Are real estate agents just discovering this?

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I would think real estate agents would be all over EDDM for years now. Is this news to them?

How real estate agents can get unlimited direct mail advertising for free (Part 1) | Inman

How real estate agents can get unlimited direct-mail advertising for free (part 2) | Inman
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    Agents can be a funny lot. At least the ones I have dealt with in the past. I read the links, the only thing I would add to them is, after finding the carrier routes a person could dig a little deeper and find all the businesses in the area to target.
    While looking up those businesses, a person could do a property search for the homes, properties in the area and find the agents for those. This, to me, would make it an easier sale.

    One other idea is to order a few more for each area and offer them to the agent to hand out to a prospective buyer when the property gets shown. This gives a buyer an idea of the businesses around. Another idea is to create a whole different card, maybe not a mailer that the agent would pay for. On that card, a person could prospect the companies that a new home owner would need.
    I'm sure this idea has been mentioned before, but I have tried it and it worked out really well. The advantage is agents have properties all over an area, but most of the companies that a new home owner would need cover those areas as well. Plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and so on.

    Thank you for the links.

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    The agent in the links is using Bob Ross's method. Niiice.

    As a former real estate agent, and someone who did tens of thousands of postcards via EDDM, it's not new to them. Just... most agents are dirt cheap. They want the sale NOW, not a few months from now, and they don't have the money to hold themselves threw the follow-up period.

    I had agents in my office come to me asking about EDDM. I would tell them about it and they said they were going to do it, but, they never did. Also, they wouldn't know what to say on the postcard besides the boring 'ole Just Listed/Just Sold postcards.

    They didn't know I offered a Home Seller's Guide to get leads and followed up like crazy to get listings (that's the missing link).

    So, yes, real estate agents know about EDDM. They are just too cheap, and don't know how, to do it.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing | Real Estate Agent

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