4,000 opt-ins in a few days and $200,000 in sales from this lead generator

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Timing is what drove this response.

Bad news the prospects knew was hitting them and the opportunity to
turn it into a fortune.

This is an example of fully exploiting
the opportunity when there's blood on the streets.

They knew from past testing to this group, referrals was the hot button
in good times and bad times.

You'll see it being used here too...

Doctor E. Vile


**60-plus lenders out of business since January
**2 million families predicted to lose homes to foreclosure by end of year
**100,000 jobs in industry to be lost
**Major accounting irregularities
**Stricter guidelines knocking more borrowers out of the market
**Just two days ago a major lender goes under and causes 100 point slide on Wall Street

(But for originators that know where to look, there are hidden loan and profit opportunities in the chaos that can boost your commissions to new heights in the next 3 months....)

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Dear Concerned Originator,

The sub-prime meltdown is still sending shockwaves through our industry.

In fact, just 2 days ago a major lender toppled and sent Wall Street into a 100-point slide.

But, what you may not be aware of is that there are incredible opportunities in the market, right now, that can increase your loan production dramatically - if you know where to look.

That's why we've prepared a special report for you. "Surviving the Meltdown". In this brief, yet important report you'll discover...

How to get more referrals than ever from Realtors, Financial Planners and CPAs
5 "Action Items" that will dramatically boost your closed loans in the next 3 months
What borrowers, past clients and referrals sources are craving right now
How to be a HERO to your past clients and referral sources
How to leverage the headlines and create the opportunity of a lifetime
How to turn every loan into two loans
And more...
In the months ahead one fact stands out: competition will be fierce!

The strategies you'll learn in this report will allow you to quickly bring a fresh stream of quality leads and referrals into your pipelinein 30 days or less.

You can access "Surviving the Mortgage Meltdown" by clicking here now.


John Smith


P.S. Fact... Yes, there is going to be turbulence. Consumers are frightened. Heck, our whole industry is frightened. But you can be prepared and emerge as a hero to your clients and referral partners and grow your business by leveraging these hidden opportunities.

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