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Hello Colleagues!

I guess there was a WSO about selling B2B leads to business who sell big stuff like pipes or marble, etc. I try to gather as much as possible information on how to set up a lead gen WP site, what content to populate it with, how to do SEO, etc.. The reason I ask is that I know there're thousands of highly competitive markets online where companies are craving for more local/international leads. And most of them have crappy sites without any SEO or actually a decent online presence. SERPs for these industry keywords are mostly news or scientific documents on these industry theories.

I know I want to understand a very broad question, but I would appreciate your ideas or feedback. Thank you all!
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    Well for starters, get specific content on the site that you know people in your field will be searching for when they are doing any buyers research. Then build some backlinks from sites with medium to high DA, (you might offer them free content to help you out here). Setup some social media accounts, work them everyday. And remember, if you 100% believe in your product and are absolutely sold on it, then working on this will be a positive experience!
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    I would approach this issue in a completely different way.

    If you are going to simply try to copy what everybody else is doing, chances are you're going to fail.


    What's the incentive for your prospects?

    Why would they go to you when they can find the same deal everywhere else?

    I suggest you create some sort of portal based on specific verticals.

    You then contact these local businesses and ask them for information.

    A lot of them would gladly give you original information.

    This takes care of your content issues.

    If they send you spotty content or imbalanced content, you just need to hire an outsourced editor to whip the content into shape.

    This is the best approach because people love to be talked about online.

    When they see a mention on your site, chances are you would start attracting links from all these websites.

    Chances are your resource website might link even higher than theirs.

    How do you monetize such a site?

    Fairly straightforward.

    You solicit sponsorships and channel advertising.

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