Is the G 7-pack now a 3-pack?

by qu4rk
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I've been looking at some of my clients SERP's & notice now there is only a 3-pack on desktop/laptop. Is the 7 pack dead?
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    I've started noticing a lot more 3-pack listings, too.
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      I guess the better question is how can we capitalize on this?
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        Originally Posted by qu4rk View Post

        I guess the better question is how can we capitalize on this?
        The less than obvious answer is focusing more on the organic search results. I am seeing that positions 1 and 2 are usually above the 3 pack and often times as many as 3 positions are above the pack. Punching up your local SEO efforts with schema and the like will in most ( not the larger markets ) really help get you into what I call "The Gap"

        Then REALLY REALLY start playing with the description tag for optimal results.
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    We are seeing this a lot as well. No more 7-pack listings. Seems Google needs more space for Adwords.

    Also, the phone numbers have gone from the map listings, when you click you get the big map with the 7 pack back. Although phone numbers still available on mobile search.

    Looks like the maps are starting to focus on mobile also.

    Makes it all the more important to optimize the listing well. Lot's of unhappy clients, and a few very happy ones.
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    Yeah, this is across the board. I've heard from someone in my skype group that they're still seeing 5 and 7 packs though but I couldn't replicate it. I only see 3 packs for every search term pulled up.

    Here's some blog posts and more info on it:

    Google Rolls Out the 3 Pack Local Stack...What YOU Need To Know To Profit! - Income Bully

    and of course Linda Buquet's forum New Local 3 Stack: Local Pro Opinions Roundup on the Change that Rocked our World
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      3 Pack are showing up in N.Z. now.

      Doctor E. Vile
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    It's all 3 packs now. They're doing this so that they can easily confuse consumers once they roll out their home service ads. That way consumers won't be able to tell the difference between an organic listing and a paid ad. My thoughts on it and a short walk-thru if you want more info: Snack Pack — Paul James
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