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So i'm an independent business owner for motor club of america it's an MLM and i'm cold calling people who are RV drivers along with people who just travel around the USA and Canada in car. and here my script please judge it.

Hi person name

My name is Andrew From Tvc marketing how are you? going on I'm calling today to ask if you would be interested in saving 10 to 60% on discounts on your auto, life, legal, vacation and traveling cost?

Person: Yes or No

If No: Okay thank you for your time

If Yes: well Great our company offers a membership service it's $40.00 fee then $20.00 per month after and we provide the following things in our memberships:

1. Unlimited towing on all motor vehicles

2, 24/7 roadside assistants for vehicles, Rv, livestock trailers, motorcycles and dually trucks over 1 ton,

3. Unlimited Lockout services and we deliver emergency fuel to you in case you run out of gas in your car

4. trip planning and travel discounts
5. up to $500 travel assistance reimburstements if your more than 50 miles away from home.
6. up to $25,000 bail bonds release
7. up to $2,000 in attorneys fees to defend you and $1000 to protect discount legal services such as name change, simple will or trust, divorce waver, business incopration, and up to $75.00 for attorney consultation fees and letters written on your behalf
8. $5000 stolen vehicle reward
9. $1000 credit card protection
10. $500 stolen farm equipment reward
11. Prescription, vision and dental discounts.
12. $500 Emergency room benefits paid directly to you not your insurance
13. $150 per day hospital benefits if your in the hospital for long periods of time paid directly to you.
14. $10,000 accidential death benefits
15. $50,000 accidential death coverage
16. Travel assistance program

All accidental benefits are coverd for home, work or play.

It's $150,000 worth of benefits. You would not be required to switch insurance because we are not insurance.

I try to go through these fast i'm very calm and not pushy but any help would greatly be helpful.

I try to make 100 calls per day in three hours time and usually get five people answering i call around lunch. any advice?

Also should i start calling around 5:00 when people are just getting home?
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    Can I just ask, are you cold calling to close a sale or to close an appointment for a rep to visit? if your cold calling to close a sale.

    I would re write the script and have more open trial close questions through out the call script followed up with a possitive affirmative statement, this way your setting the listener up for a yes close at the end of the script.

    I take it your calling audience is residential and your calling them after 5 when most people are home. its never easy because most people get home from work and between 5-6:30 pm is a busy time for them.

    this is when most people are either sitting down to tea or in the middle of cooking it, either way you have to be prepared for alot of no' before you strike one listener. Consider calling bettween 7-8pm instead or on Saturday.

    I know from personal experience most people are more relaxed on Saturdays in saying that looking at your opening line I would re write it and focus on your clients pain points to get the attention of the listener, I would change

    Hi person name

    My name is Andrew From Tvc marketing how are you? going on I'm calling today to ask if you would be interested in saving 10 to 60% on discounts on your auto, life, legal, vacation and traveling cost?

    to someting like this....

    Hi person name?

    (Prospect: Yes.)

    My name is Andrew From Tvc marketing. Do you have a quick minute?

    Great! person name? I'm sure you are a busy and I want to respect your time, so I'll be brief. The reason for my call is this. We specialize in auto, life, legal, vacation and travel are you open to saving 10 to 60% on these services?

    (Prospect: Yes.)

    Great, person name? depending on what you are currently doing, I don't know whether you have a need or an interest in our services. so ill be real quick just to see if there is anything we are doing that you could benefit from. is that ok with you ?

    (Prospect: Yes.)

    Excellent... If you could create the ideal solution for your (XXX) needs, what is it about your current service that you would like to improve or change?

    (Prospect: Answers.) The above question is designed to find the pain point for you from your prospect, your goal is to get three pain points from them and the best follow on questions to ask when they come to a pause in their answer it ask another affirmative question like is their any thing else you would like to add to this list.

    once you have found that then choose from your product list an answer that best suits the prospects answer and position that as a benefit to them when they have finished answering, you then summarise just to make your prospect feel like you have herd their pain point correctly and you do that by saying

    Excellent For my own understanding and to make sure I am on the same page as you what I herd you say is and recap their points, then you ask them is this correct?

    (Prospect: Yes.)

    Excellent Because You would not be required to switch insurance companies because our company offers a membership service for a small set up fee of $40.00 and then its ONLY $20.00 per month their after are you ok with knowing you dont have to switch insurance companies?

    (Prospect: Yes.)

    Brilliant with your permission I would like to invite you to take up our membership service... Then you discuss your payment options with the client and be assumptive.

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    Jherewini is definitely taking you down the right track.

    I would have hung up the moment you hit.."our company offers a membership service it’s $40.00 fee then $20.00 per month" as your lead point.

    Most people are not excited about adding a monthly bill.

    Sell the benefits first, then explain how inexpensive it is.
    Brain Drained...Signature Coming Soon!
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    The script is worse than awful I'm afraid.

    Check out Jason Kanigan threads and
    Claude'll quickly see
    what works and why your script is
    doomed to failure.

    Go check them NOW ;0)

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    following :-)
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    anybody that says yes is a sucker anyway so probably doesnt matter what you say.
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    your script needs to be entirely reformatted and rebuilt. that yes or know question in the beginning is a killer. if they didn't hang up right away you just gave them a way out of the call by asking that yes or no question and guess what, if you give a prospect a choice they'll pick no 99 percent of the time. if you set any appointment with this script you will be able to increase that number by 80% with a strategically formatted script and pitch written by a professional. PM me if you want some help with the redesign.
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      Originally Posted by SalesGod View Post

      PM me if you want some help with the redesign.

      Why PM?

      Let's see it.... post. it. up.

      I'm always interested to see good approaches and new or different ideas!
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