Design your perfect VOIP system?

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Hi folks. I'm a web application developer specializing in VOIP telephony (Twilio & FreeSwitch).

I've got a few questions for marketers who have previously used VOIP platforms like autodialers or call-tracking systems.

Later this month I'm launching the private beta for a service that will compete with CallFire. Initial feature-set will be very similar, with cheaper pricing. (Planning on $0.03/minute pay-as-you-go pricing compared to CallFire's $0.05/minute.)

On top of that, I'm looking to add additional features that will be exciting to the marketers of 2015.

So I'm here to ask: what does your ideal VOIP platform look like? What features would you want to see, and how heavily would you use them?

One idea: I've found a few older WF threads (like here and here) discussing voicemail drops, and this one specifically discusses ringless voicemail drops, where calls can go straight to voicemail on cellphones and certain landlines.

I am especially curious to see if anyone here would use a 'ringless voicemail drop' system. I've already written most of the code for that feature and wondering if I should include it in this initial release. Would any of you use that, and if it worked well, how many calls would you want to make with it?

There was a WSO a few years back that customized Twilio's open-source OpenVBX platform for voicemail broadcasting. I'm not seeing much available right now in the way of marketer-friendly services that you can sign up for and pay-as-you-go with no installation hassles. If you could point me to any you know of, I'd appreciate it.

Otherwise I'm just looking for feedback on what people would like to see in a marketer-friendly VOIP system.

Anyone who provides helpful feedback I'll be happy to offer coupons or free account credit when the platform launches in the coming weeks.

Thank you!
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    where you from? Your planning to start a voip service and it's gonna compete directly with call fire??
    That's amazing man
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      Haha thanks. I'm from Maryland. I don't expect to have 100,000 customers anytime soon but it would be nice to develop something that a handful of super-active marketers are happy to use. Keeping a small operation with low overhead will let me be super competitive on pricing.
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    I could see using a ringless voice mail drop or just ringless voice mail. Not a lot but I could see it coming in handy every so often.
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    I am curious too, where are you at on this?

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    any updates on this? does this require openvbx or twilio?
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    what are the top reccomendations for virtual phone systems?

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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