If you search drivefreesigns in Google you will see my example.

      Good luck,
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    I have seen them a while back here in Canada and they were being sold in Canadian Tire stores in parts dept.Thought they were cool and have actually seen a few on some vehicles.
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    Looked at your site. Didn't see anywhere to purchase these units. Do you have a source you can provide, or not? Google turned up nothing definitive.

    If your intent was to share something - I seemed to have missed it.

    Cheers. - Frank

    EDIT. Never mind. Found them. Ridiculously expensive. :-(
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    I had units made as per my specs and I sold them for several years for $369.00 when I had ordered 50 at a cost of $240., so I sold them all within a few months, I kept a few for my own use which I have used ever since, so not expensive when they have in fact sold dozens of different products and business opportunities as well as thousands of products and generated six figures over the years, so pretty good investment as I see it. I always get asked where I got my LED signs, so I may look into it again seeing the interest is still there, if not growing given more and more people are running home businesses these days.
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