Who uses SEO and Social Media to obtain clients?

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I obtain most clients via cold calls and referrels. I'm finally going to head out and invest in my own marketing namely SEO (Content Marketing really) and Social Media.

How many of you guy's obtain clients via SEO and Social Media out if interest?

I should of done this ages ago as it is always better to have some coming to you with an enquiry rather then you trying to convince a person that they need a service.
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    well i used to do seo as well as smo of the website being optimized.
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        Well a lot of people I know uses SEO and Social Media to obtain clients. Even our company have used SEO and Social Media to reach out and get clients. I am not saying it is 100% effective. It is only effective if and only if you use it properly and wisely.
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    To reach more people Social Media will be the best choice. I would suggest, to use both SEO and SMO services to a website which will be helpful to generate organic leads.
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    Interesting. TY
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    IMHO SEO is a poor way to find new business - and my original business was SEO consultant! :-)

    I think it was Chet Holmes who broke any given market down to:
    1. 3% who are ready to buy now.
    2. 7% who are looking for information and may be converted into buyers
    3. 30% who don't know they need your service.
    4. 30% who know they need your service but for some reason are not looking (e.g. too busy).
    5. 30% who will never buy from you for whatever reason.

    #1 would be the people searching on buy keywords.
    #2 would be the people searching on generic (info) keywords.
    The rest are not searching...

    That means those who are relying on SEO are competing with every other website for 3% of the market who are ready to buy. Smarter ones are also competing with the 7% who are after information and may possibly be converted into buyers.

    So who's marketing to the other 90%?

    Almost nobody.

    Does it make sense to try and compete with everyone else, especially those who compete on price? Wouldn't it be better to market to #3 and #4, or 60% of the potential market? Where there's no competition?

    People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
    What I do for a living

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    I have to disagree but I will qualify my statement a bit.

    To me SEO and rankings from it is just the natural by product of putting out decent relevant information for a market that is interested in some topic. If I or a client is already in that niche and we already know and enjoy sharing that information and all it takes is a bit of optimization to get it in front of people that are actively searching for it then why would we not do that?

    I personally think that targeting the 3% of the people that actually want to buy now is the 1st and most important course of action. That's the low hanging fruit. I don't care how many other people are competing for that 3%, not a fight I am afraid of. Ranking naturally for buyer ready phrases has made myself and my clients more money in the last 16 years than anything else.

    Am I satisfied with JUST that piece of the pie? Of course not. I also believe in building funnels and interest pieces to create a steady stream of future buyers and using many other techniques beyond SEO and social media but to ignore the ones that today are jumping up and down with wallets in hand would be foolish. To get those sales over and over again because of natural rankings is like winning the lottery.

    I ran in to a client I took on 12 years ago yesterday. His aged, info filled high ranking site in his local niche to this day gets him several leads per day and the average invoice price is in the thousands. He introduced me to his friend as "the guy that made my business and put my kids through school" referring to the site I built him and work we did to get it ranked. He does not spend a nickel on paid ads and because we never engaged in spammy link building he has not suffered from Google slaps and very little maintenance is done on the site other than updating quality content to keep up with changes in the niche.
    Ready to generate the next million in sales? The Next Million Agency
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      Originally Posted by Peter Lessard View Post

      I personally think that targeting the 3% of the people that actually want to buy now is the 1st and most important course of action. That's the low hanging fruit.
      Very common occurrence where people try to convince
      the reader what they should buy.

      The reader has already made up her mind to buy,
      just not sure of the options and where to buy.

      That's where the thought process yields the greatest yield.

      Doctor E. Vile
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    It's called social media for a reason, everyone should use it, especially those who are looking to increase their clients database!
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    I use video marketing seo for most of my traffic. I find it actually converts better then paid traffic especially solos. Because you get a chance to build a relationship with the viewer. As long as you add value and achieve whatever the title of your video is.

    You wont go far wrong.
    Learn How To Be A Full Time Internet Marketer
    Join my membership site for just $1!Try before you buy.
    Check out whats inside here: http://garethinternetbusiness.com/solo/
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    To rank in search engines s.e.o is the most used practice and to gain traffic/visitors to website social media is most reliable thing to do. Thanks for other useful advices.

    Elmina Kenly is a london base Author and Editor at Law Essay Pros, A Masters in English with a specialization in Experimental writing from Cardiff College. Her artistic investments incorporate seventeenth century verse as she has dependably had an enthusiasm for writing.

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    I don't sell social media services, I don't know how to use it effectively.

    Seo and ppc are overly effective methods.

    Any sound marketing program will have more then one way to generate leads.

    Direct mail

    Are all top Ways for getting leads ( especially for the ones of us allergic to cold calling)
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    You can start a Facebook business page and pay them to show ads to the exact people you're targeting. FB has a lot of data on their users, so they are best for this kind of thing.

    You can also get a bunch of likes on your page and then pay FB some more money to show your updates to more of your fans news feeds.

    Background: their algorithm "EdgeRank" actually filters out your updates on its own and the result is that only about 5%-15% of your likes will wind up with your posts in their news feed. This is why you have to pay them to show your stuff to all of your likes.

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    Originally Posted by Peter Lessard View Post

    I have to disagree but I will qualify my statement a bit.
    You are entitled to disagree
    Originally Posted by Peter Lessard View Post

    That's the low hanging fruit.
    My experience with an SEO business is that people searching on SEO terms have a preconceived idea of an SEO consultant. Unlearning this preconceived idea and re-educating is hard work, especially for a non sales person. Even with a pro sales person, there is a residual ill feeling (for want of a better term), that the person has been sold to, which results in buyers remorse, or at the very least, a reluctance to make referrals.

    Our approach made us a referral only service within a couple of years. And the referrals are presold, the sale is ours to lose... (and I have lost a few!).

    Take a look at this posting in another thread:

    The Poster describes a problem that the business owners don't know they have. They're not searching. By doing a leaflet drop:
    Originally Posted by savidge4 View Post

    the response rate was silly!
    No (or little) competition. That's real low hanging fruit...

    People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
    What I do for a living

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    We can find clients or customers from the SEO and SMO also.
    I mostly depend on the SEO to get new clients and SMO is not only used to get the clients buts do customer service.
    I deal my clients online and offline also the clients I deal offline are from the SEO strategies and SMO I am able to focus more members and answer any queries online and get more response from them.
    I think for the eCommerce businesses should be on the social media for getting more leads or to respond to your customers.
    Every business will get its business leads from the proper SEO and SMO strategy.
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