Burger King makes money giving away sleep masks!

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A great example of understanding your prospects situation, finding a way to add value and capitalizing on it.

Part of the story:

"South Korea is one of the most sleep-deprived countries out there. And Seoul is known for epic work commutes. So people doze during their morning subway ride - the problem is how to wake up in time for their stop.

Burger King, which has 202 restaurants in Korea, just ran a small, targeted campaign in Seoul with a quirky answer to that dilemma.

The campaign from Cheil Worldwide offered sleep masks to commuters at five major stations in Seoul. Written across them was a message asking other commuters to wake them up at their particular stop. There were two coupons for free coffee inside the masks, so people could use one themselves and share the other with the person who woke them.

Morning sales at participating stores rose 18.7% in the month from the starting date, Feb. 23, Burger King said. And social-media chatter about the brand jumped 44.5% in the same period."

Fully story here: Why Burger King Gave Funny Sleep Masks To Korean Commuters | Behind The Work - Advertising Age
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    Talk about a brilliant campaign.

    I can see why it worked.

    It operates on many different levels.

    The first level is the social aspect.

    There are several winners when commuters are woken up.

    The commuters get to wake up on time at the right stop and the people that wake them up get an incentive.

    Also, it is quite an unusual campaign and that is bound to get positive media attention.

    Finally, it's a great way for Burger King to brand itself as a company that facilitates interpersonal assistance.

    In our modern world where things can get quite impersonal and people can feel lonely in a crowd, this definitely puts Burger King's brand in a really good light.

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      Burger King remains faithful to the tradition of masks, before were the king Halloween masks and now they came up with the sleep masks. I am not sure if fellow travellers will still be good Samaritans when coupons are depleted.
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        Originally Posted by iam8iam View Post

        I am not sure if fellow travellers will still be good Samaritans when coupons are depleted.
        Actually I'm pretty sure they would.

        The coupons would be completely unnecessary. There are more than enough good people in
        the world that you could count on someone waking you up in most cases if the carriage had
        a fair number of people on it.

        It is a clever idea in so many ways.

        I think the targeting...train commuters who need more sleep...selling coffee to them in a
        restaurant that has meals at prices that appeal to train commuters...very nice.

        The viral nature of the campaign is also very clever.

        Kindest regards,
        Andrew Cavanagh
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    That's a brilliant campaign, it really hits home at a cultural level.
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