Lead Gen Companies: MVF Global & Red Ventures

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What do you think about these two companies: Red Ventures - Customer Acquisition Marketing, Charlotte, NC and MVF - Global Customer Acquisition ?

I like the way these lead gen businesses are structured. Anyone here operating a similar model? I'd like to learn as I'm interested in running my business with exact same model.
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    Interesting, but shocked at how low their salaries are. $10/hr for a sales executive??

    Not my cup of tea.
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    Sure most 'super affiliates' are now structured as small/medium sized companies and have a team of people working for them. I have done business with around 3 large affiliates who had the means to drive in excess of $1MM worth of actions per annum, and out of the 3 only 1 was still a one man band, and the other two were agencies.

    That's the way affiliate marketing is going, the corporations are moving in because it's no longer a small sub-selection of marketing/advertising. It is now and where the future ad budgets are going and corporations follow the dollars like everybody else.

    It's not affiliate marketing is getting more competitive in the sense so many people are doing it, the industry is actually getting smaller on an individual level but it's condensing down into professional structures like the two you listed above.

    That's what's really driving people out of affiliate marketing - it's no longer socially awkward college dropouts with bad attitudes playing this game, it's white collar professionals too.
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